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Hi, I am here to sell a few things. I will also be selling these at the SacAnime Swap Meet on August 29th if the items are not sold by then :> Here is my feedback from livejournal, you can definitely message me on there to prove it is me :3

1.Kitty paws($8) 2.Giant Korilakkuma($15) 3.smaller Korilakkuma($10) 4.Necomimi only used a few times all items are still intact can provide more photos upon request($50)

1. Loris heart shoulder bag ($20) 2. AnnaHouse black blouse size XL($15) 3.Kawaii balloon necklace($5)

1. and 2. Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile in red jsk with full back shirring and matching headband($200) 3.Angelic Pretty bow hair combs($20)

Bodyline dress($10 reason for low price this item has been dmg on the side but can be fixed if know how to alter clothes)

Angelic Pretty Toy Parade dress also comes with bonnet and headband ($200)

Black Gloomy Bear kigurumi ($50)

1. and 2. will be included if you buy the Toy Parade dress.
3. Angelic Pretty handband($15) 4. Maid headdress from Bodyline($5) 5. Hairbow set of two clip on($5)

1.($3)   2.($5)   3.($5)   4.($3)  5.($3)  6.($8)

I also have many more Angelic Pretty and Bodyline items for sale Please check out my booth at Swap Meet SacAnime coming up or message me if you're interested in any other lolita stuff :>>>>
I heard last year while I was at Fanime that there were little club like dances there. If there is I was wondering if any play anime ost, theme song mix? It would be so cool if they played songs like this :'3
Scanty and knee socks transformation song.

Mod edit: they are called dances