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Bump! Updated the photo order

More Characters are making their debuts! So I will continue to update and make sure as many characters get their camera time!  ;D Also please follow the fb event page. I update and make posts frequently so I can  accommodate who are attending .
Omg yes! Thank you! I am excited to get this going! There is alot of characters and I hope we can have a full cast.
Lore Olympus (WebToons Comic)

This Gathering Includes: Any Character in the web comic.

Day: May 28th
Time: 1pm
MP & L: G8 (Hilton Tree Walkway)


NoticeMeSendpie as Persephone
BaronVonArthur as Hades
MeggsReese as Hera
Cwikturtle as Artemis
WontonsforDays as Thanatos
MissGamerGurl as Hecate
KelbeanCosplay as Hecate

!IMPORTANT!Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order:

Group Photo  (Everybody)
Big 3 (Hades,Zeus,Poisedon)
Big 3 + Wives (Hera,Persephone,Amphitrite)
Underworld Corps
Perse and friends (Artemis,Eros,Hermes,[no apollo]etc)
The Goddess of Eternal Maidenhood (Persephone,Artemis,Hestia and Athena)
Aphrodite/Ares Family

Solo Pics:

Final Group Photo

Facebook Page:
Is there any RuPaul Drag Race fans out there?! Well get ready to start your engines! I would love to make this a official Gathering! I was thinking on going as Latrice Royale. Please let me know if your interested and we can get this race going Hunty! 💋
I too am going as Nun 707 with Normal 707 and we have a Jumin. Helloooooo~
Attending and going as Smokey Quartz ⭐
waah I think I will be missing it! I'm heading to the con as freddy and I really want to make it but if its a 3 I don't think I can. Getting out of class at 3 then heading straight to the con T_T Hope I meet other FNAF peeps tho!
I have three more friends who will be Chiaki,Naegi and I have a Asahina! Were watching Daganronpa  in our Anime Club so were aiming to have a small group and attend the gathering. ;D
I shall be going as Female Freddy Fazbear!  8)
omg! I hope they have a 2nd annual EAH Gathering! I shall totally make a Cedar Wood Cosplay! Or Ginger Breadhouse for next year! :3
A few of my anime club members will be cosplaying Daganronpa. We have a Junko and I shall be cosplaying as Sakura Oogami. I told them about the gathering so hope we can meet up!   ;D