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I guess you could pull it off. But at the dance? Good luck depending on the time of night and how packed it is I say not an easy one to do.

You'll have to get the Dj to play that song, that's if he wants too, or there's enough space.

Like every flash mob at Fanime, I have yet to see one pulled off, there was one about 10 girls tried doing it out side but the crowd coming in out kind of killed it short.

Mod edit: its called a dance
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Sponsorship?
November 23, 2015, 07:12:36 PM
You mean musical "guest". As much as I want stick up for Fanime's musical line up I can't anymore. Not after reading that one post about how great Music Fest was, and how bad it's now. It's more general cosplayer hangout con than anime fandom.
Still it's a great "something to do" thing, if your local.

But meh, you can never have enough beating a dead horse
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Sponsorship?
November 20, 2015, 07:42:40 PM
In the end cutie bunny is right. Fanime will never be like AX, SakuraCon, Otakcon,etc...

So do like her and what I'll do. Spend more time and money on other cons than Fanime. This year depending on the guests....wait who am I kidding I'm just going there for the B&W Ball and 1 hour of the dealers hall. So yeah pretty much half day at Fanime con. The rest of the 4 days was me and my friends running around downtown drinking and eating.
This is how it works. Fanime and their hotel company have set aside a set number of rooms each year for the convention. Fanime's hotel company always opens a few months before the con. Usually 4-5 months before.

For example hotel A has a total of 100 rooms. Fanime books 50 at a discount. The other 50 are sold at normal price for non convention guests.

You can book rooms at normal hotel rates now or you can wait till Fanime opens up their hotel block at a discount.
Sadly we have to wait till the hotel reg. Opens if you want the discount. Just keep your eyes open on the forum, fb, or Twitter.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Sponsorship?
November 17, 2015, 10:25:29 PM
That's cool, but I don't think this I that kind of thread.
Hell if we where requesting companies I'm sure there would be a mile long list.

The topic is should fanime have corporate influence.
If I'm not mistaken Fanime does have a bit of sponsors when it comes anime videos. But that's more like licenses than sponsored
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Sponsorship?
November 16, 2015, 07:35:27 PM
Quote from: eHash on November 16, 2015, 05:10:21 PM
Sponsorship is not free money, and with every sponsor comes a new set of rules and requirements.  Also, if a big sponsor comes in one year and pulls out for the future, could the con sustain expectations?  If you sell out just a little, you might end up selling out on everything..look at levi's stadium.
Yep pretty much. Perfect example Danny Cho at AX
Yeah he gives them lots of money and guests but they in turn comform to him and his demands. His booth right in front of the main entrance his artwork on the cover of the program guide, his plugs are at every panel, so yeah it's good and or bad. Depends how you take it.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Sponsorship?
November 11, 2015, 09:07:48 PM
Well..... This has been asked since I been coming to Fanime in 2008.
It's been asked at every closing feedback panel.


Unless Fanime moves to a bigger venue or inplace an attendance cap. Then that would happen.
Or we get a new chair that flips the whole system out the window.

So like every year, we will have to wait and see if the next year would be better.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Age Segragated Dance
September 15, 2015, 08:44:42 PM
Ah, it makes sense now. Well as an older brother myself, I know it's stressful trying to look out after them at that age. And at that age they all think they know was is best for themselves. (Which they don't)

To be blunt, it's not up to Fanime to protect your sister. Sure there are general safeguards for all attendees but it's up to you and her.  As cruel as it sounds I think that was a great life lesson for her. Even though Fanime is a great place, there are people that ruin/take advantage of the event. 

Personally I would not have let my sister out of my sight at the dance. Then again I have had serious talk about all the creep moves dudes will/are/going to pull on her. And she can defend herself if need be. But she always had that extra safety blanket that her big bros would take care of her.  Which there as been times which we did (I invoke the 5 admentment for this one.) resolve some issues.

Hopefully you can convince your sister to come back and try it again. With what she's learned as well as being one year older and wiser, and hopefully less creepers, she'll have a great time.

Mod edit: its called a dance
Unless we change locations to a place that has more near by hotels, Fanime becomes unpopular, or more hotels open up, then we will continue to have the mad hotel rush.
Either way if the do impose a badge requirement there would still be a mad rush.
It's a lose/lose.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Age Segragated Dance
September 09, 2015, 09:27:53 PM
Not sure which point your coming from, from a young person surrounded by older adults or an older adults surrounded by younger people?

As for a scary place, nope no way not even miles close to what you find at any all ages shows at any night club.

Let's be real, are you worried about hooking up with an underage person? I and every adult over 18 has that in the back of their mind. One thing that always calms that is a simple question. "How old are you?"  Now depending on both people their answers will come down to their own morals or goals.

If all you want to is dance and have a good time, age is not a factor. And there is zero to worry about.

If you have some ulterior motive that includes dancing and hanging out at the dance then I hope both people have the common logic to make the right choices. Fanime can't tell us how or to whom we should have fun with. 

