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Does anyone know an Elsa/Anna cosplay duo that would be willing to get in-character for a day to celebrate a birthday?
Hello all!

My name is Victoria AKA Questionette, and I recently got a job working for a cosplay website that just changed ownership.  My boss wants me to look for people that I know to travel with me and either help gather content at conventions across California (expenses paid, duh!) or be featured as a cosplayer when we open up shop.  So if you are interested in the content gathering position AND YOU HAVE SEEN ME ON THE FORUM BEFORE (I know it's been awhile...but I just don't feel comfortable traveling with strangers, but you DON'T have to know me to be featured in your cosplay!)  my facebook is /questionette! Please send me a message on there, or if you do not have one feel free to email [email protected] with a picture of you in your cosplay if you want to be featured! :D
Incredible Stuff I can Make / Custom made stuffs!
June 23, 2011, 04:48:16 PM
Sorry, wrong board, should have read the rules XD here's the link to the new thread,16510.0.html
I posted in a couple of the picture threads about this, but there were several professional looking photographers walking around at the dance every night, and I figured I would make a thread in hopes that one of them would see this because I really want to see those pictures D: Anyone know where I can find them?

Mod edit: It's called a dance:)
So, two years ago when I last came to fanime I remember a thread being made about people you may have seen or talked to at the con that sparked your interest but perhaps never got their contact info. So, if there's that special someone out there, give a shout out to them here and maybe fate will reconnect you once again!

I personally met someone at saturday night's dance party in the ballroom whom had a panda cap, black hair and some sweet LED gloves :) if you see this, let me know!
Things in the Universe / CONFICKER?!
March 31, 2009, 06:42:00 PM

So I am very new to the lolita thing - I have done research but have yet to put on a dress.  I have been researching relatively cheap (since I am a poor college girl) websites where I can find good quality outfits and dresses.

So far I have heard:
DO NOT buy on ebay
DO NOT buy from bodyline

and I have also found, where I have become partial to these dresses

and, where I have become partial to this outfit

Could someone please give me some recommendations as to which website I should buy from? Or have any other suggestions on where to buy?
So? What is it?

Mine is to save up some money, and do my best in school :D
Gaming / Having PS3 problems...
December 27, 2008, 01:44:17 PM
Ok, so I got a ps3 like 5 months ago.  I haven't used it much until now (I got rock band xD ).  And it was working fine for two days, but then something weird happened.  I put in the disk for the game, and it didn't show up in the main menu! There was no error message, and the ps3 started up fine, but the game wasn't there!! So I put in some of my other games and blu ray movies - none of them worked! It's so weird...has anyone else had this problem? Am I missing something? Since there was no error message I may just be crazy.  Help!
General Anime Chat / D. Gray-Man fans!!
October 05, 2008, 06:05:48 PM
I just finished watching episode 103 of the anime - does anyone know if there is going to be another season?? Or is this the end??? D:
General Anime Chat / Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea
September 15, 2008, 05:52:26 PM
I figured that the matter of choosing out next president is a weighty enough matter, so here it goes:

What's your opinion on what's going on out there in the political world? Who do you think should be president? Barrack (Saddam) Hussein Obama, or John (I don't think he'll live through his term) McCain? Do you think Hillary should have been on the ballot in place of Obama? I mean, she might be going through menopause (which means we'd be screwed anyway) or she might even be past that, in which case she might as well be a man.  Does Palin being on McCain's ticket make you want to vote for him because she's a woman?

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Or a...something else that doesn't matter....KIDDING, yet not.  Will you be voting R or D? Why?

Have you been keeping up with the news? Give your insight....

Oh and by the way, random fact, that "MILF" Palin is pro shooting wolves out of helicopters to control the population =]

Have at it!
Anyone know where to get them cheap? 50$ for one pair that I'm going to use for one day is pretty lame...

