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Thanks! Just a heads up I'm definitely showing up as Raven from RF4, so you can remove me as Yuri.

I also have a question regarding the location of the gathering. Is it at the snake or is it at G4? I went to the official listings of gatherings on the main page and it mentioned another location.
Hello! Ran through the whole topic and could not find the answer to this question. Do helpers need to bring a sellers permit as well? Just asking to find out how many to print out.

I also don't have any of my helpers in the system as I am unsure which of my friends will be finished with registration beforehand. Is it alright to just enter them manually in the sellers agreement or should I contact swapmeet ASAP?
Dealers Room / Re: Your Shopping List
May 13, 2015, 10:41:11 PM
I'm late for the party of Steins Gate but I'm gonna look for any scraps. XD
Hope no one minds me doing this but I want to give away some leftover keychains I made a loong time ago. So I want to be giving these out to participants who join. ^^

I'll also try and make some Runey stickers if I have time. Just got a better jacket to remake Raven's outfit so I'll be busy with some late things. O_O
If this is still happening I'll join as villager also I have a crew of people who cosplay as Animal Crossing characters if anyone wants to use us for a smashvile stage.
Ling Tosite Sigure seems to be opening a lot of animes I'd love to see them live.
Of course there's Kyary though she toured recently.
and Asian Kung-Fu Generation

though either way I'm excited to see who is gonna show for next year. :)
Yeeees! I went to the gathering in 2012? and unfortunately it got cancelled since the head in command got the flu. >_< I will definitely show up this year! I have my Yuri (A New Beginning)  cosplay from that year and my Raven (Rune Factory 3/4) that I finished last year. I think I will show up to the gathering as Raven though as I love her the most.
I think he meant about last years glorious performance by a guy named "Sunshine" who cosplayed as Tommy. XD Anyways, this year's gong show was very entertaining. The only complaint I have was the small amount of singers, though it seemed like a lot of people was a no show so it couldn't be helped. Also guys please get an actual gong next year as the squeaky toy hammers against the can wasn't as loud as last years actual Gong. Great job this year though guys! :)

One more question is it possible to donate a prize for next year? I have a vhs that I think would be interesting to be awarded as a prize. And no its not porno. XD
YES do it Ianislori. We definitely need you. :) I can't wait for next year already. XD
I actually enjoy seeing the older fans. It makes me feel nostalgic. I'm still young (just turn 20 actually) but I enjoy much older anime. A bit like an anime hipster. XD At Swapmeet I loved hearing the complaints of older fans about a lack of Osamu Tezuka Merchandise (Astro Boy, Kimba, etc.) Made me feel more inspired and hopeful to look for more retro items for them. :) Best thing about having a different anime taste is not spending a lot of money at the more common popular anime. (Though at the same time it sucks to search for what I'm collecting now at most cons XD)

Just ignore the teenagers and chat with staff or head to the nostalgia room and research places you'd love to go beforehand. :)
Hey guys. I actually showed up to the gathering this year. I was the Yuri that was walking around Friday, Saturday and Monday. I got there around 9:50ish and waited. Found out that it got cancelled via looking at this topic through my phone. I went up to the information booth and it turns out no one told staff that it was cancelled. I waited around talking to a harvest moon fan that was there till 10:10 to get started on my hotel checkout.

Later on I talked to a member of staff who was in charge of the photo shoot. The photographers showed up even earlier than me and left after no one showed up. >_<

So please guys add a second in command in case this happens again in the future. DX
Also there was a major lack of cosplayers this year for Harvest moon or Rune factory. I only saw one Jack Saturday night. ): If I'm wrong then were was everyone?? XD I would have loved to take photos with more Harvest Moon cosplayers.

In another topic, whose preparing for next year? I've decided to try a Rune factory character and go as Raven. :) So gotta start that soon.
Cool Wallet! It looks very nice and definitely useful. I would have never known where to begin if I tried making my own.
Me gusta. It looks very legit. I would have instantly thought it was part of the city. Beautiful job. ^_^
Will do my best to show up this year. :D

I always miss you guys and I'm a big Harvest Moon fan.

Will be going as Yuri from A new Beginning
Forum Games / Re: One word
May 13, 2013, 08:32:25 PM