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I've pretty much given up on doing the masquerade because the staff is quite unresponsive when it comes to early questions pertaining to the cosplay contest. (IE: Feb-Mar) Especially on the forums for any time. Now, I understand email is much easier, however the staff should check just makes sense to me! They post here after the con with the winners - why not post/review before and acknowledge any questions that come up?
Quote from: smider on April 13, 2019, 11:23:12 PM
Well, I went to this convention multiple times and I noticed last year that it would be nice to make new friends. It would be awesome if you could make a friend and talk to them about all the possible anime topics. Not trying to be weird but wouldn't it be nice to know that you have a friend? -i lost myself- ??? but it's always hard to meet a new friend there for some reason, i guess it's because you don't know how they'll react...
Making friends is super hard, I get that.

Long story short I moved out here a few years ago and came to Fanime and realized it's hard to start up a conversation aside from a hello. Thinking back to my past experiences - gatherings and even local events can help with making and keeping new friends. (NorCal gatherings on Facebook has quarterly events throughout the Bay Area so that might be something to look into...)

Best of luck hun! I definitely feel your pain!
Quote from: moondogg on April 10, 2019, 12:33:46 PM
Has a day been set yet for the gathering?
According to the FB page for the gatherings it looks like Saturday at 12pm. <--post from 4/4 (the pinned post isn't the most recent it seems)
As of now: Lenny from Legion (Fri PM), Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad (Sat AM), Dancer Nobody from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Sat PM), Shadow King Lenny from Legion (Mon AM).

I'm mostly in it for the gatherings so...
I'll be there as Harley from the movie Suicide Squad. It's not comic, but still DC. Does that matter? If it does then I'm crashing. ;D
Big Event Showcase / Masquerade badge question
March 21, 2019, 04:04:19 PM
With the masquerade being on a Sunday, and having to check in for it on Friday or Saturday - do you need a badge to do that? A friend of mine was thinking about participating in the masquerade, but was only going to get a one-day badge for Sunday... How do you think that would fly exactly when going to judging or checking in?

Perhaps those who only want to do the masquerade thing, maybe the con should look into a masquerade-only badge? Don't even ask me how that would work with logistics, but the main focal point at cons seems to be the masquerade, so for those who are participating get a "special access" badge or something?
Oh, this looks like fun! Your FB link doesn't work though. :(
I think last year it was organized as all as it could have as we ended up pulling cosplayers who were nearby and not busy versus those who knew of the time slot itself for the gathering... I love hanging out with Black Butler cosplayers, but depending on whether or not something is put together will depend upon if I cosplay from it. It's only March, but I'm already working on my con lineup so I'd like to prepare.
I'd like to wear my Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad cosplay at a gathering, but it doesn't seem like there's interest yet. Or did I miss it? I don't know much of the DC-verse, but I'd be game to participate in a gathering/shoot!
Hey All -- I'm looking for someone to shoot me as Lenny Busker from FX Marvel's Legion (season 1). I have variations of her outfits - "druggie," in clockworks, as the shadow king (bolero scene), psychiatrist and it would really help if the photog was just as excited about the character/series as I am. I have a flexible schedule (even outside of Fanime weekend - assuming we're both available on any other weekend)...and I'm willing to pay or even just for fun/free with an amateur photog... Whichever. :) Thanks in advance. If interested, or even want to reply/chat - Facebook would be the best method of contact - I check that regularly, whereas forums rarely:
Did someone snap a pic of me on Sunday? I was a Silent Hill nurse. It was in the middle of a photoshoot around 5-6pm and I was coming out of an elevator for a posed shot... I know a few others walking by snapped a pic or two - I want to see how they came out and if I can, tag myself in the photo!
I could be wrong, but I think non-anime cosplays can compete as a skit only, so that is probably why an Overwatch something won. I do admit those costumes are pretty intricate... There also were a handful of awards given (as listed in the Fanime booklet) so maybe that's why "everyone" got an award? I agree in general though that anime-specific (Asian-origin/inspired) should be the only cosplays judged as listed on the website...but as last year was any indication - "if someone wants to compete in a non-Asian-origin/inspired, then why turn them away?" - it was totally not fair.

Also, to point out that the "good cosplayers stay outside and just take photos" - it's probably because it eats up a majority of the evening - a 3 hour masquerade event, is actually more 4+ for those participating.

I know you're not happy, but I'm kinda glad I didn't compete this year. Maybe next year will be better??
I took a bunch of pics from the gathering yesterday since I couldn't be in it so here you go... - tag, snag or what have you with 'em. ;)
I posted my pics from the gathering today on the Facebook page: Feel free to tag or snag or what have you! :)
I would suggest going at noon and then if the website is accurate in saying it's at 4p, then go back. It's annoying, but it's better to keep on this then never get an answer about anything.
Yeah...Nothing. And I only sent an email with a question! >.<
Quote from: MegaLapras on May 04, 2018, 08:37:51 AM
Where do we register for Masquerade? It's getting really close to the end of the month and there's nothing to go off of to contact anyone to register. :(
There are no forms on their website. This is the information in the email I received from the new Department Head for the Masquerade (I want to say I emailed them this year and that's why I received an email...and not because I participated last year):

Below is the link to sign-up to compete/participate in the Masquerade Cosplay Contest:

Fill out the form ENTIRELY and correctly. If you have questions on what a running order is please refer to:

It is important that you have all your details written in the form boxes i.e. MC Script, Running Oder, Prop Description. It is needed to be filled out with what you need ahead of time that way the Masquerade team can prepare for your single or group entry before rehearsal.

On Friday, May 25, the Masquerade check-in will be in the Extravaganzas office at the Think Tank in the Marriott. The check-in will include signing up for morning rehearsal time, prejudging for craftsmanship (if that applied to you), and sound and/or video submission if you choose not to send it over email.
I'll be there at least for a little bit as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. :)