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This subject caught my attention mostly because I'm putting together a cosplay of a character from an SNES game and wondered to myself "what would this shade of yellow look like in real life?"  I'm not sure this makes a panel talking point but color limitations are a thing in digital media (especially older games) and I have thought about color choices when converting to a real world outfit that's not limited to 256 colors on screen at a time (or some other number).

Just speaking for myself that I don't think I have the attention span for a 2 hour panel on the subject you're proposing.  My perception is that attention spans at Fanime are short in general though I see this could fill a niche for attendees looking for something more focused.
There's an outside chance I'll show for this.  I'm one pair of yellow baggy pants away from having a complete enough Secret of Mana cosplay (it looks like a darker yellow on the spritesheet anyways; this character is so minor I can't find even a fanart reference)

Alternate option is pulling Final Fantasy 8 Laguna out of the closet.
I have no expectations of getting anything I put down here.  That said, ideas.  And words.

- A makeup station: A table with a mirror that can stand on it's own so I can see what I'm doing and have both of my hands free is the idea here (which is totally borrowed from SVCC; I was so happy when I found this in their cosplay lounge)  Bathrooms can get crowded and their mirrors are set back quite a distance which hinders close-up makeup work.

- Extra glue sticks; Because one eyebrow concealing technique uses them so I can picture them being used up faster than other crafting supplies

- I'd be tickled if the cosplay raffle made a return.  Though I'm guessing that relies on enough people having stuff they want to give away.
Last I heard, registration and badge pickup will be set up in the hub.  Well, that solves the mystery of why G4 won't be available.   8)
"Witch's Ball" made the playlist last year so I'm not expecting to get it this time around.  May as well add it to the request list anyways.

Link reposted for convenience:
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2017
January 02, 2017, 09:57:44 PM
Adding Hitoshi Sakamoto (music composer for Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Gradius 5, and more) to the "random idea for future years" list.  I have no idea if he'd be enough of a draw for this crowd, admittedly.
I thought I took a photo of people running from the Tonberry King but it turns out I hadn't.  So here's one of White Mage and Black Mage with glowy eyes.

(could be classified as FF9, for those who remember the game well enough)
Doing a last minute scramble for footwear.  Though if I don't find it, I'll just go without.
Oh hi, saw this today.

  I'm attending alone and I'm open to making new friends.  Will be glad to connect.  Attending because of my interest in cosplay and gaming and because I live in the south bay and it's close.  Anime is something I haven't watched in many years; not having friends currently into it is a factor.  I welcome people with different interests than me; they may lead me to things I wouldn't discover left on my own.

  I'll be around for most of the weekend, most of the time in cosplay.  This will also be my second year as an attendee, how random.  Being awkward around new people and opening up once I feel more comfortable is something I experience.  I can be outgoing but it takes conscious effort.

  Going to send you a message with my contact info.
Just so happens that Monday is the one day I can make it as Laguna Loire.  Mostly done: ordered wig today and will have it in a week or two.  Also plan on making a visit to the dollar store and/or fabric store to find something for some of the smaller details.

Suppose it's just my bent imagination speaking that I find myself entertained by the idea that genderbent Laguna would dress almost exactly the same.
Makeup for cosplay newbies whether as a focused panel or part of something bigger is something I'd have an interest in attending.
Marisa will be returning, ze.

I knew no one at Fanime when I attended for the first time (save one person who I met up with for an hour on Sunday of the con) and still had an enjoyable experience.  So while roaming with friends may be preferable and is safer, it's not a requirement for enjoying Fanime.

It's OK to walk around in costume outside the convention grounds.  As it turns out, there are people who are out and about who do appreciate a well crafted costume.  (there are also those who will give funny looks and/or whisper among themselves too, comes with the territory)  I was one of the attendees who stayed in costume a whole day at a time as my cosplay took over 30 minutes to put on so taking it on and off multiple times would take up lots of time.

Cosplay gatherings are a good starting point for finding people you can connect with.  You're welcome to stop by gatherings even if not in a corresponding cosplay to take photos, mingle, and chat with people who are there.

Beautiful Trick
(arrange of "Love Colored Master Spark")

Dance with Witches has a dancey beat so throwing it in the suggestion box.
Coming into Fanime, all that mattered was that it was close to where I lived and that it was a cosplay friendly environment.  With a vague idea of what to expect, I'm focusing on various things Fanime got right though a few quibbles will sneak in.

