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Hi guys!  I have some leftover figures from Fanime from the Swap Meet.  I've been lazy about putting these up.. soo!

ALL UNDER $100!  More than 50% off MSRP!  If interested, please purchase through Ebay, thanks~ ^^

Milestone Tales of the Abyss Tear Grants 1/7 Figure ToA -

Clayz Fate Stay Night Saber 1/6 Figure FSN PVC -

MegaHouse RAH DX Meer Campbell Figure GSD Gundam -

MegaHouse RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke Figure GSD Gundam -

Sengoku Rance Senhime Sen-hime 1/5 GSC figure -

Tenjou Tenge Natsume Maya KAIYODO PVC figure (black) -

Selling pretty much new black Nintendo 3DS with Hori Screen protectors and Dead Or Alive: Dimensions for $240.

Comes with original boxing, manuals, ar cards, sd memory card, etc.

Just bought on Thursday, 06/02/11, selling because wanting an imported JP 3DS instead to play import games. :/

Please PM me for any more details! Thanks!!

Live Programming and Events / Re: Swap Meet Goods Preview
« on: May 22, 2011, 09:10:50 PM »

NEW figures being sold at least 50% -70% normal prices (compared through ebay):

PICS!! >>

Al Azif: 60-80
Alicia figure: 70
Ayane: 60
BRS 1/8: 60
BRS animation ver: 60
BRS black blade ver: 60
BRS max figma: 40
BRS nendoroid: 20
Celica: 40-60
Clare excellent model figure: 60
Clare man version: 40
Hatsune miku premium figure: 40
Ivy: 10
Kaguya: 80
Kallen uniform: 60
Kosmos (Telos) swimsuit: 80 (100)
Kosmos (twisty pose): 60
Kosmos (lot of guns): 60
Lacus RAH.DX: 20
Lamia loveless: 40
Lunamaria RAH.DX: 20 each
Mai 1/6 max factory red/blue: 80 each
Mai 1/8 max factory: 40
Mai KOF 97: 20
Mai queen's gate blue/red w/books: 80, 100 each
Maya: 20
Meer: 20
Miku VN02 mix: 50
Mizuki figures: 20 each
Oboro muramasa: 80
Rei + asuka figure, special yamamoto ones: 80 both, 50 each
Rin 1/6: 40
Saber 1/6: 40
Selvaria Bles: 90
Senhime: 80
Tear figure: 60
Villetta nu 1/7 emotion: 60
Villetta nu swimclub cafe: 80

Purple ninja girl Yamato: 80
Dirty one: 60

if interested, we are located as number 52~  we also have ALOT of new import games with bonus artbooks/figures! please come see us! ^^

Live Programming and Events / Re: Info For Artist Alley Reg
« on: May 24, 2010, 09:58:14 AM »
well, we just wanna know where we are so we can alert our friends and fans as to where we'll be so they can look for us.. so it's kinda important that we know where we're situated.. it's already 5 days ti'll fanime..

hey, i think i saw 2 people posting on the fanime artist alley 2010 facebook group asking for a tablemate. you should definitely hit them up if you're looking for a table!  hope this helps you out!

i myself was fortunate to of found someone awesome looking for a table mate, so i wish you luck in finding one! :D

Live Programming and Events / Re: need a table for artist alley 2010!!
« on: April 09, 2010, 08:24:41 PM »
I'll share my table with you if you want :) I'll be selling doll clothes and human clothes
my DA is

omgggg, thank you so much!!  let's definitely get in touch! i'll shoot you a PM now. :D

Live Programming and Events / Re: Info For Artist Alley Reg
« on: April 07, 2010, 04:04:31 PM »
umm.. so why is it that you still have artists sign up on the waitlist and have the reg. end date ti'll 4/30? from what the message of 'temporarily disabling sign ups' is giving us the impression that spots are still open..  but, since tables have been sold out and the people on the bottom of the waitlist have like no chance of getting a table, it's really putting our hopes out there. what is really going on ewu..?

Live Programming and Events / Re: Info For Artist Alley Reg
« on: April 07, 2010, 12:33:01 PM »
you are on the waitlist because all the tables have been sold and paid for. There may be a small release of more tables, but essentially the room is sold out.

