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My boyfriend and I had a big discussion two nights ago about the state of Fanime. This year was extremely stressful on my part as I organize Fanimecon trip every year for my con companions(one who flys in from Finland for the fourth consecutive year) Fanime to us seems to deteriorate our con experience as each year goes by. I'm usually an easy person to entertain but when I am sitting in a foreign city in a hotel lobby on my anniversary day waiting for more than three hours to get a hotel reservation that is 4.5miles away from the convention hurt my soul. I'm happy to say that I got bumped up on the waitlist but from the time of hotel opening til a couple of weeks ago that was extremely rough and stressful. The fact that nothing has been announce yet since hotel opening with just less than two months away from convention date is unsettling. I brought it up with my friends and their response, "What do you expect? It's Fanime." Embarrassing. I think I came on this forum today to write my last opinion/experience of Fanime as a sense of closure. We decided that this year will be our last year. We have decided to go out of state and join many others.
I hope this year the guest would be awesome and let us have loads of fun for our farewell to FanimeCon, indefinitely. 
Hi, I am here to sell a few things. I will also be selling these at the SacAnime Swap Meet on August 29th if the items are not sold by then :> Here is my feedback from livejournal, you can definitely message me on there to prove it is me :3

1.Kitty paws($8) 2.Giant Korilakkuma($15) 3.smaller Korilakkuma($10) 4.Necomimi only used a few times all items are still intact can provide more photos upon request($50)

1. Loris heart shoulder bag ($20) 2. AnnaHouse black blouse size XL($15) 3.Kawaii balloon necklace($5)

1. and 2. Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile in red jsk with full back shirring and matching headband($200) 3.Angelic Pretty bow hair combs($20)

Bodyline dress($10 reason for low price this item has been dmg on the side but can be fixed if know how to alter clothes)

Angelic Pretty Toy Parade dress also comes with bonnet and headband ($200)

Black Gloomy Bear kigurumi ($50)

1. and 2. will be included if you buy the Toy Parade dress.
3. Angelic Pretty handband($15) 4. Maid headdress from Bodyline($5) 5. Hairbow set of two clip on($5)

1.($3)   2.($5)   3.($5)   4.($3)  5.($3)  6.($8)

I also have many more Angelic Pretty and Bodyline items for sale Please check out my booth at Swap Meet SacAnime coming up or message me if you're interested in any other lolita stuff :>>>>
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Question about reservations?
January 08, 2014, 08:58:17 AM
For reserving the rooms when hotel reservation goes up there will be no charges to your card. Charges will only be apply on the day you check in(from all my past experiences) :> Cute Profile gif btw <3
General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime Theme 2014
December 31, 2013, 10:32:23 AM

Muahahahaha  ;)
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Using Debit for Hyatt
December 10, 2013, 03:58:22 PM
I don't remember getting charged for any deposit when checking in with the Hyatt for 2012... I hope it stays like that :p I'm hoping to get this hotel again! The Fairmont was just a nightmare to deal with -_-;
One Ok Rock(amazing stuff o_o)
Kanon Wakeshima
Maxium the Hormone
I'm coming in from Oakland but my bestie will be with me and she flew in from Finland x'p
They sound great! Can't wait :>
Hotel Name: Hyatt Place

Would You Book Next Year: Definitely

Pros: Great room size, Had huge TV, fridge and a long couch! Lovely lobby, small gym, great breakfast and dessert bar/drinking bar.

Cons: Doors was super hard to shut! I think there was a few people experiencing this as well because you can clearly hear other people slamming their doors to get it to shut! My room mate had no idea that you need to give the door a really hard slam to shut so when I walked out the shower I found the door still open... I really don't blame him they really need to get those doors fixed!

Special Notes to Share: The doors becareful with the doors double check they are closed! I'm so glad the doors were opened when I was there... We had some really expensive stuff in that room I would've been heartbroken if they were stolen :'[ Lolita clothes they are expensive man...
I'm signed up for Friday as well~ :D
Awesome! thank you all! Hope to see you there! :D <3
Is this boy/girl only kind of thing? Would like to try it out this year been so shy to try it out in previous years x'D
Most likely will be able to attend this year bringing a friend with me all the way from Finland :) Will dress in full lolita. I also wanted to know if I can get a little map of the area this will be held at if possible? thanks xD
The AP and BPN store is on Kearny and Geary :D ;-; love that place to bits xp

-EDIT- The Gazettes :) and Kalafina<3<3
That's awesome thanks for the little article :)
Thanks cottoncandymuffin hahaha I like saying your name!
Hi! I actually only heard of FLOW because of Code Geass but didn't take the time to listen to much of them after that but after this show I am very impressed! I was wondering if anyone know their setlist for the concert? I really like some of the songs they performed and would like to hear more of it^Q^
MusicFest is for all ages? My niece&nephew is anticipating for this concert as well and they're under 10 xp Need to make sure if they are allow in first