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Probably going to get some flak for my posting and the some people will say since I heard it form a 3rd party and not from something I learned personally but I know the source and the answers actually sound totally believable.

I have a friend who volunteers for Fanime and has done so for many years, they aren't some low level position, they have access to things that your average person who works a line or as a rover etc don't have privy too. Now I don't want to give out their name since I don't want to put them on the spot but I've asked them these same questions during a dinner discussion when the subject of last years Fanime came up and they responded to some of the complaints that were voiced.

Yes Clockwork Alchemy is taking money from Fanime, if they tell you otherwise they just don't want to admit it or they are telling a boldface lie. You see they take some of the money from Fanime to use for whatever they need it for. As for what specifically I didn't ask in detail. How much money? They didn't say I didn't press the issue.

Which has the result that someones budget for this or that is now smaller. Example the person told me that their music guest budget is only so much as it is, and since they have to pay airfare round trip for the guest or guests, put them up in a hotel, and shuttle them around and feed them it costs a arm and a leg. Now with this other con, extra money meant for guests or whatever else is even less. So if things seem lacking or they could have booked a specific guest but didn't have enough funds then that guest can't appear or something else had to suffer.

Which brought up another question why are most of the guests pretty lame for such a big con. They just don't have the budget to pay for them to bring them from Japan and or scheduling issues with the said guest. That's why it's the same old same old US dub actors while such and such con gets this well know talent for their guest.

As for the registration cluster F*** last year the staff and people in charge know about it. This person told me this year they plan to hire professionals to do the registration, which I hope they follow through because waiting another 3 1/2 to 4 hours again to get my badge is BS. The time I wasted I could have worked more hours which I don't need to but could have been more comfortable at work then stuck in a never ending line to no where, to pay for a mailed badge or some more staff/better equipment. You think after doing the Con for so many years they would have it down and not screw things up, and know what works and doesn't works. All I know is that everyone I know and talked to said that if the lines continue to be just as bad this year and onward then we will just stop going to Fanime all together. And I think people flying in or who travel long distances will do the same. They better do something before they start to loose attendees. I know Japan Expo at least got the registration and line issues squared away their first year, as for the events, location, and things to see/do their is need for much improvement.

The final thing which confirmed my suspicions about why the Steam Punk Con? As a person who pays for a Anime Con I want to attend a Anime Con. Not this or that whatever scene/theme, or whatever else they try to force in to get people through the door. So why the change and addition of Clockwork Alchemy a Steam Punk Con?

I'll tell you some of the people involved where also upset but couldn't do anything about it. You see who ever is the big shot in charge at the very top for Fanime wanted to put on his resume that he ran 2 cons at the same time. And to hell if put a strain on the Con that has being going on for more than a decade and is the primary bread winner that attracts all the attendees. So nothing more than the sole benefit for one individual vs the attendees in general.

It was hilarious that they had a off site registration for the Clockwork Alchemy which was also valid for Fanime, where the line was 15-20 minutes but at the Fairmont it was a average of 3-6 stinking hours. Oh it was a short line offsite by the airport because almost no one knew about it, so some got lucky while the majority of people where screwed.
Dealers Room / Re: Money spent on items
June 08, 2013, 04:35:45 PM
Nothing the dealers hall this year was awful, the selection and prices were outrageous most of it wasn't that rare and almost no new stuff, more importantly everything was over priced.

The only thing that caught my eye was this one figure that was out of print if still available would be 90 dollars shipped. Stupid dealer was asking 120 which was pushing it but I really wanted it and would have payed the extra 30 bucks to take it home. So I go to grab it and pay for it and the back of the box is all smashed in couldn't see that when it was on the shelf and it had a ton of customs tape that could not be removed. I asked if he would come down a little bit because of the damage and he wouldn't lower it even by a dollar. He said the item still new just the box is messed up. I don't buy damaged items I like my stuff new, unless he was going to give me a 40-50 percent discount.

So I said forget it I'll either pay a few extra bucks on Ebay or wait for the re-release and pay retail 80 dollars new for one.

I don't know what happened in previous years you could get a deal at the the con better than online, and they at least had stuff worth buying in person.

