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Me and a bunch on my friends due to work and what not can only really make it Saturday but really don't want to wait in line that day 2-3 hours to get a pass.

So could we come on Friday wait in line that day pay, and get a badge for Saturday?

If not why is it set up like that?

Also if we are forced to buy a Sat pass on Sat if we go at 8 am when they open how long would you guess it would take to do so?
Ok here is a weird one.

I usually carry a small folding pocket knife where ever I go it's my EDC to open boxes, packages, or in a pinch what ever you need to be cut open, which is perfectly legal as long as it's concealed and in the closed position. Some places like the court house, schools, etc. is flat out not legal so it's not in my pocket in those cases.

Now at the convention am I going to go through a metal detector or some sort of search like at a theme park or night club?

I don't plan on whipping it out and scaring a bunch of people you won't even know I have it, but if it's not allowed I'll leave it in my car. Rather do that than have it confiscated and given a receipt to pick it up latter after the con.