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Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotel Payment Questions
April 28, 2016, 12:02:52 PM
If you are paying cash and have a debit card, why don't you just deposit the cash in your account and just use it to check in and leave the charges under that? That way the transaction will go through quick and won't have to worry about your money taking weeks to get refunded.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
April 27, 2016, 12:03:39 AM
Quick question and advise needed. So i been going to fanime for a couple of years now and i usually just shared the room with my bf for the weekend. Due to unfortunate events im left with a room at the Residence Inn Airport from friday-monday. The room is a 1bedroon king suite 450sqf + Pullout sofa, mini kitchen. Its a brand new property with large clean rooms and hot breakfast every morning and the light rail stop less than a block off which will drop you off at the convention center. I have never shared a room with anyone so im not quite sure as to how much a spot would go for and looking for suggestions.. im willing to give up the bedroom (private)(would that be 1 spot or 2 if shared?) and the couch and im willing to sleep on the floor. Also how does one take care of the transactions? or if someone bails out? Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated either as a reply to this or on a PM :) Thanks in advance
here are some pictures of the hotel and room.. taken from the hotel site

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Tips for an ABSOLUTE Noob?
January 16, 2016, 05:01:29 PM
Yes, the credit card holder needs to be present or they will deny you as its suspected fraud. If the person will not be there, ask the hotel for a credit card authorization form and submit it back to the hotel prior to check in. Its also advisable that you keep a copy on you just in case they cant locate it, which sometimes happens. Authorization forms can be used for payment as well as incidental deposits so if they mark all charges, all you would need at check in would be your I.D. Also be sure you are aware of the hotel's age policy. Many hotels in san jose require you to be 21 and up.
i booked a two bedroom suite at the new residence inn airport not that long ago, with very cheap rates. I would highly recommend the hotel since its not far from downtown and right in front of the light rail station. This is just in case i dont get any rooms from fanime housing like last year. Its only subject to a 24hr cancellation policy so it works out.
Quote from: arnaudrayber on May 19, 2015, 09:14:56 PM
Is there some sort of transport to go to and from the Four Points hotel to Fanime? I booked there and heard there was a train or shuttle but don't know many details about it.

Could anyone help me out? The times, price, or even where if there is one would be wonderful.

Thank you lots  :)
dont know about the shuttle route but if you are at the one on 4th street, theres a lightrail on 1st street. you would have to catch the one going towards santa teresa. it will actually dropp you off right in front of the convention center.
Quote from: snowbunnie on May 03, 2015, 08:27:39 PM
thanks everybody!

and if the charge does cover the minibar, i WILL take advantage of it hahaha
let me rephrase what i said. The money is on "hold" to cover the "possible" charges one might accrue during the stay. If you dont take anything out of the mini bar, make long distance phone calls or get room service all the deposit money will be returned to you. I dont think its a very good idea taking anything out of the mini bar as some of the stuff is very overpriced. Oh and if you do decide to take advantage of all these things and go over the deposit, the Hotel will waste no time in increasing the amount held.   