Is counterfeit badges a real a concern that badges can't be mailed? I'm asking because what's the point of worrying about it and trying to crack down on it if the staff, rovers, and security don't even check to make sure people even have a badge.

The only time I was asked to show my badge was the dealers hall and artist alley. When I walked around the halls, went to panels, the viewing rooms, the main entrance to the convention center etc not once was I checked or was anyone else. You got people all over especially people taking pictures with no badges who come only for the cosplayers. Also a guy I know not a real friend met up with me and some other paying con goers and he walked around badge-less to all those same places without a care in the world part of me felt like a sucker paying 60 dollars when I could have did the same. Look I get it, that it would suck if every 2 seconds you stopped or tried to stop random people and requested a badge check, so why not have a specific place you have to display your badge at all times or you may warrant a badge check and ejection from the con. For my badge it was around my neck hanging the whole time for the world to see, and part of the time around the camera bag strapped across the side of my chest when I had my camera. Some people had them clipped to their belts.

The 3.5 hours I waited in line to get my badge was ridiculous, and some of my friends waited over 6-8 hours. Hell I would have gladly worked a few extra hours at work to earn the cash to pay extra for my badge to be mailed overnight with insurance and a signature confirmation.

What's really funny is a week prior at the same San Jose Convention center I didn't pre-register either for the Big Wow Comic Con and I waited a mere 5 minutes or less in line. I went up to a booth gave them my money and they gave me a nameless badge for that day that I had to wear at all times and was on my way if they can do it why can't Fanime? To this day I don't see why people have to register why can't it be like a movie theater I get to the window request a pass, then pay and be on my way. You want to see my ID no problem.

My biggest complaint to this day why can't you pre-register or wait in a stupid line to buy your badge for the next day say wait in line friday for a saturday badge? Anime Expo lets you do this. If I wanted to go saturday only, I don't want to wait in a several hour line day of I want to show up and start enjoying the con right off the bat.

All I know is Fanime better get their act together, I'm going to try Japan Expo this year and if they don't have all these long line BS I'll just go to them instead.
It's been a few years since I went to a concert at Fanime so I had a quick question do they charge admission to the music fest even if you have a badge? Or is it free but once it's full and you didn't line up early you don't get in?

Long time ago concerts were separate from the con and had tickets.
Dealers Room / Re: Cowboy Bebop complete DVD set
April 24, 2013, 04:28:10 PM
Forgot about this thread djmonolith but way back when Cowboy Bebop first came out it was 6 single DVD's. Then they had a super nice chipboard box set of the 6 singles which also included a CD sountrack, that one was a nice sealable black box with some nice artwork on the outside and it had a spot for the CD. It was super expensive back then I think it was about $180.00ish or as high as $200.00 dollars. This was back when I was a teenager and anime region 1 DVD's where justing hitting the market so you were paying 25-40 dollars a disc.

Dealers Room / Re: Cowboy Bebop complete DVD set
March 20, 2013, 02:34:35 PM
It might be possible if a dealer has one left over unsold so you may luck out. No one here can say for sure unless they are a going to be a seller at this years con. The biggest problem is it's out of print and will make it much harder to find and will raise the normal price for it.

At previous cons I think it sold new for 35-40 dollars when it was still available.

Just looking on Ebay it is selling for a minimum of 50-70 dollars used. So if you have to have it new and if the seller knows it's out of print then I would expect it to be in the 90-100 plus dollar range minimum, that's what I would charge. But most will be used sets, and these prices won't be valid if you want the older super rarer chipboard set with the singles and music CD.

Your best bet is Ebay as long as you're willing to spend 50-100 dollars you'll win one.

And no my set is not for sale unless they release the Blu-Rays in North America.
Serious Business / Re: Gun Control
January 20, 2013, 06:52:03 PM
You can't imprint a bullet! Where are you going to mark it? Once it hits something whether it be living or non-living it's going to have pieces either separate or be flattened to a giant smooshed lump of lead and copper.

I think your thinking about when a few years ago they wanted each bullet fired the shell casing would have a serial number imprinted but the people pushing for this didn't realize that even if it was made available the imprinting die would wear out over time or criminals would just file it down so it doesn't work at all.