Cosplay Hangout: Love it and the intentions behind it.  Specific high points are the water station and knowing the room is there as a place to rest my feet and/or eat a takeout meal.  Winning something in the cosplay raffle was a bonus.

Badge: Reading about it online, I felt apprehension about my real name being on the badge.  When actually looking at it, felt batter about it.  I stuffed it in a bag, pulling it out only when entering places that required one for entry, and never got hassled about doing so.  Problem solved.  I trust the staff to not give me a hard time or do anything shady so the current system works well.

Maps: The ones in the larger guide really helped me find my way around.

Panels: Having all of them in a separate location felt organized.  The walk didn't feel too far though I'll admit to not considering how inconvenienced people with mobility limitations would be.  I did plan ahead to minimize the number of times I traveled between the convention center and the Fairmont.

Pocket Guide: I was happy to find the panel times there.  Had some difficulty reading print on the darker grey backgrounds.  Felt a bit odd seeing the times for private dance lessons and not finding the location in the guide.  ?

Gaming hall: 50 cents a credit for Strikers 1999 is a ripoff.  Greedy arcade vendors.

Props policy: Unusual testimonial here.  My cosplay included a broom (I have a heavy-duty broom from Home Depot for this purpose).  Feeling it would not meet peace bonding requirements, I left it at home.  In the end, I had a better experience having an extra hand free for the weekend even if my cosplay felt a little less complete.  One of those experiences that appeared negative on the surface ended up as a positive one.

Black and White Ball: Being able to stop by Idira's closet to check if my cosplay met the dress code I treat as a benefit. (wouldn't have been upset if it didn't)  As it did, I visited on impulse out of curiosity.  I appreciated how the music volume didn't hurt my ears. (seems small yet matters as I am protective of my hearing and stay out of places where I would likely damage it)  The callers were fantastic about creating an environment welcoming people who enjoy partner dances yet have more passion than technical skill.  Mixers that encourage changing partners is a practice that really appeals to me and would enjoy seeing that at other dance events.  I'm borrowing that idea for the future.
Dinner ended up a positive experience for me even in spite of the complications.  Splitting into smaller groups works well and I would favor doing so even if there is a place that could accommodate the entire group.  Smaller groups draw out a different quality of conversation that serves connecting with people.  Faster service is a side benefit; one thing I've experienced is that when large parties swarm a place, it ends up taking ages for food to arrive.

This was my first time cosplaying so being able to connect with people beyond a surface level made a significant impact on my experience.  Perhaps even more so as I am completely new to the group and didn't know anyone previously.  Looking forward to chatting with more people in the future.  Much as I would have liked to join the group in the game room after dinner, I headed straight out to keep an agreement with the person with the car keys.

Bonus story: I visited Black and White Ball in my cosplay.  The song I hear when entering the ballroom is (of all things) an arrange of Remilia's theme.  Touhou cosplay + Touhou music = win  My dancing is about as graceful as a certain witch (as in not very) so coincidentally in character on the floor.
my list

- Address other cosplayers by character name.  I felt warm and fuzzy whenever someone addressed me by my character name; am I the only one who feels this way?
- Converse and interact more.  I've learned to start conversations with a compliment and a question so it's a matter of doing it.  That's a habit that will serve me anywhere in life too.
- Have faster reactions when it comes to asking for photos.  I was happy to pose for anyone who asked as long as the person isn't creepy (everyone who did ask came off as respectful).  So long as I am respectful, it's appears likely that people will say yes.
- Join a few more dances at Black and White Ball.  The staff did a fantastic job at creating an environment welcoming people who had more desire to dance than technical skill at it.  Had originally thought I would stand back and observe; ended up squeezing a few in.  Also, it makes for fun stories to join in dances while in cosplay.
Found this buried in another thread.

"The Cosplay Hangout has moved from the market room in the Hilton hotel. It is now in the WILLOW GLEN room Marriott hotel on the 2nd floor by the elevators."
Will be joining the group for dinner, da ze.

I'm not on the Facebook group so choosing to confirm here.
Registered just to confirm attendance at the gathering as confirmations make life easier for the organizer.

My Marisa cosplay is complete.  Have a broom but will probably not be bringing it because of Fanime props policy.  I'm going to have lots of fun with this.