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Welcome to the Fanime '13 D. Gray-Man Gathering!  First, the gathering info:

Date:  Day 3, Sun May 26
Time:  4:30pm
Meeting Place:  G8c (Front of Convention Center, Marriott Side by the trees.)
Location:  G8c (Front of Convention Center, Marriott Side by the trees.)

We organized the Fanime '12 gathering last minute thanks to airanimechiic.  Fortunately, the turnout was good.  Everyone had a good time ^__^  Even Cookie Monster appeared as a substitute Akuma XD  Here's a sample pic from last year:

I volunteer to organize the Fanime '13 gathering.  We organize it early to discuss anything including when we should meet, photo requests, who's cosplaying as what character, and hanging out before and after.  A few of us even attended the Black & White ball.  Obviously, we're already dressed up lol ;)

To start the conversation, I took the initiative to reserve the day, time, and location.  We can change.  I thought I keep it consistent from last year's gathering time =)  The late time can be beneficial to some who cosplay multiple characters for the earlier and bigger gatherings.  I take pics of the gathering, too.


ININ Allen Walker Ver. 1
TwilightLarryV1 Allen Walker Ver. 3
ShadowYazoo Kanda Training Outfit
ShadowYazoo's friend Lavi
DracoMancer Krory Ver. 2
nillwings Miranda Ver. 2

Photo List

Group shot #1
Individual characters
Black Order
Millennium Earl and Akumas
Male characters
Female characters
Versions 1, 2, 3 uniforms
Reenactments from manga or TV
Action shots
Gag shots lol
Cosplayer requests
Group shot #2

*Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Mirror post at cosplay.com
Fanime Con has been in the Bay Area for a long time.  The first Fanime took place at CSU Hayward (which is now CSU East Bay) in 1994.  Post Fanime facts to share and think how Fanime has grown.  Here are a few below:

Fanime '98 Took place on Valentine's Weekend Feb 14-15.

Fanime '00 First time the con was four days.  It went back to three days for '01-'03.

Fanime '01 Daylight savings time switch.  It also rained.  The next time it rained on Fanime was last year.

Fanime '03 Second time it happened in June, and two weeks before AX.  And there were no lines in the dealer's room.
Gaming / Japanese MahJong (Riichi)
January 09, 2011, 12:51:53 PM
Some of my friends and I play mahjong.  We play Japanese rules (riichi).  Do you play?  We're looking for people who play :]
Things in the Universe / Graphic Novels
May 03, 2010, 03:25:09 AM
Kick-Ass and The Losers are movies released recently.  Both movies are from graphic novels.  I don't own any graphic novels and I'm interested in reading a few.  Post your favorites ^^
The last time we had a Fanime gathering at Oakridge was a long, long time ago.  Let's meet up.  Come and meet new people.  Come to see those you haven't seen in a long time.  Let's have fun!

I set up a poll to pick a date for those who want to attend.  I choose Sat March 27 and Sat April 3 because it's spring break.  I added Sat March 20 as a third choice.  I know WonderCon is April 2-4.  Some of us are not attending.

We meet at the Oakridge Mall food court.  As of now, the plan is we watch a movie and do an evening activity.

No Facebook invites.  Keep the discussion at the Fanime forums.

Location:  Oakridge Mall Food Court.  925 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose CA 95123-1294, (408) 578 2912
Date:  Sat March 27
Time:  11am
One short movie I remembered in grade school was The Doughnuts.  I found the movie in YouTube.  The movie is about 30 minutes.  Enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
In Fanime'05, I was in the dealer's room on the last day searching for bargains.  A group of random cosplayers approached me and asked if I wanted to join them for lunch at Jack In The Box.  The gathering started with two cosplayers and they ask other cosplayers if they wanted to join them for an on the fly gathering.  By the time they came to me, they had about 5-6 cosplayers.  I politely refused because I was dead tired hosting Texas Hold'em at Tabletop Gaming till 4am earlier (-,-)  I should have participated.

The moment inspired me to organize a last cosplay gathering on Day 4.  Its something to end Fanime'09 on a good note, something to do on the last day, and another gathering to meet new people ^__^

I'm thinking we meet at the water fountains outside the convention center Mon at 2pm.  What we do is on the fly and depends on the number of cosplayers showing up.  We can go to Jack In The Box, Johnny Rockets, or another restaurant.  We can walk to Guadalupe Park.  We can visit the Tech Museum.  We can just chat somewhere in the con.  If we have cars, we can visit Japantown San Jose.  Anything goes =)

I post the gathering idea at  If we have at least three people, I ask BSaphire to make the gathering official.  Who is interested?
I found a pic at of an 82 year old cosplayer at Otakon 2002.  First time I saw the pic.
Post your favorite young adult books.  There is a trend adults are reading books for young adults and teens thanks to "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series by Jeff Kinney.  I read the Beverly Cleary's Ramona Series books when I was in elementary school.  Books are classics.  I read "Coraline" recently.  Loved it!  I want to watch the movie XD
General Convention Discussion / Fanime’02 on KRON4 News
February 24, 2009, 06:14:41 PM
Fanime'02 took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center Apr 26-28, 2002.  KRON 4 News did a news segment on Sunday.  Here's the video,
Dear Abby printed Tue Nov 25.  Here is the article.