In the real world you don't know how many rounds you will need or how many attackers you're going to go up against. Not everyone is a crack shot and under stress even the best of us can still miss so the more rounds the better.

Plutonium are you kidding that stuff is unsafe even when stored you don't just knock it over and say don't worry it's all good like you could with a gun, I'm saying people should be able to own gernade launchers and missles etc.

Chicago no matter how poor their is a reason why it's so bad, hell even in Detroit the toilet of america has less violent crime why because you can not only own a gun you can carry one as well. So the criminals know that hey if I try to rob or attack someone I may get my stupid head blown off.
Serious Business / Re: Gun Control
January 17, 2013, 08:05:12 PM
The point I'm trying to make is that if a person wants to kill other people, they will find a way. Look at Timothy McVay he killed dozens of kids with a truck bomb and took out a whole building. Did he need a gun no. If you waived a magic wand tomorrow and all guns where gone a madman will think up a new way to harm others.

As for the 100 round drum it jammed because they are junk if he used the standard magazines it would have been worse thank god he didn't train and do his homework. I'm getting so tired of why do you need that argument it's such BS. If a law abiding person doesn't harm anyone who cares what he doesn't need. I didn't need to pay 400 plus dollars on a set of anime Blu Rays when the 150 dollar DVD set is just as good why did I need the Blu Ray version? Or why do I need a Swiss watch that costs over 5k when I have a 80 dollar Casio that keeps better time and can take more abuse and requires almost no maintenance. Why did my ex-girlfriend need her louis vuitton handbag when it couldn't even hold half her stuff and cost several times that of a normal bag. We all have things we don't really have a need for. But who am I or anyone to tell someone what they need or don't need.

Oh and easy to buy lets see I have wait 10 days, fill out a form with tons of my personal information, have my name run through various data bases to make sure I'm not a felon, mental case, or prohibited person and show multiple forms of ID. And every single time I make a purchase. Yeah it's so much easier than just showing my drivers license when I buy alcohol. Their is a greater chance of of being killed by a drunk driver than someone being killed in mass shooting.

EJAY420 -  so are you some sort of martial arts expert, if not go ahead and take on multiple people who may have a weapon and see if you come out unscathed. I'd rather not risk it if possible why get hurt or killed when the attacker should be the one hurt.

Glitch you don't like guns,  maybe your afraid of them fine but don't believe that guns are the sole problem that they are evil and can jump up off the table and will hurt you. As for the knife argument how about I come at you with a knife of whatever weapon besides a gun see how easy it is if the person is determined to harm you. It's not fun and not something I wish on any in innocent person.

Serious Business / Re: Gun Control
January 16, 2013, 04:48:06 PM
Firearms are regulated enough as it is, the media and the government don't care about safety they want to look good and say that I did this stop gap measure that shows I tried and did nothing to solve the problem that criminals and or mentaly ill will find a way to harm people no matter the law.

Look at Japan a few years ago a man in country with no guns rented a box truck ran over as many people as he could then got out when the truck was so wrecked because of the bodies and stabbed many more people to death. Are you going to ban trucks and knives too? What about baseball bats and chainsaws?

Why should you punish law abiding citizens when crimininals will still do what ever they want.

As a gun owner for more than 10 years I've never harmed anyone and why should anyone care how many or what type of firearms I own. If I don't break the law or hurt anyone what harm am I doing if they are locked in my safe. Whether it be for target shooting, hunting, personal defense or hell I just want to stare at it and brag I have one who am I hurting I can spend my money on whatever I want. I don't tell you how to spend yours.

Their is no way to imprint or mark bullets thats a pipe dream.

Look at chicago the most strict gun laws in the united states and they have the highest crime rate in the country, wonder why? How's that working out for them.

Most people like me are tax paying citizens that not only pay sales tax on each firearm, and accessories we help keep workers in america employed that make guns and all the little odds and ends. Since most are still made right here in the US. But you never hear about that. Guess we should forget about those workers who will be let go.

Look if you don't like guns that's your right but don't go and take away my rights which are spelled out in the second ammendment which says I have a right to bear arms.