The empty tables you saw were probably no-shows or people that left after Friday or Saturday. I don't know if the AA can arrange it, but they may sell those tables individually per day, but that has not been discussed and so may not happen.

so... basically... ALL tables in the AA room have been bought as of now?  so all of us who are signing up a or have signed up recently and are on the waitlist ... have little or no chance at even getting a table at all at this rate?

huh... if that is so, then our only options now are to just see if someone has room or not sell at all? if so..this.. is.. bad... x_x;;

Live Programming and Events / need a table for artist alley 2010!!
« on: April 05, 2010, 09:23:06 AM »
hi there!!

i'm posting to see if anyone needs a table mate for aa this year! i was going to reg for a table this year, but with how the current reg. is going, i feel like i won't be able to get a good spot this year.  so, i'm hoping that someone might be able to let me share a table with them.

i'll glady pay for my share of the table, as well as put in my share for the taxes.  i've sold at fanime twice now, and am a very responsible, and clean person.  i'm prompt, and will be tending to the table for most of the con. 

if there is anyone who can help me out, it'd be much appreciated!! thanks for looking!!

p.s.- here is my DA:

Live Programming and Events / Re: Info For Artist Alley Reg
« on: April 04, 2010, 08:46:00 AM »
i haven't been able to register for a table yet.. and i am utterly worried that i won't get a good table this year.  exactly how long is the waiting list now?  and if i were to register tuesday, what are my chances of getting somewhere on the first half?

also, is there anyone who is looking for a partner at a table and has already registered?  i am really desperate to get a table with a good location...

whoa, old names showing up. maybe i should make an appearance.. D:

Gawwwwwwwd, the manga needs to come out faster.

I wanna see if any cool new characters show up who are cosplay-worthy, lol.  More girls plz. D:

It was a pretty fun event, hung out with Ohsu, Lisu, Tsukai Mori, and some others.  Weird how I didn't see any other Fanime BB people there, although, there's bunch of new people who showed up on the BB, lol.

xxunyuuxx: I SAW YOU xxunyuuxx!  Psh, wearing my merch looking all cool like, lol.  Is Angelica on here too?


I really hope you don't have to sell for $30

Best of luck bump

I agree, from these pictures, it seems like you put alot of work into it.  You should see about posting it on too. :)

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: [WTS] Cell Phone Keychains UPDATE: 05/13/09
« on: May 14, 2009, 12:53:34 AM »
UPDATE: Responded to Forbidden18 and BunofGovt. 

Still have lariats available! Please contact me if interested ASAP!  Will respond immediately.

Are we still doing this gathering @ the same time as the Soul Eater one?  I didn't realize they coincided.

Hi there!

I am selling these two wigs, which I bought, but have no use for anymore.  They are both NEW and UNWORN, and I am selling them for a cheap price!  If these do not go, I will also be selling them @ Fanime as well!

11" Brown Stylish Wig ($15 + $5 shipping):

13" Black Wig, with 2 32" Black Curled Ponytails  ($40 + $5 shipping):

**FOR MORE PICTURES, SEE MY ADS FOR THESE WIGS ON COSPLAY.COM** < Brown Wig < Long Black Wig w/ 2 Curled Ponytails

If interested, you can PM me here at Fanime BB, or PM me via

Thanks for looking!

I actually have some very upsetting news.
I might have to have surgery this upcoming Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.
I don't know if I can even attend Fanime, much less cosplay as Elizabeth. ):
I'm so sad and I just want to cry.

If I can still go, is it alright if I visit the group? I want to see how amazing you guys look.
I'm not sure if I'll be cosplay'd, I'll keep you updated.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to hear that. ): 

I hope your surgery goes well!  Your health is more important.  Let's just hope you can get better by the time the Con rolls around!  Just stay positive!

If you can't come, you should still come by!  I'm sure HellAngel would love to have you come by.  In fact, I'm sure everyone would want you to come. :]

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Cosplay for 2009
« on: April 23, 2009, 01:18:04 PM »
I know that the rest are very common characters so I wont bother but Im also going to go as Nicholai form Shadow Hearts 2.

I imagine Ill be all alooone but. Is there anyone else cosplaying/know of someone cosplay from any of the SH series?

That's great that you're going to do a Shadow Hearts cosplay!  There needs to be more Shadow Hearts love!

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