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I used to go to a lot of cons since my first Fanime back in '07, but things got expensive and my last trip to AX in 2010 was a bust. So Fanime has been the only con I go to each year since then. I cope pretty well surprisingly, since I can shift my focus onto potential cosplays for the next year, work, school, whatever else is happening in my life at the time. I guess my PCD became manageable after 2010 I believe, since I was getting older and had to shift focus onto other, more important things.
Quote from: kookiekween99 on May 29, 2013, 07:25:45 AM
Do you remember around what time this was? Roaming info desks aren't supposed to be sitting down, they're supposed to be roaming. Also, was it perhaps one of the info desk staff who was rude to you?

It was between 1 and 1:30 PM. The roaming info desks had already left by the time I had finished my conversation about the water bottle. It wasn't them.
Quote from: Dagger-6 on May 29, 2013, 12:02:20 AM
Do you have information/descriptions for the rovers? Specifically interested in the one with the water bottle.  When you say 'rover table' do you mean the one on the 3rd floor of the marriot or the peace bonding table by the lost and found?  We don't have any tables aside from those so I want to confirm it was in fact a Rover with a yellow armband.  If we do have rovers behaving that way, please give us as best a description you can and I'll forward it to our division heads/seconds.

It was in Artist Alley, specifically near the middle but on the left side of the building (when entering). It was a series of tables set up in a square shape with a fridge. I assumed it was a rover table since there were a few sitting there (along with some of the people carrying the "Ask me for info" signs or what not) which is why I went to them in the first place - again assuming it was indeed a rover table or a table with staff. Sorry I can't give you much more than that.
Quote from: Xanreo on May 28, 2013, 08:29:08 PM
I think the problem lies in the fact that there are so many and many just happen to be these very loud and untactful young attendees.

This^. I have never read Homestuck but nearly every person I have encountered dressed up as Homestuck has been rude, disrespectful, and overall some of the loudest attendees I have ever encountered. I'm not saying all Homestuck cosplayers / fans are like this but from the many I have encountered, it has just been disaster.
(For some reason my post isn't showing up)

Long post, my apologies.

I already submitted my feedback on the google link earlier, but decided to post my experience here as well. Overall, this Fanime felt very disorganized than in previous years. While I was already expecting a long line based on last year's "server is down / crashed" incident, I was not expecting the constant snaking outdoors and then again indoors, especially for Pre-Reg. The line didn't bother me too much, but the snaking did. It felt really unnecessary, and it felt like it added time to waiting for a badge rather than helping it. The con was fun for a while, but I do agree with many of you there was a bit too much Homestuck for my taste. It seemed like for every other cosplayer or con-goer, there was a hoard of Homestuck. But that is ultimately a fan decision and not my concern about why I was disappointed with Fanime this year.

My worst con experience happened on Sunday. I was in Artist's Alley dressed in lolita looking for water (believe me I was dehydrated). I finally found the water area, only to discover it was empty. So, I head on over to the Rover table that just happened to be across from it and asked if there would be any more water. The rover glares at me like I asked a stupid question and shrugs. Then I asked if there was anyone he could call to get more water. He proceeds to open the fridge, pull out a cold water bottle, drinks it, and tells me it's "my problem". Excuse me? I understand there may be some asshole people at the con treating you like an idiot, but for someone asking politely about water only to be given attitude? That is very rude. Extremely. Rude.

Later that evening, I dressed up a bit more with one of my friends and ventured over to Black and White Ball. It was my friend's first Fanime, and she was looking forward to the Ball. Supposedly, new rules were added to the rules already established, and we were not notified until we were AT THE DOOR. We get to the door, and they stop my friend, claiming her heels were too short. As she explained to the rover that she had been wearing these shoes for moths and that these were her only pair, the Rover just gives her attitude and claims that heels like hers "have been driven through people's legs before in years past".

Excuse me? Were people DRUNK in previous years? Who STABS heels through legs? What kind of dancing is that?

I managed to get past the first checkpoint but at the second, I was given both attitude, disrespect, and rude comments. First, the guy was giving me flack about my shoes. I was wearing a pair of Mary Jane shoes with no heel and calmly explained to the guy I cannot wear heels due to problems with my feet. I was given more attitude and flack about shoes then moved to the girl rover who preceded to tell me my dress was too short. My dress was directly at my knee, no higher than that, and I was wearing a petticoat beneath it. I pulled my dress down and showed that it was longer than it seemed, but the petticoat was giving it a more rounded shape. I was given attitude and flack once more. That's when I decided that it wasn't even WORTH the effort to attempt to enjoy the ball, let alone go.

Found out later that night, shoes skinnier and taller than my friend's heels and dresses that were shorter than mine were allowed into the ball. Also, the demos were given by people in short shorts and stiletto like heels. So demos are allowed to not follow dress code? Who let the shorter ones in? Seriously?

Also found out later that the leg stabbing thing was a lie - they were concerned about the floors getting scraped. Why not tell us this in the first place, instead of lying straight to our faces??

If this is supposed to be a con "by fans, for fans" I don't think the attitudes, lies, and overall disorganized scramble is necessary. And that is my two cents.