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Chloe has updated post #1 with info for this Saturday's showing which includes subtitled Howl's Moving Castle and more.
General Anime Chat / Howl's subtitled in San Jose area
January 08, 2006, 09:24:45 AM
Quote from: "ced1106"
Quote from: "Vanessa"Now where can I see a subtitled verison?

Ed will say yea or nay  :D but I've noticed that No Name, San Jose, will show the sub a few months after the movie's been shown in the theatre (sorta like how movie companies release the DVD, but with more lag time  :D

aka. Washu! ^O^

The DVD has been released in Japan, we've got it and it's now time for me to say Yea! Please join us on Saturday Jan 14 at the Saratoga Library for the subtitled version of Howl's Moving Castle,
The stylish and deadly Chloe has updated post #1 with the schedule for the next free No-Name Anime showing at the Saratoga Library on Saturday December 10. ( Besides our regular anime lineup, we're showing the Godzilla Final Wars movie.  We'll have cake and drinks too.

Faithful attendees should remember to bring their stamped frequent viewer cards!

-- Ed
General Anime Chat / Sunnyvale Fry's
December 03, 2005, 08:36:19 PM
Fry's in Sunnyvale has a table display between the cafe and the DVD section with some $6.99 anime DVDs.
For any locals who want to check out Advent Children before deciding to buy it in December, you can join the No-Name Anime gang on Sat Nov 12 at the Saratoga (CA) library,
Quote from: "Chloe"Well, I'll go update the first post again~!
Thanks! Now that I know the Board is back, I'll try to keep you up to date.

Quote from: "Chloe"Oh, and expect me to be at this meeting~!  I'll go in something, just for the heck of it~! >wO

No-Name Anime has joined CPM's anime club program. But to stay in it, we need our members to sign up for their on-line fanzine "Gogai! Gogai!". For the regular members who hang out on the Board,  may I ask that you go to and sign up indicating  "No-Name Anime" (and not some other spelling) as the club name.  Any fan artists might try submitting something to "Gogai! Gogai!"  (If any people who are not No-Name Anime members are reading this thread and care, they can sign up under their own club or as an individual -- even if that doesn't help No-Name get swag.)
General Anime Chat / No-Name Anime Club
October 02, 2005, 11:17:08 PM
Ooooo! The Fanime BBS is working again!

The next No-Name Anime showing is Saturday Oct 8 at the Santa Theresa Library in San Jose,[/b]
General Anime Chat / I have some qestions...
September 19, 2005, 10:58:20 PM
How would a forum thread version work?
What is the difference between an anime version of the game and the generic version?
General Anime Chat / Howl's Moving Castle
June 21, 2005, 07:05:17 PM
Quote from: "ced1106"Ed will say yea or nay  :D but I've noticed that No Name, San Jose, will show the sub a few months after the movie's been shown in the theatre (sorta like how movie companies release the DVD, but with more lag time  :D

It's great that Howl arrived in the theater here before the Region 2 DVD release in Japan. But it's too early to answer if No-Name will show it until there's a DVD released there (or here).
General Anime Chat / No-Name Anime Club
June 15, 2005, 08:06:18 PM
Quote from: "gmontem"Would you happen to know if Cineart will be presenting the subbed or dubbed version?

I'm expecting it to be the dub.  I haven't heard of any subbed showings in the South Bay.
General Anime Chat / Howl's Moving Castle
June 15, 2005, 07:45:05 PM
After the June meeting, the place and time for many of us to go see "Howl's Moving Castle"  is Cineart's Santana Row on  Saturday the 18th at 7:25 PM. People are welcome to join us.
General Anime Chat / Howl's Moving Castle
June 13, 2005, 08:06:55 PM
A group of us (from the greater San Jose, CA area) are going to see the movie on Saturday, June 18th after the No-Name Anime meeting. We'll post details at once we figure out the exact theater and show times.  Join us if you dare!
General Anime Chat / A-kon Bans Signs
June 04, 2005, 11:48:50 PM
Quote from: "lyricaldanichan"
sign 2: "Naruto sucks and so do you."

The one I saw with this read on the other side something like "DragonBall ended 10 years ago. Get over it!"
No-Name Anime has a free anime showing on Saturday June 18, 2005 at the Saratoga Library ( - near San Jose, California). Scheduled is Steamboy, Mermaid's Forest, Figure 17, R.O.D TV and Chrono Crusade:

(I was tempted to start a new thread so I could edit the first post, but since this thread was already here it seemed more polite to use it. The old projector with the red dot has been replaced with a much better one and some months we even have a backup projector on hand just in case. The new meeting location is the Saratoga Library. For future months, please check the web site, the room at this library is not always available for our use on the 3rd Saturday.)

The No-Name Anime staff enjoy watching subtitled anime with big group of people, we hope you do to!