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No worries, I've already put you down for Sunday

If you're in her group I already have a shoot scheduled ^^

Ooh my friend is a part of the Disney Gathering ^^ I might see you there. Do you happen to know prettysmol by any chance?

I have 4 hours free on Sunday, I may take 1 or 2 more :) each minkshoot is about 20 mins btw

Staff & Volunteers / Re: Great first CA staff meeting!
« on: January 22, 2017, 11:29:41 PM »
There was a staff meeting o.O

My schedule is getting pretty full, I think I may have to cut a few of you off uwu if there are gatherings you guys are going to that would be great cuz I really do wanna make time for gatherings this year ^^ I'm willing to refer you guys to some photo friends of mine as well :)

My weekend times are being filled in but I'll try to put you in as well ^^ don't forget to send contact info in my messages guys or I'll just msg you from here when the time comes lol

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Reserving Hotel Rooms 2017... fun times
« on: January 21, 2017, 05:48:32 PM »
I booked Friday to Sunday and was on around 7:30

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Reserving Hotel Rooms 2017... fun times
« on: January 21, 2017, 10:12:36 AM »
It was a good experience for me. I got there yesterday at 7am and tried to book the westin, it got filled as I was booking it but when I looked at the hotels again, the fairmont was open! Snagged that ASAP. I had no crashing or lag problems.

If you still want to go you do have a few more options. Theres the Sheraton downtown which was not listed for some reason? Its very close but costs something like $360/night. You can also get a hotel in a nearby city and use lightrail. Great Mall has a Marriott Inn and a lightrail/bus station right next to it.

Aww I was hoping for a Friday, I would still love to do a short session with your group if you'd like  :)

Wow that was very thorough and helpful :D
My FB is attiebby, feel free to look through my albums ^^

I will be there Friday - Sunday, still debating on going Monday.

Ohmygosh thank you for your replies everyone! If you'd like a shoot, send me a message with contact details and we'll work something out. I'm a part of staff this yesr so I may not be available during peak hours.
Thank you!

I will look into going to CLAMP and Ouran Gatherings ♡

Hey Fanime Cosplayers!

Update: please send an email if you want to shoot. I don't check this very often :( to attiebbycosplay@gmail.com
My insta: @attie_bby
My fb page: AttieBby
My fb page has a lot of examples :))

I've been doing photography at cons and gatherings for about a year now (and I'm going to upgrade my camera for Fanime... Yay!) But I've been stuck in a small predicament: I can't go up to many people and ask for photos. At SacWinter everyone seemed to be rushing around or sitting (Viral Phrase: "Booty on the floor means photos no more" -- Is this true?) because of this, I think I took one photo of all the floor cosplayers.  I also want to start to try going to gatherings and ask people to do a minishoot with individuals or their small group. Is that too creepy or demanding?

Does anyone wanna meet up at the con for a mini-shoot by the way? Feel free to also contact me during the con too I don't mind ^^

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