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I've added a link to the Facebook event! Their event system requires that I choose a date, the day listed is not confirmed and in the description itself I have no day and time.
Super excited for this year! I'll start updating as soon as I know how the new gathering system works!
The gathering will be from 11am until about 11:55am, so we can finish before the League of Legends gathering~
I didn't even have to wait in line on Thursday last year, I showed up around 3PM and just went straight inside, didn't take more than 5-10 minutes.
My Castiel cosplay is ready! I'm super excited to be hosting again this year!
Does anyone happen to know if you are able to use two cards? I was hoping to put the deposit on a credit card and the actual payment on debit.
I'm hoping to do a Splicer inspired outfit and I have some questions to see what would be allowed. I intend on wearing a mask with a small amount of fake blood on it, is that acceptable? I also wanted to wear ripped stockings, not too heavily done but still clearly visible. My dress will be normal and of an acceptable length, so it's just the minor details I'm concerned with.
Change of plans! I'll be there as Merrill from DA2, along with an Isabela~
It's outside of the registration building, where the grassy stairs are. The gathering should be done by 11:30, since it's not considered big enough to be an hour. c:
We are confirmed for Saturday at 11AM at Plaza de Cesar Chavez (same location as last year)!
We are confirmed for Sunday at 11AM at G9!
Updated! I'm hoping the gathering won't conflict with the masquerade check-ins (or the actual event itself) so hopefully you'll be able to attend~
2015 Sailor Moon Gathering:,19608.msg481096.html#msg481096
* For this gathering, I'm expecting it to be 60+ but there wasn't one last year so I wasn't sure of it would be assumed as much. I've had a lot of interest on and off this site.

2015 Superwholock Gathering:,19100.msg474400.html#msg474400

Forum Name: Olivine
Updated! By the way, I'm aiming for this gathering to be at 11AM on Sunday!
The temptation is so real. I just got Inquisition last week and I want to cosplay from it so bad, so I might be a female Inquisitor accompanied by a Cullen but it's a huge maybe.
Quote from: Avairrianna on December 01, 2014, 09:54:55 AM
I'm currently in the works for a special project for Fanime 2015 that would include Sailor Moon characters so if that goes through I'll let you know who and what I have going on!

Sounds good!
Quote from: ICosplayNeji on November 08, 2014, 02:35:11 PM
My gf, GraviTiger and I will attend if it doesn't clash with any other gatherings! If we finish them in time, I'll be coming as Prince Endymion and she'll be my Princess Serenity from the Crystal ending :) If not, we'll still be there as Super Sailor Neptune and Super Sailor Uranus.