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I'll be at WonderCon as well.  This is very disappointing.  We're so close to the con and seeing one of the con's largest events dragging their feet is simply saddening. 
Fantastic!  Thanks for the update.
Seeing as the house elves are inept as usual, is there a day that you would like to have sign ups on/by so that possible participants can plan around that day/time?  Better than having us stalking the forums like vultures.
I agree with the majority of PrincessSquib's commentary, minus this section:

'Maybe "It must be of Asian affiliated, or have come out between this Fanime and last Fanime" So its relevant?'

The thing I love most about Fanime is that you generally have a slightly older crowd attending the con.  I find it silly that we should limit the entries fandoms based on what's new and popular.  Many of my friends prefer this con to be their "nostalgia" con and bring back their favorite series that may be as old as 15 years.  I personally don't follow things as they come out because the fandoms are insane.  I ease into them after they've been out for a while and the hype has died down.  While I do agree that the skits and walk-ons need to be Asia-oriented, I don't believe there should be a time slot that people have to fall into.  The character that I'd like to create for next year is from 2005 ((damn... doesn't feel that long ago))
Quote from: PrincessSquib on April 15, 2014, 12:13:06 PM
Quote from: Elladancosplay on April 15, 2014, 09:21:34 AM
What's the email you guys got a response to the only one I got said this user does not exist -_-
I got one from Erik himself.

What email did you use to send in your entry?  I'm being as patient as I can, but the paranoia is getting to me that I haven't heard back yet.
Quote from: reimijahanna on April 11, 2014, 01:07:50 AM
I heard back, and they told me that they would contact me soon with my "registration number" I saved the email just in case if anything happens in the shipping of stuff. I'm stull currently waiting for this "registration number". I heard back from them a few days after I submitted my info to the cosplay department the night the submissions opened.

I haven't heard anything from them... and I just double checked my email to see if I overlooked anything.  I hope the rest of us hear back soon.
I put in an email to the 'masquerade' one and I got a message back saying that site never existed, so I sent one to the cosplay email D8
Has anyone heard back after submitting an entry?  I haven't gotten anything in my e-mail and was curious to see if I'm alone in this wait.
I assume that the website for registration will be announced at midnight and not beforehand?
From all the years that I have been to the convention, the masquerade has been on the Sunday of the convention.  I'm sure that they'll keep with this tradition.
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 01, 2013, 12:13:58 PM
Well, I got my reg sent in.  Now to head back to class and check my email when I get home >>
How about just raising your kid right and waiting til they can control themselves/the parents have better control over their kids before taking them into social situations.  My parents didn't take me to fancy restaurants until I could control myself and if I was obnoxious, I was taken outside til I calmed down.  Sadly, most parents I see nowadays just don't give two shits about their kids.  They let them get away with murder.  Screaming children at restaurants and movie theaters are the ones that really kill me.  If your kid can't sit through an hour and a half movie and be quiet, they need to stay home and wait for it to come out on dvd.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Badge rule
January 18, 2013, 12:04:34 PM
I kind of don't see how much of a problem wearing old badges is.  Granted, there's no way I could wear all my past badges without blocking out part of my cosplay, but each year the images on the badges change.  If the volunteers at the doors know what the current badge looks like, they can scan for that one if the person doesn't hold it out or motion towards it.  I think it all comes down to, if the person doesn't have a current badge and tries to sneak through, it depends on how fast/obvious they are but more than likely, a volunteer would notice their suspicious behavior and go double check them.
Registration / Re: online pre-registering for 2013
January 17, 2013, 09:30:27 PM
Besides, not everyone likes to get shit-faced at a con.  Some of us like to remain sober and actually enjoy ourselves with our friends.
Yeah, last year was bad... which is why I'm hoping for better this year, haha.
My hopes are high this year, but the past two years have not been in our favor.
Last year, I stayed up until five with a small handful of others while the rest couldn't stay up passed 2, thus the 2a.m.-ers group.  The year before that, I believe sign ups opened around three... I'm pretty sure. 
Welcome newcomers to the Fanime Masquerade and welcome back last years 2a.m.-ers!  Good to see you all here.
I dunno about the first one, but the order that's on the website isn't the one that you'll be performing in.  Last year, my friend and I were number 11 on the site but ended up being 37 at the actual masquerade but because of a large costume that my friend needed to get out of, we were moved to number 14 XD
Quote from: CroutonicSarcasm on April 02, 2011, 01:55:54 PM
Hello~! I have a question for the age requirement of the Masquerade. My girlfriend is going to be in my skit and she's currently 17, but she turns 18 May 25. Do I put her down as 18 in the performer list or as 17?

I would guess 18. The same usually applies to when you're registering for a con.  Take yaoi-con for example, if a person will turn 18 before the first day of the con, they would put 18 when they register.
I'm sorry everyone, I have to bow out and crash.  I'll be up around 7:30 to resume lookout again.  Best of luck to everyone <3