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I've never heard of '7 oops' and then I started to listen to them, their amazing! I'm looking forward to there performance! I'm going to bring glow sticks for this show :P
^ dr.pepper
< love the avi pic of alucard/Vlad Tepes. I'm guessing your a
     Hellsing fan? Which is cool  :)
> I love horror movies! However, I don't like newer
    Horror films, prefer films from 60s-80s.
v  Do you like watching horror films? If so what are
    Some of your favorite's?
Forum Games / Re: One word
March 01, 2013, 12:56:44 PM
Forum Games / Re: One word
March 01, 2013, 06:54:33 AM
*throws desk  (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻*
Forum Games / Re: I am
March 01, 2013, 01:53:03 AM
I am sleepy
Didn't get to check out the AOD event, may have to go to this one instead.  8)
Is there a way to scratch a scratch card without scratching it?
Trying to write a paper that is due in 9 hrs but keep getting side tracked  >:( I find philosophy to be utterly boring: I think, therefore I am. I'm pink, therefore I'm spam.
Quote from: c2chaos on March 01, 2013, 12:31:41 AM
"Neutrino" by Neutrino-P and Tempo-P ft. Hatsune Miku.
I'm listening to it off a free CD I got at AoD. The funny thing is, I now have 3 copies of the same album all autographed by Tempo-P, himself. XD

>:( Jelly! When were they giving away this at AOD? Well, listening to BabyMetal-Doki Doki☆Morning!
Golden Bomber~Dance my generation
Forum Games / Re: I am
February 26, 2013, 01:42:10 PM
I am shopping for circle lenses.
Well this review is late, and I'm not going into detail with topics that were already brought up.


  • Yay! for the return of pocket schedules!
  • Cosplay turnout was brilliant
  • Like always the dealers hall is awesome.
  • This year the staff were very helpful and nice (A+ in my book)
  • OMG the Q/A panel for Igaguri Chiba was small and the turnout was disappointing...however!!!
    The organization and the freedom to actually comfortable talk and ask questions with the artist was AMAZING!
    I remember when Yoshiki had a Q/A panel (2011) and it was awful (but I love Yoshiki <3), the staff was
    rude (don't get me started with the press) and you can only ask certain questions. With Chiba there was a
    different atmosphere it was more relaxed and the Q/A's was fun! so defiantly a plus!


  • Waiting in line for 8 hrs to get a badge (nuff said)
  • Some panels and parts of the dealers hall smelled like BO. I will never get why people don't shower before going to con it isn't healthy :-X
  • The ball was really dropped with MusicFest! Yeah I'm not going to drag on how rushed the performances were, or how dead the crowd was during Chiba's performance. Or how it seemed like a big bummer to show the music guest that couldn't make it to Fanime. But I think the main two items that made musicFest bad for me was: 1) Sunglasses and items of doom! One of the backup dances threw his sunglasses into the crowd (luckily it didn't hit anyone, or else that wouldn't have been good  :-[) One of his items was a towel, which was cool except in the process of catching it I get an elbow to the head by some guy who ran from the other end of the row (probably an accident, but it left a lovely bruise). Crackers.... ???. 2) They said that items for the artists that couldn't make it would be available to buy at the con, only problem no one knew where? I ended up finding out on Monday were it was and by that time it was to late.

So overall this con seemed OK, but compared to 2011 it was certainly a step backward :(. However, I will be attending Fanime 2013!
^ Meeting new people, seeing how creative people get with their cosplay's.
< I'm going to cosplay luka (just be friends) as well! I'm glad
to see that luka is getting popular (way to may miku cosplays at the last con I attended!
nothing against her though <3)
> I'm a radio dj (DJ zero) who broadcasts over the air as well as online. The show is called Madness
Radio, were I play visual kei and jrock!  ;D
V What is your top 5 favorite musicians?
i'm a vk girl at heart SO i would love to see:

-Golden bomber!
-Lm.c(I didn't get to fully enjoy the performance last time cus my cell phone was stolen during the concert! And there my fav band!  :'(, plus they have tons of new music)
-the GazettE
-alice nine

-ONE OK ROCK!!!! (this would be epic!)
-fear, and loathing in las vegas
-Aqua Timez
-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
-Arashi(long shot)
-Gackt (a girl can dream lol)
-abingdon boys school

+It would be cool to have one kpop group in the lineup for musicfest:

-Super Junior

Can't wait to see what fanime gets for MusicFest '13!