At my job I see people all the time with money with a high end watch, or expensive car do I tell them hey you don't need that. Your watch is overpriced for a item that tells time, or your car goes over 200 miles an hour their is not a road that allows you to go that fast so why even have it. That prick in the highend car has a higher risk of hurting or killing someone in public with his car by driving too fast thinking he is a race car driver than me who's guns only leaves home to go to the range.

All these laws seem pretty on paper but if you try to have a reasonable conversation with people who are anti's they will never let you get a word in they have made up their mind and are not open to a civil debate.

Their is no magic fix to all these shootings, but bans and harsh restrictions won't work. Even if these laws are passed their is already millions of guns out their that would be grandfathered and exempt. Ban magazines over 10 rounds guess what it takes .5 to 1 whole second to load another 10 rounder why a ban to save .5 seconds that is going to slow someone down.

What a country that can waste time on laws that won't do a thing to prevent another Sandy hook incident when the economy needs to be worked on or worse obamacare is suppose to fix are broken health care system. Oh the illegal immigrant problem that has been going on for decades guess that's not important.

Dealers Room / Re: Madoka Magica soundtrack
May 24, 2011, 08:55:48 AM
I just checked the official site and to get the soundtrack which doesn't list what's on it and it says Volume 1 CD you have to order the Japanese Limited Edition Blu Ray or DVD volume 2 which contains episodes 3 and 4.

At a price of 7,350 and 6,300 Yen. Going to bet good money no dealer at the con is going to have this.
Me and a bunch on my friends due to work and what not can only really make it Saturday but really don't want to wait in line that day 2-3 hours to get a pass.

So could we come on Friday wait in line that day pay, and get a badge for Saturday?

If not why is it set up like that?

Also if we are forced to buy a Sat pass on Sat if we go at 8 am when they open how long would you guess it would take to do so?
The standard Glock trigger pull is about 5.5 pounds, while a tradional DA/SA in single action mode is about 4.5 pounds. Now in new york and other cities they have a trigger connector that increases it to anywhere between 8-12 pounds which greatly affects accuracy and makes it highly unlikely to have a neglegent discharge with such a heavy trigger pull.

Oakland PD like most LEO's now a days carry Glocks which own about 60-75 percent of the law enforcement market. If you want to know for sure look it up.

I've never seen a officer ever have the safety on, with his duty weapon unless it was a 1911 which it has to be on for cocked and locked carry or else they would be rolling around with a gun in SA mode that can easily go off. If it was on 9 times out of 10 I bet you they'll forget to remove it and when they try to shoot it nothing will happen and they'll be scratching their head. It's hard to accidentally pull the trigger on a 10-12 pound full length trigger in DA mode like on a Beretta.

Ever wonder why so many people accidentally shoot themselves with a Glock it's because they snag the trigger and it's 1 measly pound heavier than other guns out their.

In the heat of the moment grabbing something shaped like the grip of a handgun and having a brain fart don't go together. To most people how could he not know it wasn't the taser which is yellow or some off color and is way lighter. All it takes is 1 second to not be paying attention or lose on concentration and bam it all goes bad.

As for officer firearm training it's a joke. They qualify what 1-2 times a year if that. Maybe a mag or two and these are the people they put on the streets to protect us. It's not like they never touch a gun but I've been shooting since I was 6 over 20 something years now. I break down and clean/oil my weapons every 3-4 months even if it's not needed. Not every officer is this bad but I know most don't practice or put as much importance on their weapon as they should. Look at Heather Fong the SFPD cheif she went like 5-6 years with out qualifing on her sidearm and only did so after the media made such a fuss about how can she carry a gun if she hasn't proven she can use it like all the other officers under her command that mandated to do so. I bet being at the top didn't allow her to get away with it for so long. Or the fact that she never would have if the story never broke. Like I want her to make a shot in a life and death situation.
Ok I so I can't remember every little detail I'll admit that. And Megumi I think I got her confused with someone else.

As for sonoda he isn't my favorite artist but I love his work, yeah he is old and forgotten to most people, still better than these nobodies that I see listed every year at fanime. Come on this and that voice from RE5.

