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Hotel Stayed: Hyatt Place
Nights Stayed: 4 (arrived Friday, left Tuesday)
Amenities: Two double-beds (plus couch); minifridge; [within the hotel itself] "restaurant" and bar
Helpfulness of Staff: VERY helpful, and super friendly to boot~
Roomshares?: Five people total; two in each bed and one on the couch
Pros of Hotel: Across the street and down the block from the convention center, which leaves it "out of the way" enough to get a good break from all the activity; discount parking with in-and-out privileges; discount on food available at hotel's "restaurant" and breakfast buffet; doors to hotel are locked to anyone without a hotel room key, so you're generally assured that no one except guests (and, at least, other con attendees) are wandering the building.
Cons of Hotel: Again, the hotel doors from the outside are locked to anyone without a hotel key, and while not necessarily a "con" it's something to keep in mind whenever you're leaving the building; if you lose yours or forget it you're kind of stuck outside unless someone else comes along and lets you inside (either from the outside or inside). Just something to keep in mind.
Would You Stay Again: Absolutely. My group has stayed with the Hyatt multiple times before, even back when it was still the Crowne Plaza and we've never had a truly negative experience.
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Just to note (as this was the first time we'd been offered such a service), when checking in we were informed that if we wanted to we could forgo regular housekeeping during our stay, and that if we ever needed something we could simply request it. I found this worked well for my group considering in the past we never really needed our utilities replaced every single day or our room made up and cleaned regularly, seeing as how we'd likely just make a mess of it again. It was kind of nice knowing we had the option to not have to worry about everyone being out of the room long enough for housekeeping to tend to our space (or to not have to keep the "come back later" sign forever up on the door), and that we could take our time and each keep to our own schedules for the weekend. All we had to do was keep watch over our trash and recycling and keep an eye on our utilities (which didn't end up needing replacing ONCE during the con) and everything was great. So, the Hyatt offers that if that piques anyone's interest.
I got pictures of the cosplay battles on Sunday! Sadly I didn't get EVERY "fight," but I believe I caught the majority of them. You can find them among the rest of my Fanime 2014 photos here:

The album should be set to "public," but if there are any issues let me know! And feel free to tag yourselves and those you know if you'd like! (Or let me know and I can tag them for you~)

Thanks for making it a fun con this year, everyone! :D
May 22, 2014, 09:56:35 PM
Dude. I won't be getting to Fanime until tomorrow afternoon, and I am FLOORED in the best way possible just reading this thread. My group made plans to leave super early tomorrow morning in anticipation of the huge lines for badge pickup, but now I'm feeling this growing sense of elation at the thought that maybe I won't actually be subject to a long wait after a six-hour car ride! ;)

We'll see how it pans out when I arrive tomorrow, but I'll say thanks in advance! Way to go, staff!

Roommates Wanted for Extra Room

+ Introduction: My name is Laura. Back when housing first opened I booked a second/extra room in the event that my usual con-going group fell apart and I'd subsequently be forced to attend with a smaller number of people. At this point in time I've found that is no longer the case, and so I no longer have need of this extra room. I know that time-wise it's coming down to the wire at this point, but I thought I'd at least try and see if there are 3-4 people who need a place to stay who'd be interested in taking said extra room off my hands before I am forced to cancel the reservation.

+ Hotel Information: The room in question is reserved at the San Jose Airport Hotel. It's about 3-4 miles from the convention center and is on the free shuttle route. The room has two double-beds, and parking for this hotel is free. Arrival time for the reservation is Friday, May 23, and departure time is Tuesday, May 27.

+ Costs: The rate for this room is $85 per night, with the total estimated cost (including tax) being $391.60. If four people end up occupying this room, then that cost will be split among them at about $98 per person.

+ Requirements: Since I myself will not be occupying this room, I only ask that those who express interest be decent and responsible people. The room is non-smoking, so be aware of that if you do in fact smoke. The way I see it, if this room receives enough interest from other con-goers who need a place to stay, we can work out any other restrictions and requirements as needed.

+ Contact: If you're interested in the room, or if you have any general questions at all, feel free to send me a PM here on the con forums, or send me a message through my facebook page, found here:

+ Miscellaneous: I currently have one person interested in this room, but only if others come forward and express interest as well in order to cut the "per person" cost down. I figure that once/if enough people express interest in the room before the online cancellation deadline comes up, and we work out any kinks, I'll transfer "ownership" of the room over to said person and you all can go from there. This is the first time I've done anything like this over the forums, so forgive me if anything comes off as too lax.
I'm still down to attend on both Saturday and Sunday as Hanji Zoe!
I'm down to attend both Saturday and Sunday as Hanji (Shingeki no Kyojin)! 8D
Quote from: coolasplastic on March 03, 2014, 06:23:59 PM
Quote from: obliviousedward on February 25, 2014, 01:07:37 PM
DUDE. I'm up in Humboldt, too! 8D *fist bump*

Yeah, there aren't too many people I know around here who attend cons that often (that I know of). I'm going with some of my usual group (we try and go to Fanime every year if we can), and this time around I know a few other people who are attending as well. So it's nice to know that I'll be seeing familiar faces down there this time around!


edit: ...WAAAAIT is the person above me who I think he is...?

