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Signups haven't happened yet right?
Live Programming and Events / Re: Swap Meet 2022?
May 16, 2022, 03:42:05 PM
It's cancelled this year. I emailed the department a while back and got a reply stating that due to " specific concerns regarding safety, Covid precautions, location, and other factors" they would not be doing it this year and that they hope to have it next year. :(  I was really looking forward to it too.
Just wondering if anyone has a picture of any Vegetas from DBZ in pink shirts and yellow pants. I was one of six Vegetas so any group or solo shots would be awesome to see. I'm especially looking for a picture we took with a Bulma cosplayer who had a basket of Dragon Balls. Our camera jammed and the photo didn't come out. We cosplayed on Saturday. Thanks in advance!  :)
Would it be possible to place a link to the Black & White Ball FAQ on the Registration page right under the link to the "Code of Conduct". That's the page everyone has to go to to register and might help in getting the word out about the dress code.
Quote from: chibimonster on April 19, 2013, 04:35:03 PM
Quote from: themalletofjustice on April 19, 2013, 03:00:08 PM
"There is air conditioning and there are bathrooms located just outside the side entrance. We don't know if this is permanent at this time because of construction, but this is the best solution we have for this year."

Are they port-a-potties, then? I'd rather walk all the way to the bathrooms in the convention center.

Sorry, I have no idea. Hopefully someone else will comment with more info.
I saw some people talking about this on the AA Facebook page and one of the staff (I'm assuming she was staff since she posted most of the updates and was replying to people) said this regarding South Hall:
"There is air conditioning and there are bathrooms located just outside the side entrance. We don't know if this is permanent at this time because of construction, but this is the best solution we have for this year."

She also mentioned that there'd be signs and maps guiding people there.

For me, artist alley is one of the highlights of the con, and I'd much rather spend money there than in the dealer's hall. Hopefully, others will feel the same and make the trek over there. 
Quote from: Kyokun on May 29, 2012, 05:59:54 PM4)  For the attendees: Pushing all the hotel elevator buttons is fucking infantile so knock it off.  Also, stop leaving bottles of pee everywhere.  At the Fairmont, we kept seeing bottles of pee in the elevator, under tables, in corners.  If you guys keep this crap up, the hotels will stop working with Fanime.

That's so disgusting! >_< Seriously, if the elevators are becoming this much of a problem maybe it's time to station rovers outside of them. I know it would be a terrible job having to stand in front of the elevators all day and people should just know better, but if it's to maintain a good reputation with hotels and other attendees then maybe it needs to be done. It should be highlighted in the rules if it isn't already that your badge could be revoked for causing elevator problems. If being ejected from the con is too severe then maybe individuals who are reported to rovers can have their badge hole punched as a warning. The hole punch will be a visible reminder. A certain number of warnings equals removal from the con.
My feedback is for the one day I attended: Sunday.

1. Registration- Took too long. For me it took about 2 hours which is small compared to a lot of other people, but I really feel registration wait time should not exceed 1 hour.
2. table of flyers by Stage Zero- It's kind of an eyesore at the end of the day with all the flyers on the floor. Seems like a lot of it gets wasted in the end too.

1. The rovers that were there when I was line in the morning were doing a good job.
2. I really liked the pocket schedules. The artwork on those and on the program was great and went with the theme really well.
3. Artist Alley- I don't know how it was behind the scenes, but as an attendee I loved how huge it was this year. There was such a great variety of artwork, styles, and handmade items.

- Clockwork Alchemy was pretty cool. I wish it had been in walking distance though. However, I liked the atmosphere over there and maybe if it were right next to Fanime it would've been overcrowded.
-Dealer's Hall- Needs more variety. I don't think there was anyone selling video games there. It was nice to see a few people selling old school stuff, but aside from that it seemed like the same stuff from all the mainstream anime, but obviously that's what they need to sell. lol. ^.^
I really enjoyed the Millinery Straw Flowers panel at Clockwork Alchemy and would love to see it again next year. :)
I also agree with bringing over Megumi Hayashibara. :D
Other ideas:
Seki Toshihiko
Yana Toboso
the English cast of Gundam Wing (the main pilots I suppose ^.^)
Crispin Freeman
Matsushita Yuya
L'arc en ciel
T.M. Revolution
Video Programming / Re: Nostalgia Room ideas
May 12, 2011, 05:50:39 PM
High Speed Jecy
Key the Metal Idol
Martian Successor Nadesico
Magic Knight Rayearth
How about Ghost Hunt or Mononoke (the series, not the Miyazaki movie although that one is awesome too)?
I for one had no idea where the link would be posted and just ended up finding it on my own from the forums, and then, almost immediately after that I saw it on facebook. The only reason I thought to look on the forums was because, like CatNapCaps said, of a past AA experience. I think it would've been a little better if an emphasis on checking the forums and other networking sites was posted on the main site (maybe a line or two) way before the whole registration process started. I know it was made clear on the forums and elsewhere, but there will always be people who think that all major announcements must and will hit the main site first and unfortunately, sometimes that's just not possible. So while I don't agree that there was favoritism involved, I do feel that some people were at a slight disadvantage.
Will there be a set check in time each day? Meaning, if we don't show up between that time frame will our table be forfeited? I'm a little worried because I'll be coming in a little late on Friday.

Can we still add an additional artist to our table after we've registered? I have a friend who's interested in selling with me, but I just wanted to make sure that it would be okay first. I sent an email about this already, but I thought I'd post here too. ^.^ Thanks!