Now that Anime Expo incident of waiting 18 hours I read about that, I wasn't their I don't go every year. Not saying stuff doesn't happen, but hey what can you do things can go wrong. Didn't say well at fanime the line this or that went terribly wrong you just to make do with whatever happens.

The initial d game back in the day didn't know they had the japanese version early down south I lived in LA for a short time thank god I left that shit hole long beach. Still wasn't here up north at the time.

I never said oh hey fanime blows just skip it this year and forever, calling me a troll because I didn't sing high praises for every little thing it has to offer. You don't like my opinions then ignore them. They aren't orders. You won't be shot if you don't agree.

Cool and elite I don't remember referring or implying that about myself.

In closing this will probably be the last reply from me in this thread. And "Pwned" what are you like 12? Yeah like I'm going to go cry in the corner now and then eat a bullet because some guy on a forum who knows more than me on a few things pointed out that I got some stuff wrong.

So much misinformation. One the officer involved was issued a Glock and Glock's don't have a manual safety or decocker. Which means it only goes off if you pull the trigger, their is no switch to disable the gun that you have to remember to actuate on or off. I think you guys are thinking about the old standard issue Beretta 92 series which does have a safety but SOP is not to have it on and the gun in Double Action mode.

Personally I think that his poor training, inexperience, and the heat of the moment that he wasn't concentrating pulled his taser which they were just issued. It was a big accident, was he negligent yes, liable more than likely no. Really people like at that time he was thinking I going to shoot someone/execute a man for no reason and think he could get away with it, and all those witnesses around.

Cops are not the most proficient gun handlers/shooters. Hell I have more training and experience than most cops.

Still 25 million dollars what a crock. We all know they are going to settle out of court for money but no one gets that much money for a accidental death it's not suppose to be a windfall. Will he see any jail time I doubt it. It's like when they have a police chase and someone gets hit or in a accident as a result. They have laws so that they don't have to worry about hey are we going to be sued so we better let the suspect go vs being criminally and civilly liable.

Will their be riots, maybe in ghetto-ass oakland if it happens where I live, not really a chance I'll be prepared.
For me it's not all about the dealers but still fanime is no where near the level of anime expo.

At anime expo the actual anime distributors have booths and will announce all kinds of news, what new licenses they have, even give away free trinkets. My sister at the time saw a promo image of her favorite show and turns out that the company just got the license and he told her all about it and when they expected to release it. She would have bought it on the spot if was available. That's the kind of stuff fanime doesn't have.

The guest of honor are really popular, make rare appearance, and are in demand. Like I went one year and got to see Megumi HAYASHIBARA, and tons of artists, directors, voice actors and not these crummy as the poster said enlgish dubbed actors for RE5. I don't really know why fanime has these lack luster guests if you can't book anyone good then just scrap it.

Last year my favorite manga artist was making a appearance in chicago, he hasn't been over here state side in about nearlly 15 years. If it was closer by I would have clawed/killed to shake his hand, talk to him, and beg on my hands and knees for a autograph piece of artwork. Like fanime would have got him to come.

It's a much bigger venue with more to do and a lot more people attending. I think now they average 40-50K people vs the about what 10K of fanime.

Another year I went they had Initial D the arcade game before it was released that you could play for free but the lines were long. Or they showed anime on a actual movie screen/theater before it was released on DVD for fans to watch before everyone else. Of course their was a fansubs already out and it was dubbed but at least you got to see the licensed final product.

Or the charity auction. I saw some of the original art work that various professional japanese artists that everyone knows their name had for sale. Was drooling unfortunately it was out of my budget to bid.

Don't even get me started on all the stupid panels that any one can create that have nothing to do with anime, seems more like a feeler to keep people occupied.

Like one year I skipped fanime all together and went to the separate concert they were hosting cost me 40 bucks for the ticket and only went for one vocalist. Sucks how the ticket didn't allow me access to the convention wasn't going to spend another 30 plus dollars.

Not to bash fanime into the ground I think it's great that such a anime convention is so close by every year, but it's a more of a by fans for fans while Anime Expo and it's counterparts on the east coast are more professional/industry driven.

