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Hi guys!  I have some leftover figures from Fanime from the Swap Meet.  I've been lazy about putting these up.. soo!

ALL UNDER $100!  More than 50% off MSRP!  If interested, please purchase through Ebay, thanks~ ^^

Milestone Tales of the Abyss Tear Grants 1/7 Figure ToA -

Clayz Fate Stay Night Saber 1/6 Figure FSN PVC -

MegaHouse RAH DX Meer Campbell Figure GSD Gundam -

MegaHouse RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke Figure GSD Gundam -

Sengoku Rance Senhime Sen-hime 1/5 GSC figure -

Tenjou Tenge Natsume Maya KAIYODO PVC figure (black) -

Selling pretty much new black Nintendo 3DS with Hori Screen protectors and Dead Or Alive: Dimensions for $240.

Comes with original boxing, manuals, ar cards, sd memory card, etc.

Just bought on Thursday, 06/02/11, selling because wanting an imported JP 3DS instead to play import games. :/

Please PM me for any more details! Thanks!!

Live Programming and Events / need a table for artist alley 2010!!
« on: April 05, 2010, 09:23:06 AM »
hi there!!

i'm posting to see if anyone needs a table mate for aa this year! i was going to reg for a table this year, but with how the current reg. is going, i feel like i won't be able to get a good spot this year.  so, i'm hoping that someone might be able to let me share a table with them.

i'll glady pay for my share of the table, as well as put in my share for the taxes.  i've sold at fanime twice now, and am a very responsible, and clean person.  i'm prompt, and will be tending to the table for most of the con. 

if there is anyone who can help me out, it'd be much appreciated!! thanks for looking!!

p.s.- here is my DA:

Hi there!

I am selling these two wigs, which I bought, but have no use for anymore.  They are both NEW and UNWORN, and I am selling them for a cheap price!  If these do not go, I will also be selling them @ Fanime as well!

11" Brown Stylish Wig ($15 + $5 shipping):

13" Black Wig, with 2 32" Black Curled Ponytails  ($40 + $5 shipping):

**FOR MORE PICTURES, SEE MY ADS FOR THESE WIGS ON COSPLAY.COM** < Brown Wig < Long Black Wig w/ 2 Curled Ponytails

If interested, you can PM me here at Fanime BB, or PM me via

Thanks for looking!

Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] Cell Phone Keychains UPDATE: 05/13/09
« on: January 27, 2009, 03:09:51 AM »
Hi there,

Last year was my first year in AA, and I bought WAY too many cell phone keychains...  They are all unused, and are all new. I hope someone can take these off of me... As I don't need them.

50 of any color of your choice for 5 bucks (You can mix-n-match!) .  Shipping is 1.50. Also, a free inked sketch of an SD of your choice will be given to orders above $10!

Those interested in buying them in 50 lots are also welcome.  Just PM me and we can work something out. 

EDIT:  New updated list as of 5/13/09

Colors available:
(# of color)

25 Black
50 White
95 Yellow
40 Red
35 Light Green
5 Light Pink
15 Purple

Check out my photobucket so you can see the exact colors:

If anyone needs tips on how to getting started in Artist Alley, you can PM me for help too!

Thanks for looking!

Hi there!

This is a smooth, silky 18'' Powder Blue Wig I purchased originally for $40 dollars.

(Full View)


I only tried on the wig once, but found another wig I could use instead. It's practically new and I am hoping to give it to someone who would make more use of it than me.

It has a skin top that has two adjusters on each side to make sure you can it it perfectly on.  It has a nice snug feel on your head and won't fall/move off easily.

(Skin Top and Adjusters)

Also, the hair parting is clean and stays separated.

(Top of Wig)

This wig would be a perfect cosplay for anyone with light blue hair with a length from below shoulders to short hair!  It'd also be a good match for an light blue EGL dress.

(Hair Length)

I am asking for $25 plus $5 dollars for shipping.  So, in TOTAL: $30.00 for a fantastic NEW wig. 

Contact me @ for more details or if interested!

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / School Days cosplay
« on: October 22, 2007, 11:55:35 PM »
Anyone going to do any School Days cosplay?  I'm probably going as Katsura... I'm just curious to see if anyone would get serious enough to dress up from that series. lol.

Fanime is only 5 days away... Any daredevils making any last minute cosplays to wear?  You know how that crunchtime can get you started. I'm helping 3 of my friends think of some last minute cosplays:

- Haruhi from Ouran
- Phoenix Wright
- ???

So, anyone rushing around just to find something?

Hi there fellow cosplayers~

   I know there are some people who may be drastically searching for a seamtress, or possibly a place to purchase a pre-made costume, so I gathered some of the sites that I know of that are dependable, fast, and fairly priced for the product they give you.

For those who are in search of pre-made costumes can visit these links:

   Running out of time?  No time for any costumes? Try checking these places out!

Costumes/Commission Available
In China

Sample Picture (Cosplay): N/A

This site has ALOT of costumes, so I can't write down the prices for everything... *BE AWARE, THEY ARE AN ART THIEF*

My Rating for this site: 2/5
- Very wide selection; Although is known to be an image thief.
- Decent prices, not really sure if they knew the costumes they had.
- Sort of not fluent in typing in Commission e-mails.

Costumes/EGL/Commission Available
In China

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

Sample Picture EGL:

This place is more expensive than the others in my opinion, but they have some things others don't have.
My Rating for this site:  4 out 5
- So-so selection; WIDE array of EGl
- Overly priced costumes, but come with accessories
- Some costumes that other places don't have
- Excellent customer service; fluent in English
Costumes/Commission Available
In China

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

My Rating for this site: 4/5
- Wide selection in the more popular series
- Prices are decent, Costumes are all identified correctly (Opposed to Cosunion)
- Apparently not fast in e-mail and typing is hard to read.
Costumes/Commission Available
In China

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

This one is my favorite so far, and they are very nice and quick on delivery.  They are currently having a 10%-70% discount (Depending on the products) on everything, and I think on commissions too.  They work around real school girl uniforms, but have some cosplay. I ordered a commission from them, and it the quality of it is great.  So, please check them out! :3

*UPDATE* Some new cosplay costumes came in, and they look pretty nice! ^^

My Rating for this site: 5/5
- Small selection, but is trustworthy (In my opinion)
- A bit pricey, but for a good costume.
- Fluent in e-mails, and can work things out well.
EGL/Costumes Available
In China or Japan?

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

Sample Picture (EGL):

    This site specializes in Gothic Lolita, and any of the other types of Lolita.  They are a bit pricey for some of their dresses, but they are all beautiful and detailed.  As for their cosplay department, anime/games costumes are WAY over priced, so I suggest not purchasing it there, for commissioning it from one of the other sites will be alot nice to your wallet. 
    BUT!  They have some costumes such as school girl outfits, school girl P.E. uniforms, and drag queens and nurse outfits that are cheap (around 30 - 50) dollars that look pretty decent.  So, girls, if you like to dress up for "fun", you can check out their stock in clothing now!

My Rating for this site: 4/5 (For EGL)
- Wide selection for EGL, and other Japan dress styles
- Decent prices on EGL, EXPENSIVE on anime/game costumes, various cheap other "dress up" items.
-  Can ship World-Wide
Costumes/Commissions (for Items they have made) Available
In the US, I think

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

Sample Picture (EGL):

My Rating for this site: 4/5 (For EGL)
- Alot of what appeared to be homemade EGL, and some various anime costumes.
- Decent prices on EGL/Cosplay stuff
- Is very easy to understand, all the information is there for you.

*UPDATE: 10.25.08*
Costumes Available/Commission

Sample Picture (Cosplay):
(Model is one of the Angels)

They have great quality in work and are situated in Canada.   They also do commissions, so if you don't see something you like, you can always request something! I would recommend them as a reliable source to get it from.  Although a it pricey, it can be worth it. :3

*UPDATE*: 11.01.07*

AcidKitten (One of our Forum members!)

She is offering Cosplay Commissions!

Check this URL for a shortcut to her thread:,8167.0.html

Please do check the "Incredible Stuff I can Make Forum!" for an alternative from the Professional China Sellers!

*UPDATE: 11.02.08*

Costumes Available/Commission
Unknown? Japan?

Sample Picture (Cosplay): [Visit their site in order to view pictures]

I just discovered this site, so I'm not sure if it's fairly new to the scene...

My Rating for this site: 3 1/2 out of 5
- Gallery is about 70 pictures of a combination of costume and in-progress pictures.
- Prices are a bit high...
- Very organized site, easy to understand and maneuver around.

Costumes Available/Commission

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

My Rating for this site: 4/5
- Gallery rather large and is organize. The web layout is very neat as well.
- Prices - Ask when you want a costume.
- Very nice collection, and has improved alot since I last saw them at their old site.

*UPDATE: 11.08.07*

Costumes/Commission Available

Sample Picture (Cosplay):

I have heard alot of mixed emotions from this particular commissioner.  I have heard of some good reviews, but I've seen some pretty bad threads about them.  I wouldn't really know how to rate it since it seems like a bit hard to tell.

My Rating for this site: Undetermined
- Their gallery of MANY cosplays is what entices alot of cosplayers to buying from Limebarb.
- Prices aren't placed online so you can see, but you can ask for a quote.
- Very organized site, easy to understand and maneuver around.

Happy shopping to everyone~ :3

Note:  I'll be updating this main post to let everyone in at anything that's available to you~  If you want to share some of other cosplay sites, just feel free to post, and I'll add it onto this main post! Thanks for taking the time to read and in general, look at all the pretty cosplays!


Hmmmmmm is anyone else considering to cosplay from that game? I'm going to be Kooh (Black and White EGL/Maid).  I'm curious to see if anyone is going to.  Maybe if we had enough people, we could form a group. Heh heh. :3

General Anime Chat / Cute EGGS!
« on: October 30, 2004, 09:31:54 PM »

General Anime Chat / Final fantasy A+!
« on: May 08, 2004, 10:29:20 PM »
This lengthy flashmovie is so good!  The music is from FFV/FFT and was turned in by the creator as a final for his Japanese School.  Too bad it's not going to be turned into a series... Well, anyways, everybody watch it!

Final Fantasy A+:

  Oh, and this is also a very good flash movie. Very well animated.  In Korean, but it's so cute!

There she is! :

General Anime Chat / San Francisco Anime Faire 2004
« on: February 22, 2004, 10:46:41 AM »
By any chance, does anyone know when it will be happening?

General Anime Chat / No-Name Anime Club
« on: February 21, 2004, 02:42:34 PM »
If anyone has free time, come check out this Anime Club.  It shows up on the Saturday of each month from 12- 5:30 at the Library.  They have quite a selection of anime showings.  Come see it!

  Their website:

Okay, so I made this FAQ for any of those who wish to join No-Name

What is No-Name Anime?
"No-Name AnimeTM ("ah-nee-may") is the premiere Japanese animation club in the San Francisco/San Jose region, often showing the best anime before anyone else. We've helped, various local cons, and also held special meetings to help some local libraries with their reading programs in recent years. Our meetings are at the Library, usually on the Saturday of the month, starting at 12:30."

Where is it located?
It is currently located at the Library.

I can't seem to find out where that is, do you have a link?

From what time does the meeting begin and end?
It starts promptly at 12:30 and ends at 5:30.

When is the next meeting?
The next meeting will be on

What will they be showing this month?
They will be showing in the following order:

Do we need to bring anything with us?
Nah, just the usual bare essentials of an otaku.  Yourself, a soft cushion for the maximum amount of pleasure, maybe some cash for lunch, anything "Swap-able", and any artwork you'd like to get critiqued.  Well, you get the deal, right?

Is it free?
By the sacred words of college life, YES!  IT IS FREE!

Now, if there are any other questions or information you need, please visit or either PM me or EdOfNoName.

Again, please do come out!  And bring anyone else you can with you!



To check out on the lastest whereabouts of the No-Name Anime Club, check the last page of this thread!!!  Library locations are always changing!  So, please check in!!!

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