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I need to start talking to people about fanime 2011 because i really wanna go.. i already have about.. 300 USD saved up and i mean this isnt the first time i have gone to a convention i have gone to the sacanime one about .. 3-4 times and that was just by myself i kinda just lurked and im sick of doing that i wanna get into going to these things because you meet alot of really cool people even though it lasts only 3 days i personally think its the best 3 days of the year!!! because i live a totally boreing and sad life! this is the only place that i get to go to have fun and just be happy! (Sad i know :|) But yes if you do want to talk to me about it please add me on facebook or just simply reply to me on here.!/profile.php?id=100001684991258 <-- facebook feel free to add me :)

i hope it works xD and also i would like to talk about like

Date when the convention occurs because site isnt updated-
Meet ups-  ill be going by myself so i really need someone who is either expirenced or willing to just hang out :D
Hotel together willing to pay up- (of course i will let you know anything you wanna know about me before we hotel together lol and the reason i wanna know all this is as i said before first time EVER.. going and i will be going by myself because i have nobody to go with :(
cosplay- I wanna know where to buy some or if someone will talk to me and get to know me and bring somethin for me lol :)? ill pay you if you want.

Im okay once ya get to know me cant wait i look forward to your replys (im on daily)