Smaller hotels that dont offer mini bars or room service usually take less just enough to cover phone calls or miscellaneous charges 
larger hotels place larger holds per night to cover minibar charges, room service, pay per view movies, phone calls ect. The cash deposit is higher just because it needs to cover enough in case of smoking or trashing the room.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hyatt Booking Age?
April 27, 2015, 11:18:21 PM
I think if you have the means to pay you can legally rent a room as long as there is no alcohol supplied in the room or a casino. most hotels that have the 21 and over policy is because they have mini bars in rooms and to limit their liability regarding that
Hotel and Facilities / Re: First time Mariott
April 08, 2015, 11:25:34 AM
I've stayed at the marriott several times but never for fanime. Although I will tell you that the hotel gets almost full monday-friday on a regular weekly basis due to business travelers so when most fanime people arrive friday wanting to check in super early thats not gonna happen. I've seen lines of people wanting to check in early but the hotel rooms are still either occupied or dirty from the previous day. You can expect to wait till 4pm or later if you want to get into your room.  You can expect to pay $31 a day for valet parking with in and out privilages but with the hotel being that full you will most likely spend about 20 mins waiting for the people to get your car. Or you can park at the convention center parking for 20 a day with no in and out privilages.  None of the hotel rooms have balconies. There are larger rooms anything ending in 01 example 1201and jr suites end in 00 and both of these types are corner rooms facing san Carlos street. if you get anything else is a basic room. All rooms are very quiet. Elevators will be packed and will likely take you several minutes waiting to get one if u have a high floor, lowest available floor for rooms is 4. i dont know if you can chose or make requests as to what type of room u want or upgrade or where in the hotel as groups get randomly assigned and will only consider higher paying costumers or elites requests. Pool is located on floor 3 and its a decent size as well as their hot tub So its worth checking it out although I dont know how busy it is during fanime. Their tv's are equipped with netflix app. But unless you are a gold or platinum member you are charged about 12 bucks a day for high speed internet. Also gold and platinum only get free breakfast and consierge lounge access. The Tanq bar is very nice but pricy. They tend to do anime inspired cocktails but seem to be toned down so stick with beer or strong drinks like martinis to get your moneys worth. Arcadia is a good steakhouse but pricey as well. I place it in my top 3 in sj (Lb steak, mortons steakhouse, Arcadia)
Hotel and Facilities / Re: So...Waitlist?
April 07, 2015, 07:21:38 PM
Quote from: Purelovely on April 06, 2015, 08:33:28 AM
I come all the way from Indiana and have since 2003. It's really stressful not knowing if I'll get the hotel room I want much less a hotel room at all.  :-\ Don't much like the idea of being roomless during a vacation.
i would just go ahead and search other surrounding hotels as a back up. Most hotels if not part of a group/convention have a DOA or 24hr cancellation policy (given they are not made through a 3rd party site) you can chose and book a hotel you like with flexible cancellation policy and cancel it if you do end up getting a room at your desired location. I would find a place ASAP as surrounding hotels will only raise their rate higher closer to the event dates. thats my 2cents from a guy thats worked in the travel industry and hotels for 3+ years
wow that sounds like a great idea. Just be reminded that no good deed goes unpunished lol I would be concerned about insurance and liability in case of (hopefully wont happen) car accidents with passengers. Having a local guide you to SJ's hidden gems would be a great. Maybe you can get some friends interested in the idea and possibly the idea of earning tips.
^ sounds about right.
I actually booked a night at the Marriott for Friday 22 for about 330 but will most likely cancel it a day before as i have found a better value hotel for almost 1/4 of the price. Im only keeping it right now in hopes someone desperate would take it off my hands. Might pass it on to a friend that needs friday if he is willing to pay up, plus i have gold membership and get 2 breakfast coupons :/ lol
just keep checking every once in a while. people will probably cancel closer to the dates, as soon as you see a double just call the hotel or do it online. :) ps. if you arent a rewards member i would be happy to send you a referral and both get extra bonus points. Plus, they treat better rewards members and assign better rooms than non members. Ive noticed it after i signed up. 
actually. has availability for sunday night 5/24/15  for 129.00 you could just make a separate reservation with them and ask to be assigned the same room for the sunday night stay.
Hotel and Facilities / Hotels Suggestions :)
January 13, 2015, 05:19:04 PM
I know alot of you are now looking into booking hotels like i am. Most downtown hotels seem to be sold out and they charge for parking, internet and no breakfast not to mention a 300 plus room for a night :/ I found the best western airport plaza right on the alameda not too long ago for a short trip to SJ auto show and decided to book for fanime there. Its only about $98 a night with aaa and they all come with fridge, microwave and coffee maker flat screen tvs. Their rooms are recently updated they offer a free hot breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and waffles plus the other regular breakfast stuff. They have free parking and only 5 min cab ride from the airport about 12 bucks and have free pretty fast internet. I took bus 22(stops right in front of hotel)  to downtown for $2 and walked to the convention center from there, in all it took about 25 mins. They got a small pool and hot tub as well as a small fitness room but i dont care about that. I thought i would share this in case any of you are looking for a good budget hotel like me and wanna save 30 bucks a day for parking and internet  >:( (looking at you marriott  <_<, yeah ive stayed there too)  Any one have any other suggestions for travelers?