With that said it's up to everyone to look out for themselves. But I get it if your 18 or younger you don't want some 20 something hitting on you, or do, I'm not sure these days. This is a touchy subject after all.  Guess what I'm trying to say is don't be a creep, stop trying too hard to hook up with someone at the dance, or if you feel some person is being too creepy tell then to stop, if they don't get it ask staff or security. There will always be creeps regardless of age group. 

In all my years going to Fanime and going to the dance (I still find it silly people still call it that) I have yet to confuse the age of a girl for a minor. Then again I don't go looking to hook up at the dance. /humble brag.

Mod edit: its called a dance
Wow they really believe people on FB can't make fake accounts? That's one of the first things people do when every new social medium comes out.  For any person in charge of social medium to believe every account is legit then they are really disconnected to the world or brand new to the internet.
I also heard the rumors about Sakura Con's forums. But that was one of the contributing factors. I hardly been on their forums before they got shut down but from I remember it was always a flame war with staff and attendees.
As for AX well the dude in charge of the main web site clearly never liked the forums and always wanted it killed. He even talked about it when he was on AX Live. (For those the remember it.) so that was another selling point he pitched so the forums would die off. But eh, I'm sure there are countless more reasons why. Those are just the obvious everyone can see.
Yep correct.
The current FB/twitter/etc, has more "reach" aka advertising. That's the main reason.
Second their target market are young people that never "grew up" with forums. Then there is the lack of staff to monitor and keep up the forums.
It's a sign of the ever changing times. But from a bussness stand point, I get it.
I'll rather piss off a hundred old fans from the forums, or gain thousands of first time attendees cause they saw it on their news feed.
So bottom line it's money. Save some, gain some.
General Convention Discussion / Re: kill la kill
July 28, 2015, 02:40:48 PM
Live Programming and Events / Re: Dance Battles?
July 23, 2015, 11:47:59 PM
What kind of "dance" do you mean? Break dancing, Lindy-hop, Latin, ballroom, swing, etc?
Specifics boy, you're lacking it.

I believe his son was at comic con. Not 100% sure so my guess is as good as anyone else's.

Also the biggest problem with Fanime, was that you where there.
That is my personal opinion.  I know how well you kiddies love using that term.

Besides that we have already posted the good and bad about Fanime in the "official " thread. My suggestion is that you put your comments there.
Yeah they should have capped the lines. One thing that pissed me off staff wise is watching guys counting people outside running around like a mad man and double counting because the person in charged of the panel has zero idea how many seats the room has. Mean while that person is siting inside only talking in the radio not even bothering to see the line.

Besides that I really do enjoy AX more just because of the attendees. Fanime has always sufferd from packs of only friends handing out with only friends. Good freaking luck tying to a few words in. Where as AX I feel it's more friendly. I meet all my con buddies at AX and only 2 people from Fanime, so go figure. 

But yeah it's still up in the air. So I'm not really hype about it. As far as Fanime guest relations, it's Fanime. I will never expect any big names coming. If they do, it will only be one. And it would be the bigest event Fanime had. But really I just want info from Fanime to relase their programing schudule at lest a week before. It still blows my mind how little programing Fanime has and they still think it's ok to be released two days before the con. And even then it's still screwy.
I'm on the fence on going to AX, but if I so go it would be the first year I will not be going as a primer badge holder. I got to tell you, even with it, it was a mess. It felt like I was a normal attendee. The only perks where to get seats for the "main events" before they went live. That was it. There where soo many last year it was a joke.

The only reason why I didn't get it was their new system for primer badges. Years before if you bought it, you'll get an email if you would like to get one for next year. This year they screwed long time primer badge holders, and raised the price $220+. So I'm not happy about that being I was going 4+ years a primer badge holder.

Anyway, by the looks of it they have a shit ton of stuff to do program wise, definitely a full days worth to the point where your splitting hairs on which panel you want to see.

As to the people that got heat stroke, it's on them. (There where 4 that I know of) the rest could have asked kindly for the person to hold their place in line to cool off.  Or the should have prepared for being out side on a hot day.  The con can't hold anyone's hand when it comes to their personal well being.

Besides that hope it goes well. As usual the people in charge of their social media are complete idiots, (personal opinion ) so let's see how messy things get. Or not if I don't go.

On thing I highly want Fanime staff to notice is their use of Guidebook. Even if your not going download the app and play with it as if you where there. You'll clearly see why every other con uses it. It may cost a bit but highly worth it. (Sure better than the pocket book, sorry but it's the truth)
Compared to comic con, no. Comic con sells out, Fanime would never. The only redeeming factor Fanime has on the hotels is the possible wait list option. Even if all the hotels are booked up, there is a chance a lot of people cancel right before the April deadline. 
But like I said it all depends where you at on the list.
Yes. The site has always been flooded evey time since 2011. Before then it was not that bad, but still a hassle although you could still find some rooms with in an hour or two.
Comes to show how much attendee has grown since then.