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Quote from: "KimaLucifer"

Right now I am willing to sell these extra ones. Ryu has helped me put up a price. $8 each. If there is only one left though, then it goes away auction style (i.e. highest price offered)

dammit i want a kadaj! T_T cause everyone loves kadaj. o.o

the movie is so...pretty/glowy.

i wonder what kind of lotion they use. their skin GLOWS. o_O
i have no idea anymore. -_-;;;;;; i think im doing "the other dude" aka hakudoushi.

woohoo...were dead. >_>
miyavi and TM revolution. ^^
*poke* where are our photos?
General Anime Chat / Naruto on Cartoon Network
October 31, 2005, 07:07:07 PM
i heard there were going to name oroshimaru toby. or tony. or something like that.

hopefully, its just a rumour.
*gasps again*

General Anime Chat / paradise kiss
October 31, 2005, 03:41:15 PM
Quote from: "KimaLucifer"I must be the only one who doesn't like the anime.

*personally I think they ruined George. Isabella's still worth it though*
dont worry, you arent. *dislikes*
Quote from: "hakudoushi"pierrot. pieeeerrot. do you think they could come? o_O
General Anime Chat / Longest Anime Title
October 21, 2005, 05:07:14 PM
mermaid melody pitchi pitchi pitch pure. o_O that series scares me.
General Anime Chat / Jigoku Shoujo
October 21, 2005, 05:06:11 PM
sounds interesting! :P
General Anime Chat / Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion
October 17, 2005, 08:59:34 PM
Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"Tsukasa and Tomonori sitting in a tree.... GAWD that's a long song... too many syllables. I loved reading about his past where he loses his wings. Uber cool.
i love how he randomly goes insane and evil....and how cutely he grabs the wings on his head.... awwwwwww...  :D

General Anime Chat / Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion
October 15, 2005, 12:31:17 PM
Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"Tsukasa's story is really weird, but that's the best part. :D
he, he, he, hes gay. :DDDD and he goes psycho murderer-y. *_________________*

yay theres an anime! i want to watch it...
General Anime Chat / Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion
October 15, 2005, 12:45:45 AM
Quote from: "Sunara Ishi"Yeah... I've read most of them... still need to finish the last one... Its been out for awhile... I like it. Its interesting.

Speaking of which, one of these days I need to watch the actual Aquarian Age anime.
i dont think it has one. it has a drama CD, though.

pierrot. pieeeerrot. do you think they could come? o_O
Dealers Room / dollfies?
October 08, 2005, 01:30:40 PM
was anyone selling dolfies? o_o
hey everyone, i asked bsaphire about our photos...heres her reply:

WOW!!! I was wondering where everyone went? I went looking on the Fanime boards and it seemed like a foreign land to me. I also figured that people gave up on me. (though understandable, I hope they all haven't and can forgive me)

I have been crazy (to sum up what has been going on since June) and I am working on my website gallery. I am currently working on the InuYasha gathering 4 MP pics from Fanime, and 5MP Sunday AX. My goal is to be caught up with all pictures by Yaoi Con (except 8MP pics). Yaoi Con will be prepped and ready for picture installation. What a relief It will be to have 05 pic current. (oops that won't include all of AOD right away)

I wanted to let the Fanime gathering people know that I will honor requests for the poster prints, however, it was strongly suggested to me that I need to change how these are offered (legal issues) so here is what is happening with the awesome 8MP stuff.

I am going to go through and picking out the best shots from each of the 8MP gathering pictures and printing out photo's of them. They will be in one of three sizes 3 x 5, 5 x 7, or 8 x 10. I will have them available at the cons I attend. They can be had for a "Donation," but only by someone pictured in the photo. If they would like a poster print out of their gathering photos I will have to make arraingements for them to get it. "Donations" would help out this process a lot. (***ALL 8MP and the 4MP are available for photos and all 8MP pics are available for posters***)

I will have the 8mp pics up on the website, but they will be only in thumbnail form and with BSP logo on them. Larger image viewing will be available (details forth coming,) but look for those after Yaoi Con. I may be able to get some of them up prior, but I have had way to much happen in the last couple months to really promise them sooner.

I am REALLY, really, really sorry that I haven't gotten everything done. Though I will rectify it, I am working on ways to prevent it from ever being this bad again. All photos will be posted on my website from now on. Only selected photos will appear in my Cosplay Gallery. If anyone wants to post them anywhere else, that is fine with me, just cite me.

Thank you and please let others know that this is a very weighty issue with me and I really am sorry and working on the problems.

Next year at Fanime I will post the 5MP pics during con I think. That way I can work on the 8MP later, then again if I have my way... I might even be able to offer photos during con or at least be able to view the proofs at con during the evening!!! That is what I would really like to do. It would offer less delays, better viewing (not just on the camera) and being able to offer pics ready for purchase. There are a couple of things I would like to have in place by Fanime 06.

More on that later though... Right now my focus concerning my business is getting the photos up!!! That's it. Once that is done I will print out photos and take them with me to Yaoi con (which is the next con I will be attending) and go from there.

Thank you for your patients. Till next time...

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Anime Corrupted Deviant Cosplayers

"Don't forget to FLEX before and during Con!!! ^^)"
Quote from: "Tsukai Mori"H-h-h-h-h-how can you have the guts to get up there and SING?! Are you such talented vocalist that you can walk up and put a "mean Lillium"? Well, I'll be hanging around that room then. Not to poke fun at you, oh no! I intend to
join you in your fun... I if I can spark the courage....Honestly, how can you do that?!
you have to remember that the people are there to have fun, not judge/be mean to you. ^^

barairo no sekai. a lot of pierrot. and j-rock. which would be pierrot.

ayumi hamasaki too, and that gundam seed song...memory or something. *so vague*
General Convention Discussion / Le gasp! :O
October 02, 2005, 08:42:15 PM
*gives you more stars*

ill make one too!!! someday. XD