Hey hey, yeah it's me.


DUDE. I'm up in Humboldt, too! 8D *fist bump*

Yeah, there aren't too many people I know around here who attend cons that often (that I know of). I'm going with some of my usual group (we try and go to Fanime every year if we can), and this time around I know a few other people who are attending as well. So it's nice to know that I'll be seeing familiar faces down there this time around!


edit: ...WAAAAIT is the person above me who I think he is...?

If my hair wasn't so stubborn by nature (it's really curly), I would attempt to try and grow it out enough and style it in time for the con, but I've always had bad luck with it, so I'mma end up going with a wig. Good to know about the styling products though! :3

(Pssst, what would a group of Hanjis be called, I wonder? Like a group of horses being a herd and a group of crows a murder... A swarm? A maelstrom?)
Quote from: Eliteslayer on February 10, 2014, 08:07:09 PM
I've got my Jean cosplay ready, so I may be able to make it, it just depends on when this gathering is.

Saturday at 1:30pm, the first post says. (But it also says "subject to change," so... *shrug*)

Quote from: mikasa-san on February 10, 2014, 06:30:57 PM
Got my Hanji Zoe cosplay done and ready to go!

Looking good, fellow Hanji! (oh man I still have a ways to go with mine, haha)

I'm super excited too because one of my best friends made me this tiny little Colossal Titan plush for my birthday last year and I'mma carry him around in my pocket and snuggle him and gloat in front of the other Hanjis and stuff, buahaha. 8D
I too will be attending as Hanji! :3

*checks list*

I LOVE the Hyatt. My friends and I stayed there back when it was the Crowne Plaza, and it's only improved since becoming the Hyatt, imo. Like Naiagu already said, the hotel itself (and its rooms) are pretty spacious and accommodating, and parking in the hotel's lot gets you in-and-out privileges. The breakfast buffet was awesome (at least when we were up early enough to go it, lol), and they have some pretty good food available to eat if you get hungry during the day. (May I recommend their quesadillas? OMNOMNOM~)

Anywho, it's also nice and quiet compared to the Marriott and Hilton, due to it being somewhat out of the way. And yeah, the staff is SUPER nice and friendly. Renovations since it was the Crowne Plaza include a bar, the "food stand" I mentioned before, and a nice lounge area by the front desk (comfy sofaaas~). All in all, I would expect you'll have a nice stay there this year. :D
Fyi, my group of friends and I have decided to skip out on Fanime this year for various reasons. I'm a little bummed, but it's for the best in the long run!

Sooooo, my point being that I will not be attending as Austria this year. xD Hope you all have fun! I'll see you guys next time around.
Aww yeah, can't wait for this year!

I will be attending as Austria. :D
Although I never stopped to say hi, I passed by you quite a few times. You were definitely a neat highlight to this year's con! Thanks, bro!
Yeah, I didn't get ANY shots of any of the groups. I'm short and I was near the back of the crowd, lol. XD I'm sure pics will start to pop up eventually! (Maybe people are still recovering from the immediate post-con depression, hehe.)
No worries, astel! I knew it was SUPPOSED to start at 11:30am, I can understand starting early by mistake, especially considering the size of the gathering itself. It must have gotten hectic having people waiting around like that! XD

And yeah, with any luck, most of the construction will be finished by next year. If anything, there will be a bit more room out front than this year. *crosses fingers*
Quote from: Touya no Miko on May 31, 2012, 09:21:58 PM
That did help a little bit. Thank you. :3 I'm trying to contemplate about where to room next year. If the room is small we might have to get two rooms or try our luck with the suite again. We always need a room with a fridge, which is why I would love Hilton but my friend who has a bad respiratory system hates their air ventilation.

No problem. :3 Not sure if every room at the Hyatt comes with a fridge now or what, but I'm sure the staff would be glad to accommodate you in a room that does have one if you ask. Also, the room we had fit four people comfortably, if that's any consolation. The air quality seemed fair as well; if anything, it never got stuffy (at least that I noticed).
If I recall correctly, someone at the gathering told me that the whole thing started at 11:20am rather than 11:30am. A ten minute difference that kept me and a friend out of quite a few group shots by the time we got there on time.

If that's true, then please remember not to jump the gun next year! It was still fun in the end, but I didn't like knowing I probably missed out on some of the bigger shots. D: