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For the record, I will hug any Nnoitra cosplayers with the spoon hood. I <3 spooneh-spada. And the emoclown.
Hmm... a captains/random bleach characters dinner, I would go!
That would be cool...
My demented mind...
I walked through the mall.
After that I would probably do the flying squirrel glomp of doom...
Quote from: EeveeGirl101 on January 05, 2009, 07:05:07 PM
I would wear a wig for Nanao...but....The problem is, my hair is too long to be put into a wig! So I'm going to have to cut it.
Your hair is too long for a wig? I can wear a wig and my hair is about three times as long as yours...
Oh! Anyone know what kind of fabric I should use for the costume, I have no idea...
I think Yamamoto would go Ryujin Jakka on you two if you attempted to hit somebody with a book. It would be reduced to ashes.
since this is my first time, I'm just going to have 1 costume. That will be Sun-Sun from Bleach, I just hope i don't epic fail.
The T.B.T.P. cosplayers will eat us arrancar... we should run, I think eeveegirl is rabid 0.o
Dealers Room / How much $ should I take?
January 04, 2009, 01:21:28 PM
OK, so this year will be my first time going to fanime, and I have a basic list of what I want to get, but I don't know how much money I should bring. Can somebody tell me how much each of the following items would cost?
-a few plushies from Bleach and Death Note
-a wall scroll
-random cosplay stuff
-some kind of bag
-few little trinkets.
Thank you!
Eevee-chan ish weird, but so am I , and yes there will be a T.B.T.P. Byakuya there. I still think your book should be titled "Death Note" thats what it's really called.
This will be my first time cosplaying, ever. I'll be going as the arrancar Sun-Sun. I wish i could fastforward for the next few months.