I'm looking for purple ones btw for my lenalee costume :D
General Anime Chat / Your and My Secret
June 20, 2008, 11:17:55 AM
Ahh I really liked the first volume of this Manga!
The only problem is...there was ONLY one volume that came out in English in 2004!! -_- Does that mean it totally sucked? But wouldn't they not release the first volume in America if they weren't going to follow up? What happened there?

I thought it was pretty good ^^; like a "Freaky Friday" sort of deal only with opposite genders...

Anyway, does anyone have an opinion/knowledge of what's going on with this series? I want to know what happensss...
Things in the Universe / Goood Music
June 18, 2008, 08:32:32 PM
Ok, so I've been getting into jrock/jpop lately, and I was wondering what bands you guys like? I'm a total n00b to this stuff....

I heard a few people I know talking about
Dbxk (dunno if that's how the name looks but those letters...^^;)
The end of the world (...?)

So yeah if you guys could recommend some stuff that'd be awesome :D
Also where to obtain said songs online would be great, too.
General Anime Chat / Last manga you read?
June 14, 2008, 02:06:10 PM
I figured it would only be right to have a board dedicated to this, since there is already one for anime :D

What was the last manga you read? Did you like it? Why/why not?

For me it was Sand Chronicles (I've read 1&2 so far) and I like it, a lot XD it looked kinda boring at first but it's growing on me <<<(is a major shojo sap)
After looking through the dealer's room at fanime and purchasing a few lolita things..I'm hooked, can you guys recommend me a few sites/stores (if there are any in america) where I can purchase myself a pretty dress? :3

And I'm pretty much clueless about how sizes transfer over to US ones...I'm guessing a large over there is a medium over here?
Dealers Room / Sooo...What Did You Guys Buy?
May 26, 2008, 06:16:13 PM
What I bought:
6 plushies (Mario cube, "talking" Boo pig, Tom Nook, Kon, Mario Boo, and a pink tofu that has light up cheeks)
A ring with a rose on it from a lollita store
A kitty collar
Some stalkings
Spirited away cell phone charm
Lenalee Lee figure
Chocobo stories figure
D gray man poster
Nyanko cafe t shirt and shorts
...and a whole bunch of snacks...

How about you guy? What did you buy?

I was looking all over for the Mario Star plushie that makes noise like the Mario Coin Block that I got...but they were all sold out :'(
is all I can say

I spent too much money, raved until 4AM, lived off of pocky and ramen and HAD AN AWESOME TIME

I got some pics of some cosplayers that I will post later

So how did everyone fair the con?
Big Event Showcase / MusicFest vs. B&W ball?!
May 19, 2008, 08:40:15 PM
So...I've heard that these two events are going to be at the same time...which one do you think you will attend?
Which (in your opinion) will have more people attending? (I'm a fanime newbie so don't beat me up for asking plz)

I really wanted to go to the Black and White...but...c'mon...AN CAFE...gahh
You torture me, Fanime.
*Pokes title*

I'm taking a physical anthropology class, and I enjoy learning about post-mortum individuals

Forum Games / INSULTS
May 07, 2008, 09:01:13 PM
Okay MOLDY CAKE SNIFFERS it's time to get out some of that pre con angst

good 'ole fashion INSULTS
THROW A GOOD ONE at the person above you
just play nice...ish
and it's all in good fun so yeah

loser faces!!

PS. if you're having trouble, use this Shakespearean insult builder to get you out of your rut
Forum Games / I like
May 04, 2008, 06:54:00 PM
Another pointless forum game XD

Okay, so basically the first person comes up with a person/place/thing/alien from another dimension that he/she likes.

Then the next poster has to come up with something they like that begins with the last letter of the previous thing.

I'll start

I like fanime
Forum Games / RELEVANCE
March 25, 2008, 03:58:23 PM
Yayy new forum game to waste your time on :P

Here's the rules:
type a word that is RELEVANT to the word said above, then how the two subjects are related

Example: 1.Animal - 2. Dog (type of animal) - 3. bark (sound it makes)- 4.noise (a bark is a...)
etc. etc.

I'll start...