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Hello I'll be cosplaying Halloween Miku!
Hello, I have some questions.
Ill be waiting in line around 6 AM for day zero on Thursday and I want to pick my badge that day too. Is it okay to have my boyfriend to wait in line for swap meet? In the application I put him as the second seller.
Also, what is swap meet set starts on Thursday?
Do u have a pokemon deck? Cause if not i dont think i wanna entertain you o.O
Im in the pre reg line with my pokemon tcg deck looking for a battle!! Any one up for it come find me. Ill also be walkibg around with my deck at all times. I am a sound ninja come find me
General Convention Discussion / Card games day 0
May 24, 2012, 02:36:16 PM
Im in pre reg line right now and i wanna play pokemon tcg! Any one wanna play!?
Registration / Card games in pre reg line day 0
May 24, 2012, 02:33:32 PM
Im in the pre reg line right now and i wanna play pokemon tcg. Im with medusa from soul eater. Find me!!!!
i am going to be zero :D i finally got my zero helmet!
i was maid on saturday and sunday and it was red maid dress..i was also was wearing glasses >.<
Cosplay Black Dress $20
ALOT ALOT Mangas $4  BUY 4 get one free :)
Shojo Beat and Shojo Beat Magzines $1  BUY 5 get one free
Handbags or Bags $5
Wii with four controlers $140
Wii Games (mario kart, Super smash brothers) $10
Sasuke cosplay sword $8
L figure (with face changes) $10
Anbu mask $5
Dvds (inuyasha movies, episodes. etc) $4
hmmm theres more stuff but too lazy look in my closet ^^;
can i bring a suitcase in swap meet?
can i also bring a small book case there too?
it is okay to sell a wooden cosplay sword?
will there be alot of people in line if i come 2 hrs earlier before swap meet starts on friday??
im going to be moogle ^.^
thank u :)
oh yea one more question
what is the 2 lines for pre registered for swap meet n waiting list??
this is my first time signing up for the swap meet  ^o^
how many full spaces r there?
can i sell my wii and other wii games?? o_o?

Live Programming and Events / swapt meet age
February 19, 2010, 02:33:55 AM
do you have to be 18 to sign up??
i know the sign ups will be around march
im 17 rite now but turning 18 in apirl
will i be able to sign up??  ???