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^ My favorite part was when I found my self having a long conversation with very pretty girl that was way out of my leage. Anime is such a geat conversation starter. And it helped that we had something in common.
< I'm starting to feel the pressure on figuering out what kind of cosplay I can pull off.
> Now that I think about I never did ask that girl what her name was.
v Have you mistakenly ask some one for a pic that was not cosplaying?
I believe Funimation already has a big both at the dealers hall. Since they alreay been doing Fanime for a couple of years now.
Quote from: Laggy on February 12, 2012, 05:52:17 AM
Naoki Urasawa's Monster. Such a great series, oh god. I watched it originally in English, but when I found it on Netflix, I discovered it was in Japanese. I highly reccommend it to anyone who likes insane and badass villains.
I  actually just finished Monster. I agree that Johan was the evilest villain I seen.
It one of the best anime's I seen so far, sadly I don't know why I have been putting it off for over 3 years. I should have seen it sooner.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Parade for Fanime 2012
February 13, 2012, 02:16:22 AM
yeah......I'm not too sure on that one...
I believe big sings are not allowed at Fanime.

Besides..Once Fanime starts there are cosplayers walking up and down the streets anyway. So its already a parade during Fanime.
Quote from: Kpmonkeygirl on February 12, 2012, 08:54:43 PM
So this will be my first time going to ANY convention, let alone anime convention. It seems like there are a lot of stuff, and I can't even keep track of what is there, what is always there, what you should see, and so on.

So what is there to see at the fanimecon? What is the main attraction? What is it like entering? Could you tell me in every detail if it is not too much of a trouble?
Thanks for planing on going.
Like Eralston said in his post being prepared is the key for enjoying the con.
MOST IMPORTANT: Bring water. You'll be out walking all day and won't notice your dehydrated with all the stuff going on. Also this may or may not apply but if your not used to large crowds this might be overwhelming.

But for a first timer I'll have to if your planing on spending one day or all four days. Or going alone or with friends.

If your planing go to for one day..oh boy its is a lot to take in. Once the official schedule is up on the web site plan ahead and pick out what day, what you want to see and do.

Also Bring a camera, there would be lot's and lot's of cosplays all over, a simple camera phone won't be enough.
Also bring comfortable walking shoes.
Besides that most of Eraston's post covered most of it. If you have other questions just post them up.
Great question.
But its still cheaper. Gas over 3 days is less than $30, unless you drive a truck. But for a typical car its around that much.
Parking can be $5-7 a day, so around $15-20 for 3 days. So total around $50-60 for about 3 days.

Now consider now much the average room goes for, around $80-100 per night. Well no one will consider renting a room alone for the entire con, unless you have a lot of money.
Now like many people, you share a room but that's still around $80-100 total for the entire con. So in a way driving still comes out cheaper.

But I do understand you, it is a lot better to enjoy the con if you are there for the whole 4 days. That's why you have to save up for Fanime.
Are you talking about Netflix's streaming anime?
If so most of the streaming anime is in dubbed I think.
Their steaming selection and quality is very weak.
I would recommend trying their dvd's selection. They have a old of older titles but as of late, they are really not making any effort on trying to get any new stuff, or any new stuff that's been out for the last 2 years. On the down side...many of the series  are missing..

On...a side note have you tried I know..weird but they do have a good amount of anime in both dubbed and subbed.
The traffic is really not that bad, it flowed well, but their is a lot of cars on the road but its no bumper to bumper snail pace.

Parking is really not a problem, there are hand full of parking structures/lots only a couple of blocks away.
Usually the parking at the C.C. is full by noon, but there are soo many in and out's that if you wait 10 mins you'll find a spot. I been lucky all my 3 years of going to Fanime I parked at the C.C. parking lot.

Like Mango Bunny said Fanime is 24 hour event. But by 6-7ish the crowds fade away and that's when most people are heading back home/rooms.
I been there till around 9pm by that time only the people that stayed in the near by hotels are still partying it up.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Over night parking?
February 12, 2012, 12:49:34 AM
Awesome, thanks for that link. That should make things a bit more easier.
Lucky the last few years I always managed to park inside the convention center/marrirot parking garage. Any way now I'll have a good idea where to park, if needs be.
Hotel and Facilities / Over night parking?
February 11, 2012, 06:37:22 AM
I'm planing on my first 4 day stay at Fanime. I will be rooming with some other people at one of the hotels.
But as I learned for previous years, parking was always a hand full.

Which leaves me with the possible dilemma that the hotel parking space would be taken up by my other room mates.

So to drag out my question, where is the nearest safest place for one to leave their car over night for the 3 nights of Fanime?
I know of the parking structures around the convention center but do those offer over night parking?
Hopefully I'll get in this time. The last couple of years I missed out. I always wanted to see what the fun is all about.
^ So far only $200 but I really don't save up for cons I just go with the flow. If needs be I'll spend more.
< I know.. four days of con-awesomeness takes a toll on the wallet.
> I guess you could say I got addicted to cons, AX was my first, went for 1 day then next year added another day, then found out about Fanime and did the same, now going to do the full 4 days. Maybe trying cosplay for the first time.
v How nervous where you when you first cosplayed?
LOL yeah you really haven't been to Fanime.
During the whole 4 days of Fanime there are at lest 5 or more rooms playing non stop anime all 24 hours.

If you want to share your anime I believe it has to get pass the copyright stuff. I know that Fanime has the ok to show anime.
I'm sure their always looking for different titles to play. Usually they only show like 2 or 3 eps of one series then move on to a new title.

And yey my first post here on the Fanime forums. ;)