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I've got a couple of questions -

"If you register as a walk-on, you will be in the Fashion Show portion at the start of the Masquerade (and you must compete for craftsmanship)."

What is qualified as a walk-on?  Or is it possible to do a one-man skit?  But if I decide to simply do a walk-on, are walk-on's allowed to have music for their walk on or nah?  I know in the past they were allowed, but not sure if that's changed.

"We will have video available again this year, but again you need to have your music embedded in the video, you can have either a video OR music: not both. The video and/or music starts with your skit and plays the entire way through, we will not pause it for you."

When you say you can either have a video OR music, you simply mean we can only submit a video file (with included music), or an audio file correct?
I've got a question for those of you who have booked with Fanime in previous years - what are the chances that space will open up at the Marriott later on? :<  I had class when rooms went up and missed the Marriott. T^T;;
So does this include potential BRS cosplays? O.o  Just curious. I saw "Black Rock" on the list, so I'm assuming that meant Black Rock Shooter...

I'm still not sure what cosplays I'm doing which day though, there's a chance I might be default Miku this day.. or I'll be black gold saw. X"D  if I'm Miku though I think my friend will be Kaito with me. :3
I'll join as Suika Ibuki. :}

I might be bringing my Flandre to Fanime as well (depends on if I feel safe enough transporting her wings :P) but I would be cosplaying her a different day~ :O
^ I'm looking forward to cosplaying and I want to go see the Flow concert again. *-*b
< Enjoys photography! :D  Hope you get your cool-awesome-pro camera soon~
> So sick and tired of finals! I want to be working on my cosplay! D:
V Would you rather carpool with friends to a convention or fly?

blah.. T.T I'll be late.. unless we can push the gathering back by like half an hour or fifteen minutes which I doubt.. Lol

I have a performance on Stage Zero at 4:45 in a different outfit. ROFL so I'll have to really rush/change to make it to the gathering on time. @A@''
5pm sounds good for me~ :] I'll probably be cosplaying as Miku most of Fanime anyways. xD Not sure if I feel like dragging my Yoko gun or Maka scythe with me this year. DX
Thank you!

If we need extra time to set up (making us go over the 2 minute 30 second mark) do we email you directly or just include it in our registration thing?
Quote from: wolfdaemon on April 08, 2010, 11:24:44 PM
Sooooo........... when are these entries going to be reviewed...?  XDDD

I was wondering the same thing. T-T'' My group needs to buy wigs, but they want to wait to see if we get approved. ^_^''
Is registration up yet? O.o

Ah, it's probably the same as Artist Alley.. where it'll actually be up at 1am. xD

EDIT: okay I registered. When will we know if we were among the first 50 to register or not? :O
@Jerry: nuu I'm not.. rofl TwT' i'm so camera shy.. hahaha.

@VanessaAyukawa: mostly. :3

@XpHoBiaX: NIce pics!

@Michiko: Honestly, I kind of want to try LARPing once... XD
^ S4 League. :3 I love that game so much~
< D: Good luck with your Fanime rooming situation.. I know I wouldn't be able to go at all if that happened to me. T-T''
> Finally gonna order my Miku fabric this week. ^-^ Yey!
V Favorite video on youtube? (Anime related)

Three favorite pictures from my recent photoshoot. :3 Miku maid~!
I suggest you pick a character you like. =3 That's what I do... I don't like it when people ask me, "What character do I look like? So I can cosplay them..." Cuz I like the idea of choosing a character to cosplay that you like.. =3

For a first cosplay I'd say try to pick something more on the simple side. If you have experience with sewing and whatnot then you can make it, but if you're not.. then either buy a premade cosplay online, OR.. if it's a simple enough cosplay you can go to a clothing store and buy the parts to put it together. =]
2 =D
Forum Games / Re: This or That? 2.0
February 04, 2010, 05:18:41 PM
Schoolgirl uniforms.. just cuz I wear maid outfits way too much. XD

To cosplay or take pictures of cosplayers?
^ Zicam! XD I got sick right before a big trip and was really depressed.. was taking Zicam like crazy and I got all better. ^_^
< Will be taking lots of pictures! :3
> Needs to start taking pictures at cons... .. I'm just lazy.. that and I'm constantly having to make sure everything with my cosplay is okay. D:
V Favorite cosplay to do and/or see?
Forum Games / Re: Caption the Last Poster's Avatar ver. 3
February 04, 2010, 05:16:25 PM
Don't worry.. I won't kill you.. I'll just stare at you. :3
If I finish Flandre in time, I'll drop by. ^^