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Ideas and Suggestions / Theme for Fanime 2012
May 31, 2011, 09:12:45 AM
For those of us that just can't wait to brainstorm our ideas for Fanime 2012's theme, post your ideas and thoughts here, for now.

I noticed there wasn't a thread yet, so I guessed there might be a few people dying to share their thoughts to save for later~

QuoteLuca's Theme Ideas:
Taking into perspective what we have done for previous years, I like the "subculture" themes.
I don't remember all the previous years, so here is my list of ideas!

Lolita {Gothic & Sweet} -a victorian twist
"Otherkin" {elven, fairies, sprites, aliens, dragons, angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, etc...} -celebrateing all creatures not human
Pokémon -not only is it a part of so many childhoods and game-obsessions, it has its own subculture...
Cybergoth -bringing cyberpunk, goth, and raver together
J/K-pop -K-pop is flying across the world at record speed. Why not celebrate our J-pop and K-pop idols? Can you imagine the added excitement for the concert??
Harajuku {Lolita, Gyaruo, Kogal, ... etc.} -celebrating the fashions of Japan
Visual Kei -yet another subculture of Nihon! Of course, this could easily be a part of the previously mentioned "J/K-pop"
Dolly Kei -"EHHH?!" Yes, for those who haven't heard, there is a Dolly Kei! I know alot are probably confused, since you may or may not keep up with japanese fashions/subcultures, but here is wiki's input: "a newly-emerging style based on Japan's view of the Middle Ages and European fairy tales, especially the Brothers Grimm. It includes a lot of vintage skirts, dresses, etc., and sometimes has religious symbols."
PARA PARA!! -okay, not serious about this one... I just thought it would be fun if everyone started dancing like Para Para! Okay, this is a type of dance where everyone does the same movements... like synchronized dancing!

I'm not saying we have input... But maybe we could help the people that actually make the decisions? I know that it's hard to decide on something for Fanime, not knowing whether or not the con-goers will agree with the decision...

Quote from: Arkham on May 31, 2011, 04:25:42 PM
During the closing ceremony, they announced the 2012 theme as being 'Sports'.

What are your ideas for the sports theme, guys? :D