DEAR ABBY: The letter from "All in Love Is Fair" (Oct. 1), asking your opinion about asking her boyfriend to pay for half the cost of her birth control pills, made me chuckle. I have been married for 28 years, but when my husband and I were going together, I paid for my birth control. One day when I was at the pharmacy and my birth control method went from the conveyer belt to the bagger, she remarked how expensive it was. I just smiled and said, "Not as expensive as a baby!" The checker cracked up. I think you gave the writer the correct answer. -- BEEN THERE IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR BEEN THERE: Thanks for your support, but we are definitely in the minority. I heard from one other reader who agreed with us. On the other hand, thousands of men and women wrote that my answer was sexist and outdated. Please forgive my lapse, folks. I admit that while my batting average may be pretty fair, I am not "pitch" perfect. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: I preach equal responsibility for birth control to both my daughters and my son! Shame on you for telling "All in Love" that paying for birth control is only the woman's responsibility. It is the responsibility of both partners. Only when men are as concerned about preventing unwanted pregnancies as women will there be fewer unwanted (and often abused) children and single welfare mothers. Please rethink this. -- JEAN W., FORT COLLINS, COLO.

DEAR ABBY: It's bad enough that women usually have to deal with the birth control issue, but having to pay 100 percent of the cost is absurd. Men should kick in toward other forms of birth control, as they reap the benefits. Likewise, a woman should split the cost of condoms.

Perhaps "All in Love Is Fair" should tell her boyfriend it's now his turn to take care of the birth control and offer to split the cost of the vasectomy. -- REBECCA IN ATLANTA

DEAR ABBY: I work in the area of unintended pregnancy prevention. One of the biggest hurdles this country faces in tackling the problem is getting males to shoulder their responsibility in preventing unintended pregnancy. You have set the field back with your response.

Men who insist that birth control is solely the responsibility of the woman aren't mature enough to be having sex. If the boyfriend is unwilling to contribute toward preventing pregnancy, she should stop having sex with him. -- S.S. IN RICHMOND, VA.

DEAR ABBY: I agree with you that a personal prescription drug should not be a shared expense if it's for an illness. But pregnancy is not an illness. Not having children is the responsibility of both parties involved, just as having children is the responsibility of both. Please tell her "Don't pop the pill if he won't share the bill!" -- PAUL IN LA PORTE, TEXAS

DEAR ABBY: When my boyfriend and I became sexually active in college, he went with me to Planned Parenthood and waited while I saw the doctor. He paid half the cost of the birth control device, saying, "This is for our pleasure together, and it protects us from becoming parents before we're ready. It's my responsibility, too." I knew right then that he really loved me, because he cared about my future.

That sweet, honorable boy grew up into a loving and supportive husband. We've been happily married almost 20 years. -- MARISSA IN PALO ALTO

Thoughts and comments?
Fellow cosplayers, do you cosplay alone or with friends or a group of people?

I started cosplaying in 2004. My friends back then went their separated ways. I have new friends who are more into anime than my past friends, and are 10 times more fun to hang out with =) These new friends are my closest friends except they don't cosplay.

I'm mostly alone going to the gatherings and walking around in the daytime, saying hi to acquaintances, meeting new people, and taking cosplay pics.  I like to meet new friends who are into cosplay.
Anime News Network reported there is a new FMA season.  The announcement is made in Volume 20 of the manga released on Friday August 21 in Japan.
These game shows might have aired before your were born.  Click on title of game show for wiki.  Enjoy XD


Contestant Successful (4:22)

Contestant Unsuccessful (4:57)—One of the worst contestants in game show history

Face The Music

You Know Him At $2,000 (4:56)

The Black Guy? (9:58)

Caesar's Challenge

Neil Bines (7:27)

High Rollers

One Bonus Round Clip (2:25)
I read the posts about staff being unfriendly and rude.  On the other hand, there are staff and volunteers who earned their badges and made Fanime a positive and friendly experience.

Is there a staff or volunteer who worked their butts off to make Fanime'08 a friendly con for everyone?  Did someone help you find a video room by walking with you?  Did someone help you find something or someone lost?  Did someone give you information for good places to eat besides McDonalds and Jack-In-The-Box?  Did a rover become friendly while waiting in the lines?  Did anyone in SOS helped when you're in trouble?  Share your stories.  Here's mine:

I saw a cosplayer I wanted to take a picture with on Friday morning.  I place my bag next to my friend.  Minutes later, I realized I wasn't holding my bag.  I searched around the area looking for the bag.  Gone.  Another friend and I went to Con-Ops.

