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can some1 please put me as chibitalia QnQ
Registration / Re: Fanime Pre Reg HELP!
January 26, 2013, 08:47:41 AM
To answer your questions,

1. door prices will not be raised until a determined date. they have planned on extending the date to a much later day, then sooner, as it usually is. just keep checking the prices and forums to find out more. here's a link to the reg forum page.,17900.20.html

Usually when they go up its usually to $75. thts how its been when i went two years ago and last year. i don't think they will change it but i can't be sure.

2. At door prices are usually $35 or $45. it usually depends on the day because for example, friday could be $35, and saturday could be $45. they usually post at door prices at a later date closer to fanime.

Hope this helps  :)
Quote from: DangerHeart on January 22, 2013, 10:55:24 AM
Quote from: MidnightPrincess94 on January 21, 2013, 09:09:59 PM
anyone know a guesstimate on how much a room for two, possibly connected to the convention center or in walking distance, would be?  :(

Posted this in another thread but here you go, Prices and such from last year to help you guess around how much it should be. Some prices could change of course.

Thank you so very much!  :D
alright!  ;D
anyone know a guesstimate on how much a room for two, possibly connected to the convention center or in walking distance, would be?  :(
yay! can't wait to see everyone  :D
cool!  X3
good food at a cheap price with other cosplayers. o.o"
Sweet! The time for now, will be determined at a later date. so let your friends know and spread the news ^^
Hello  Everyone!! This year, as done every year, i'm hosting a small little event for everyone which i call the pita pit party!  ;D
Whats that? you may ask. WELL! You see every year on saturday during fanime, a few friends along with myself go to this local food joint called the Pita Pit. Its like Subways but with pita bread instead. its really good, and affordable. PLUS they give discounts for cosplaying!!  :D

SO! i want to make this tradition more available for everyone else! i mean who doesn't like to eat with a bunch of others who share the same passion?!

Basically all the info will be here.

Where: 151 South 2nd Street, San Jose, CA A.K.A Pita Pit

When: Saturday during Fanime

Time: 1:30

The facebook link for the list of those joining is here:

Also if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. ^^ Thanks!
 oo oo!! can you please put me down as chibitalia? ^U^ i'll b coming as tht again. can't wait to c every1!! last years was super fun
i'm going as chibitalia again lo ^u^
don't worry i'll help u~!

heres the link to MU Cosplay on DA:

and heres the link to my DA cuz i gots some pics too :3
i hav some pics from hetalia. alot of thm can b found on DA under MU cosplay owo
i had soo much fun!!! and i was happy to c u grandpa rome!! u can hav ths pic if u like. ouo

And i also wnted to say thanks to the Holy Rome there for takin pics with me ^u^ it was funny hearing the crowd go awwwwwwwwww!!! lol
the gethering was a HUGE  success!!!!!!!!! i had so much fun with grandpa Rome and Holy Rome! it was funny how everyone squealed and awwed when we were together lol  :D
Grandpa Rome!!  :D
and the countries keep turning hurray!!!
u definitely need a chibitalia. i would volunteer but i dn't get out of skool till later...  :'(