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Yeah, I think I saw one too.
Registration / I.D. Problems Last Year
December 02, 2006, 01:16:30 AM
I Pre-Reg. Last year and I was only 14.

So getting to the point, I went up to get my badge on Thursday night and the lady who helped me out, made me recite my phone number and address just to get my badge. My dad has bought my badge for my birthday so I didnt know if he put his address or mine. He had put mine. But the lady gave me a hard time about it because I had a school I.D. I had to recite my private information out loud, in front of everybody.

Im still 14 (turning 15 in 3 months) and i'm wondering what will that happen again if I just have my school I.D.?

My dad wasnt with me to pick up my badge, he had to work.

What should I do if this happens?
Duct Tape. My friend her armor out of that for her Lord Fluffy costume. Sadly she didnt have a digital camera.
Panels and Workshops / Dollfie workshop
November 29, 2006, 07:41:29 PM
Is there gonna be one for 2k7?
My friend who has shoulder length hair hung up side down applied hair cement let dry hairsprayed got really spiked hair it should work.
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but its Dollfie Cosplay.

So anyone cosplaying their dollfies as anyone?

Im planning my Ryu to be Link from the Legend of Zelda.

This is Gothicwings1366 off of DOA btw.
Did anyone get pics of the Gaians that were about?
YES!!  week. My costumes almost done I just need the pant and the gloves.
That sounds good. All days at 1 o'clock at the fountain.

Ill be there unless redeath is on.

Yes Notify the Gaia world!

But I think you dont have to show up everyday though.

Woot. !2 more days. and Im alomst done with my costume.I just finished my scarf!
I will be wearing a badge. So Hehe ^.^

I think if we have it we should have it on like Saturday or on all days.

We just need to pick a spot to meet at.
Everyone should decide on a couple date and time to go with then we can vote.

Itamiko-Yuo should wear a sign that says help me look like this then give your Gaia Screen Name.
Hey if we are going to have a gathering. I can make you all badges. You would just have to print them out and get them laminated.

Pm my gaia account if you want one. Water Princess Daine
The gathering sounds great.
Things in the Universe / Fanime AIM Chat Gatherings!
April 15, 2006, 02:47:46 PM
Mine is..

Sadly, Im not going as Kuro-pun. My friends and I never met up.
Dealers Room / dollfies?
April 09, 2006, 12:10:27 AM
Quote from: "sykoeent"Oooo They have a Dolfie at this new anime store near me... but they won't sell it! :(

Curse Them!
Dealers Room / Did you bring enough?
April 07, 2006, 07:44:54 PM
I brought like 300 dollars had 12 dolars left over heres what i bought:

domo pillow
2 cloth naruto headbands
1 metal naruto headband
2 sets of chobits pin
1 gaia poster
1 gaia g corp shirt
1 chobits wallscroll
1 dears manga
1 neko chan wallet
1 neko chan purse
a sketchbook at micheals
a Disposable camera at target
a set of fox ears
a cat set (tail and ears)
5 inuyasha figurines (the ones that came in boxes so you didnt no what you got)
1 chobits keychain
1 fma glove Alex Armstrongs

On the Domo pillow they never gave me back my change of nine dollars T_T

I would also drop all of my money everywhere. My wallet was crammed. So if you found a 20 dollar bill on the floor. Happy Birthday!
Im crosplaying as Ed...

Im also gonna try and do a Sang Cosplay from PHD.
                                               ^Off Topic
my friend and I are maybe going to be cosplaying as Ed.

She has a picture of Ed when he is older from the movie.(I have no lcue how she found it)

She is going to be older Ed.
Im going to be Present day Ed.