We arrived at Con-Ops.  I described the bag.  The staff said, "That's OK."  I'm thinking it's not OK.  Seconds later, another staff had the bag and verified the bag belongs to me.  Thank you staff and thanks very much to the staff who retrieved the bag.  Fanime'08 was one of the best cons I attended.
I got the topic idea from a past post,8754.0.html.  What is your signature cosplay, the cosplay people recognize you the most?  Post pictures if you want.  First time cosplayers post your first cosplay and we take it as your signature cosplay  ;)

My signature cosplay is Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.  Pic is me at Fanime'05
It's time to organize the traditional 2008 Valentine Day gathering.  Currently, there is no place for the gathering.  Please post your suggestions and if you can make it.  Thanks ^__^

Date Saturday February 16
Time 1pm
Meeting Location Milpitas Great Mall Food Court

*Jumper Movie at 1:35pm showing
*Anything Goes
*Kaenyama Japanese Restaurant at 43785 Boscell Street in Fremont after 5pm


Amelia Seyruun
When I was in 4th grade, for PE, we played a game "Steal the Bacon."  There are two teams on opposite sides of the field.  In the center is the bacon (which is a chalkboard eraser).  Each player has a number.

The teacher calls a number.  The players with the called number on each side run to the center to get the bacon.  Whoever gets the bacon first must run back to his or her side before being tagged by the opponent.

A point is scored to the team when the person successfully takes the bacon to his or her side.  If the person gets tagged before reaching the side, the point is awarded to the other team.

I name the game Steal the Koopa because I have a stuffed Koopa Troopa for the bacon.  It's a idea for something to do at night time.
Gaming / 1 In 4 Video Gamers are Over 50
January 17, 2008, 06:54:57 PM
Some of us know the older generation are getting into video games such as senior citizens playing the Wii.  ABC News reports 1 in 4 video gamers are 50 and over.  Here is the article.  Video included.  Are we going to be anime fans over 50 as well? *hee, hee*
I want to share an incident Saturday January 12 around 10:15am on my way to Sac-Anime.  On Northbound 880 just past Dixon Landing Road in Milpitas, I was on the center lane ready to make a lane change to the left lane.  My driver side rear tire blew out.  I drove to the center divider and called 911.  20 minutes later CHP arrived with a traffic break to allow me to move my car to the right shoulder.

I secured my car and changed the tire.  My car has a full size spare.  The CHP officer watched me change the tire and watched my back.  He made sure I changed the tire correctly.  The CHP officer told me all emergencies the driver must pull over to the right.  He's correct.  I made the choice to drive to the center divider to move my car away from oncoming traffic and I was on the far left lane.  If I was able to secure my car on the right shoulder, I didn't have to call CHP for help.

I made it to Sac-Anime without problems.  On Monday, I purchased a new tire.  I want to share the experience to everyone in case someone experiences a similar situation.  Pictures of the blown out tire are below.

Tire 1
Tire 2
Tire 3
Tire 4
Anyone interested in watching the Ballet San Jose Nutcarcker at the Center for Performing Arts?  My family used to watch The Nutcracker and afterwards walk to Christmas In the Park.  I'm posting to see if there are anyone interested in going.  The ticket prices are expensive ranging from $30.00 to $82.00.

The ballet starts on Sunday December 9th and ends on Sudnay December 23.  The most favorable dates are Friday Dec 14, Saturday Dec 15, Fri Dec 21, or Sat Dec 22.

Website is

The Nutcracker is a separate gathering from Jerry's Thanksgiving, Xmas, End of Year Gathering.


Date:  Saturday December 22
Time:  7:30pm
Location:  San Jose Center For Performing Arts on Almaden Boulevard and San Carlos
Dress:  Semi-formal


Amelia Seyruun
Karisma Black



In Spirit

Gaming / Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
October 22, 2007, 05:40:50 PM
Anyone plays TF2?  I uploaded the game on my laptop yesterday.


abcbadcat abcbadcat
Appu Disagreeablehead
Blue Impulse Frostghost
ccgenerals Alcard
clawmaster clawmaster
Emerge Emerge
gmontem gmontem
mDuo13 mDuo13
Reikon reikon_
Richie Likes Maids CaptainAhoge
Steve.Young Staticflames
In 2005, I was at Tabletop Gaming and someone gave me a mental hug.  Anyone else received the mental hug?  Did anyone get one in ‘06?

A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my closet and I saw the Fanime program guides.  Here are the program guides' front covers from 1997-2006.  I feel old  :lol:

Fanime 97-06 Program Guides
General Anime Chat / This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
October 07, 2006, 10:57:56 AM
Thoughts and opinions on the series.  Thanks ~~