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Well, Lavi is only in the last few pages of the third volume I bought and his hammer is not in those pages, but I will be getting more soon.

I'm in a good mood cause my mom just brought home cupcakes.
Well, now that I'm the proud owner of seven new volumes of manga (first 3 volumes of DGM and first 2 and last 2 of bleach) I'm home from shopping. Schools over and I'm going mini golfing tomorrow (insert happy cheer here).
Starks release was pretty darn cool, but I'll miss Lilinette, we all know that we won't be seeing her again.

Eevee, I demand to be allowed to help make that hammer.
A life? What might that be?
I don't think they sell cosplay materials in walmart, but you never know...
My finalized (pathetically early) cosplay list for 2010!
Mini Nel and Mini Kanda...
I'm going to need some major quincy sewing powers to pull this off.
I'm going to be an LIT (leader in training for ymca camp) but im not getting paid T^T
And its not really a job, just me walking around with a bunch of bracelets and a sign that somehow magically sucks in money XD Anything but a job. That + allowance + my relatives is usually enough for me to buy almost anything I want (except for an ipod touch)
Eevee, when our costumes are done, we will show up to sunday school in cosplay and hope someone recognizes us ^^
My last day of school is tomorrow T^T Even my brothers last day was today! And I still have to play at graduation (Pomp and Circumstance and Foxwood Overture).
I'm going to use my main source of income for the year to fund for fanime stuff. That source being selling homemade bracelets at the fourth of july parade at my grandparents retirement villages... Last year I got over $50 ^^
Eevee and I started reading/watching D.gray man about a week ago. Unfortunately we're too small to cosplay as anyone.
Eevee, I demand a copy of the copy. Now my day wasn't nearly as awesome, but I did get a free book on how to play the harmonica. ^^'
There should've been a picture of all the arrancar bowing down to mini-Aizen, that would've just been awesome ^^

And I'm scanning the page of the book where Eevee and I doodled on Tousen's face and got a bunch a bunch of people to sign it. Definately the best page of the book. I'll update a picture of it soon, or get Eevee to do it.
Quote from: WrentheFaceless on May 25, 2009, 08:16:43 PM
Ah epic gathering was epic, thanks for running it Yukari

Was nice to meet some of you for the first time, and to see others I know again.

I don't know why but for some reason your post gave me a flashback to the big group shot during the gathering where you had that popsicle and Eevee was whacking your foot with her book. Well actually it was my book >.<
Love the video!
I was there on staurday and sunday, since it was my first year I stuck to one cosplay. I was the Sun-Sun who everyone thought was Nel (bleach). Grr...
Well, I am back at home, and the bleach gathering was awesome. The only thing I regret is my mom not letting me get some of Captain Mom's cookies. T^T
I've already narrowed down my list of cosplays for next year. Either Soi Fong (not sure which version) or Neliel (really short but adult ver.)
Kawaii mini-Aizen! He was so adorable!
The mask fragment is still drying downstairs, but when it finishes I'll be painting it. Everything else is done and I'm shaking with excitement.
The only bad thing is that I don't know if i'll be able to move my limbs tomorrow after tonights test. Apparently they're brutal workouts, hope I make brown belt.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Its the best weekend for me, even though no fanime for me Friday or Monday.
Tomorrow : My three hour brown belt test
Saturday: Fanime with Eevee and her mom
I sleep over at Eevee's house
Sunday : Fanime with Eevee and my mom
Monday: Great America because tuesday is my brother's 15th birthday (at least I think we're doing this)
When my mom gets home, we're making the mask fragment. The dress is done, a little off, but done, and we got green hairspray cause a wig would drive me crazy.
GAH -flail- I've never been so glad my mom can sew so fast @_@
Lets see...
Find Boots
Buy wig
Sew Dress
Make mask
Wonderful >.<
Well, as completely off-topic as this post was, I just want to share it with you all!

My Bat' mitzvah was this morning and I'm still having a hard time believing that it wasn't just a dream. I was in a daze afterwards with all the hugs and girts and congratulations @_@ And I still have the party tonight.
I'm going to be on a major sugar high later ^^'
The knives for the luncheon looked like Hanatarous zanpakto. I should haveve taken a picture of them T^T
What? Only 41,600,000 results? Quick Everyone make tons of random useless bleach websites!

Ninja vs. Shinigami, Arrancar and the Quincy... the battle of the ages.

And I should probably get to bed, we have STAR testing tomorrow. T^T
T^T I'm sad that I haven't even started on my cosplay. But after saturday (my bat'mitzvah, EEP) I can bug my mom to let us go get some fabric and she can sew while I make the mask. I should have gotten the boots when I went shopping on Friday.
I keep trying to get my friends to read bleach but... it never works. The only ones who've even tried reading it didn't even read the SS arc. He got bored.-_-'
My attempts to get sane people to read bleach has gone up in flames T^T

On another note, Eevee and I have been talking about making a bleach abridged. We have a few ideas.
Episode 1: -Rukia is in a window, Ichigo is just sitting in the background.
Rukia: I am the night... I am batman!
Ichigo: If you're batman, can I be spiderman?
Some later episode for the beginning of Byakuya and Ichigo's fight:
"Boy... what would you do for a Klondike bar?"
"Waht? I don't even like klondike bars..."
"WAHT? Y-you don't like Klondike bars... then I must kill you! For the honor of the Klondike bars!
Kenpachi has Yachiru's voice, and Yachiru has Kenpachi's voice.
Any help? Suggestions?
At least you're allowed to work on cosplay... I've never been so happy with my mom's Quincy Sewing Skills.
I don't know what I'm more nervous about, my bat'mitzvah on the ninth, or getting my cosplay done on time.
The fact that its all coming so fast isn't helping either... at least I still have chicken...