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I've pretty much given up on doing the masquerade because the staff is quite unresponsive when it comes to early questions pertaining to the cosplay contest. (IE: Feb-Mar) Especially on the forums for any time. Now, I understand email is much easier, however the staff should check just makes sense to me! They post here after the con with the winners - why not post/review before and acknowledge any questions that come up?
Big Event Showcase / Masquerade badge question
March 21, 2019, 04:04:19 PM
With the masquerade being on a Sunday, and having to check in for it on Friday or Saturday - do you need a badge to do that? A friend of mine was thinking about participating in the masquerade, but was only going to get a one-day badge for Sunday... How do you think that would fly exactly when going to judging or checking in?

Perhaps those who only want to do the masquerade thing, maybe the con should look into a masquerade-only badge? Don't even ask me how that would work with logistics, but the main focal point at cons seems to be the masquerade, so for those who are participating get a "special access" badge or something?
I think last year it was organized as all as it could have as we ended up pulling cosplayers who were nearby and not busy versus those who knew of the time slot itself for the gathering... I love hanging out with Black Butler cosplayers, but depending on whether or not something is put together will depend upon if I cosplay from it. It's only March, but I'm already working on my con lineup so I'd like to prepare.
I'd like to wear my Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad cosplay at a gathering, but it doesn't seem like there's interest yet. Or did I miss it? I don't know much of the DC-verse, but I'd be game to participate in a gathering/shoot!
According to the fanime website, forms to compete in the masquerade would be up at the end of January. There is nothing on the website that I can see. I've reached out to masquerade @ fanime as well as cosplay @ fanime and no response (perhaps I'm anxious) on when the forms will be available. I'd like to compete this year, but don't want to miss the deadline. Do we know when forms will be available?
Hey all! I'm working on a Shinigami Undertaker cosplay for Fanime this year and I would love there to be a gathering of some sort to meet some people with similar love for the fandom!