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I'll be attending this year as Love Philosophia Len. Any day works for me, Saturday included ^^
Here's a quick update! The pictures from the gathering are up on my Facebook Page - over 100 pictures taken! You can view the entire album here:
Great news! I've just heard back from con staff regarding our gathering, and we've been approved for 1PM Sunday afternoon (Day 3)!

ALSO!!! Our location spot has been CHANGED to G7 - "The Art Spot" (front of the convention center under large art piece).

Please make sure that you're following the event page on Facebook for pictures and information!
Yes, Sunday afternoon! The excite is real!
Nice! I've added you both to my tally! <3
Hey guys, could it actually be possible to do something Sunday? I just found out about this and I think I might be able to get my Rider cosplay together in time...but the only day I have free is gonna be Sunday... ;~;
So some friends and I are planning on wearing our Aoharu x Kikanjuu cosplays on Day 4 (Monday). We've done it a couple times now and it's a lot of fun. Are there any AxK fans out there interested in joining us? If we get enough people, we could make it a small gathering~ As of right now, there are three (maybe four) of us. Doubles of a certain character are definitely more than welcome, so please don't worry about that.
I would go just to get pictures. Hardcore DGM fanatic, but I haven't cosplayed it yet.
I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question, or if I am not looking in the right place - but where can I see some picture examples of the gathering locations? I tried to dig through google, but I'm not sure I have the right info.
Yeah, I saw that you weren't interested in going through with it so I figured it'd be better to take care of things myself. :) Feel free to redirect anyone who had been interested in attending to the new post and info.
I made an account in order to find out whether or not there would be a DMMD gathering during this year's Fanime; I came across this thread (,20361.msg487515.html#msg487515) and learned that at one time a gathering had been in progress, but was now at a standstill due to the OP no longer being able to act as host. I would love to take over the organization and hosting of a DMMD Gathering for Fanime 2016 and have taken it upon myself to create a fresh thread in order to more accurately maintain details and respond to anyone interested.

Below is the form info for the new gathering.

Gathering Name: Fanime 2016 - DRAMAtical Murder Gathering

This Gathering Includes: Any/all characters from the original game and sequels (Re:Connect, Re:Code) as well as characters featured in any drama CDs and side stories.



Meeting Place: G7 - "The Art Spot" (front of the convention center under large art piece)

Headcount: As of right now, 5 people confirmed.

Main Characters
Aoba 3 cosplayers confirmed: KyuTeaPieCosplay, vietbro, Hitomi-chan (RSVP'd on fb)
Clear 1 cosplayer confirmed, Katie (RSVP'd on fb)

Side Characters:

"Secret" Characters:
Sei 1 cosplayer confirmed: beloved cosplay
Sly Blue
Haruka (Aoba's "mother")
Naine (Aoba's "father")
Theodore (Noiz's younger brother)

ALLMATES (aside from Ren):

Legal Statement- Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order: Grouped solo shots will come first (AKA all Aobas will pose for a photo, followed by all Kojakus) and then pairing shots between the main couples (Aoba/Koujaku) and any family or team-oriented pairing (Seragaki Family, Virus/Trip, Kio/Mio/Nao). From there requests will be taken and more dynamic photos between characters will be taken.

Facebook Link: