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Hey Fanime Cosplayers!

Update: please send an email if you want to shoot. I don't check this very often :( to attiebbycosplay@gmail.com
My insta: @attie_bby
My fb page: AttieBby
My fb page has a lot of examples :))

I've been doing photography at cons and gatherings for about a year now (and I'm going to upgrade my camera for Fanime... Yay!) But I've been stuck in a small predicament: I can't go up to many people and ask for photos. At SacWinter everyone seemed to be rushing around or sitting (Viral Phrase: "Booty on the floor means photos no more" -- Is this true?) because of this, I think I took one photo of all the floor cosplayers.  I also want to start to try going to gatherings and ask people to do a minishoot with individuals or their small group. Is that too creepy or demanding?

Does anyone wanna meet up at the con for a mini-shoot by the way? Feel free to also contact me during the con too I don't mind ^^

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