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Going to Wrestlemania, not Fanime next year. Derp.
Things in the Universe / Re: What font is "Fanime"
July 02, 2014, 12:28:49 PM

Doesn't look good. Stick with Sofachrome.
FanimeCon was named for fans of anime. The motto is "By Fans, For Fans".
It was created as a collection of anime clubs in the Bay Area to get together for a day. Only about a hundred people attended that gathering. Eventually, they formed ARG, the Anime Resource Group, much like AX's SPJA, to handle event planning. No where in their history that it specifically says "San Jose", because the convention involves the entire Bay Area fanbase.
Board's dead, Fanime's a long way away, deciding if I want to go to JX, already going to east coast for summer....

Gonna take a break from the boards for a while. See you guys!
That train still in service? It'll cool if it stays all year round/permanently.
Forum Games / Re: The struggle is real when...
June 08, 2014, 03:06:44 PM
When the forums seems dead...for now
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Website suggestion
June 02, 2014, 04:13:16 PM
Suggestion: can you update the website now for 2015? Include links to the forums, Facebook, etc. Even if it does not include mascot art yet, at least there's a splash screen with information about next year.
I'd like to see a lot of new arcades next year. Maybe through a new supplier (that doesnt bring the same systems for several years). I want the arcade to feel like what SVGL, MGL, etc feels like, and maybe a bit of D&B
If pre registration is going to be the same fast system next year, then you can use South Hall for an all day swap meet and still close up by 1030 on day 0. A lot of complaints were people trying to figure what to do all day on day 0 because there was no more linecon
I actually don't remember. Most likely just gaming...
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Suggested Signage
May 30, 2014, 11:10:37 PM
I think these kinds of signs has been used before, but have been scrapped because they aren't re-usable because rooms get moved around a lot from year to year. However, since Fanime went so well this year, I don't think a lot of rooms will change anymore.
Mythology theme? Aww... I wanted it to be a Vegas theme, since Fanime will be 21
A lot of reports and estimates say around 25,000
You Win the Game
The pre-con problems, like website, registration, and guests, does seem like an afterthought.

That being said, contact guests, make a new website (with direct link to the forums), organize artists alley and swap meet registration, and start the planning now!
Can there be an option to pick which mascot or badge design we want for next year? (though I don't want LineCon to start again if this happens)

btw, what's the penguin mascot's name? And what's the theme for next year?
Mission Complete!

Thank You For Playing!

Game Over


*inserts coin*

Here Comes A New Challenger!
That can be said at every anime convention. It's not the fault of the artists or animation companies to regulate their forms of entertainment. That's the way anime culture is nowadays.
I would like to congratulate the staff, volunteers, city/CC workers, and local businesses on one of the best and most enjoyable FanimeCons ever.

Thank you for the new registration system and I hope it becomes the standard for every convention from now on.

Thank you hotel and convention center staff for putting up with the usual FanimeCon mess. But also thank you for embracing the event as a welcoming San Jose tradition.

While there may be some issues and complaints, they seem far and few in between; especially that there has been way more praise than complaints.
The only things I can think of regarding AA is the registration system a few months before (as a non-artist, it doesn't concern me) and that the new building of the convention center, while huge, is still relatively small for the demand of the AA. Space the booths out more and have more room to walk.

Other than that, no other complaints.