Maybe since I'm not a teenager anymore and the fact I've grown up a bit, it seems like most cons now a days are for cosplayers or anime fans that for one day or a weekend can hang out with others like them no matter social status and not be ridiculed or feel like a dork/loser. So unless you are going for the experience and actually have fun why waste your time and money if your only going to walk around all shy and quiet like you're not even their and I've seem many people like that.

That's the only thing these conventions have going for them is the people that you can socialize with, other than that you can read, watch, download, or purchase everything online from the comfort of your own home and not break the bank doing it.
It's up to you, if you're missing out.

Me personally after being being spoiled by going to Anime Expo which has everything a few times for free.

Fanime is like 10 minutes away from my place and unless I find some people to go with I'll probably skip it this year. For most people spending hundreds for hotels, food, and entry fees for such a small convention, to me in some extent is just plain crazy. And on top of that all the money on the stuff they buy that you can order online.

All the things you can do or see, or find out can be done at home for free. I do collect figures and other stuff and every time I been to fanime it's the same crap I can get easily online for cheaper. Every time I'm looking for that one rare item they never have it. Why should I buy a 30-55 pass to buy a figure for 10-20 cheaper than online if I'm lucky or at full retail only to lose the savings or pay more in entry fees.

I could write a huge blog on how your not missing out on anything. Which in some part it very true.

Heard Toy Let and Toy's Logic is suppose to be their this year if they bring most of their stuff they advertise online I might be tempted to buy some stuff if I see it in person. Forget Anime Palace which is local he has let me down too many times.

So depending on what it's going to cost you to attend and if you enjoy the experience of going as long as your not spending a arm and a leg I say go for it.
Ok here is a weird one.

I usually carry a small folding pocket knife where ever I go it's my EDC to open boxes, packages, or in a pinch what ever you need to be cut open, which is perfectly legal as long as it's concealed and in the closed position. Some places like the court house, schools, etc. is flat out not legal so it's not in my pocket in those cases.

Now at the convention am I going to go through a metal detector or some sort of search like at a theme park or night club?

I don't plan on whipping it out and scaring a bunch of people you won't even know I have it, but if it's not allowed I'll leave it in my car. Rather do that than have it confiscated and given a receipt to pick it up latter after the con.
Yes those one coin figurines like all japanese collectible figures get discontinued.

Usually not in stock and discontinued mean the same thing but sometimes not in stock, as long as it's not too long from release date usually can be ordered if it's still being manufactured.

Some websites won't restock a item until a new order has been placed for it, but only if it's still being made and can be ordered from the manufacture or another distributor.

Most of the time once it's sold out it's gone for good.

You can ask the dealers direct at the con, or call/email them they usually have shops they operate outside of fanime but usually once it's discontinued it's impossible for them to order more. Unless they have what your looking for in stock that went unsold. Going this route mostly is a waste of time.

Finally to put it bluntly discontinued means "That it is no longer in production from the manufacture." Also that most of the time it will never ever have another run made so what ever was produced that is all that their will be.

I collect all kinds of figures and for a long time now, so I know all aspects of it.

Here is how it works. To guarantee you get one you have to pre-order it before it's even released. I have one figure that I ordered on March 31st, it doesn't even come out till June. It was listed 3 months before pre-order but only in March would they accept the order first come first serve. Withing less than 12 hours they were no longer taken any more orders, since the supply they were getting would not equal the demand/requests. If the manufacture can make more and they can sale more they'll take more orders.

Now if you missed the pre-order and it's not in stock and it doesn't say discontinued you have a slim chance. Once I was put on a waiting list and they managed to get one 3-4 months down the road.

In some rare instances if the show is still on-going or getting a new season, demand is high etc. they will re-release a figure but this is really rare. For one of my figures it came out in Dec 07 sold out quickly and in Feb 09 was re-released I ended up buying one for almost double retail 6 months after the first production run.

My advise to you is check Ebay some seller in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and maybe even the US might have what your looking for. If you're really lucky they'll sale it to you for the original retail, if not and it's rare or in high demand expect to pay at least 2-3 times the going rate maybe even higher.

If that doesn't work you'll have to go to or have someone go directly to japan and pray that a figure shop has one new/used for sale.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.