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How do we waitlist? I booked one but want to waitlist for another hotel.
If you registered with a group, does everyone need the QR code from their email or just the group leader?
Quote from: Shinigami_Lover on May 29, 2013, 10:39:46 PM
I have a few but they are mostly InuYasha...
They are all blocked since we aren't friends :c
Do you have any other sites they are on?
As anyone found anymore photos?
Has anyone found any photos from this gathering?
I've never been to a swap meet before and I was wondering if people who just wanted to buy stuff had to register or anything. Or maybe I have the concept of Swap Meet wrong >.>
Does anyone know what day/time MusicFest is?
I will be Sailor Venus :D
What is the official time for this, if it is decided?
I really want to cosplay for this theme because I love fairies, but I don't know any gothic fairies to be D:
Would just a general gothic fairy be acceptable? Like a halloween costume. *_*
I will be Kagome :3
Ordered it today :D
I will be going as Trainer Red :D

Fun Fact: On the little captcha I have to fill out below, it says "Persian" for one of the words. It knows I was posting to a pokemon post o.o