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Live Programming and Events / Re: question about artists alley
« on: March 06, 2009, 11:57:29 AM »
I am sending out the revised contract to be posted today, keep your eye out.

I sent in the old contract, should I send in the new one too?     I have no idea if it even reached Fanime.  My mail is pretty shady sometimes.  :\

Incredible Stuff I can Make / Re: DeviantArt
« on: February 18, 2009, 03:42:14 PM »

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: CosPlay Event Ideas-Your input please!
« on: November 26, 2007, 12:06:29 AM »
Hahahahaha. I got my post deleted because of Pyron messing around.

Maybe you shouldn't be posting things that get you in trouble while using my internet.  Go home.  Don't you have school or something?


Go home.

Vacuum forming itself isn't very hard.  Getting a place to set up a table and melt plastic is.  I don't have one of my own, I've just played with and watched one that belonged to a costume shop I used to work for.

The friendly plastic is really easy to work with though.  And you don't need to sand it any to paint it.

Casting is great but you have to be very, very careful.  I don't really recommend it for beginners; or at least nothing really big like armor.  If you wanted to try to dip your feet in, you can get some basic molding and resin from craft stores.  It's more fun to make little accessories with that anyway  :)

For the gloves, maybe you could get the rounded studs (like this: ) in various sizes and punch them into the gloves.

I need help with a cosplay. It has these odd plastic shoulderpads that I cannot figure out how to make. Basically, I need to know if there are any materials that can be easily shaped (so no vaccumforming or anything) that either are plastic or can be made smooth and painted to look like a shiny plastic. All of the moldable materials I have seen do not look plasticy enough.

Honestly, vacuum form would be the way to go to get that specific look, but since you don't have the means to do that, I would suggest "Friendly Plastic."  It takes some getting used to but it works really good for little props and details.  Plus if you mess up, all you have to do is stick it back in hot water and start over.

I can't recommend any stores online (D'oh) since I get mine from a friend of mine.  But I know that they sell it in pellets and in strips and in a bunch of different colors.

On a waaay serious note, I was glomped a little too hard at fanime last year (it was a squeeze that popped my spine, and hurt quite smartly >_<). I am dealing with a serious back injury and something like that can seriously harm me. People need to consider this in their 'glomp fests'. Tackle glomps, bear squeaze glomps, and lifting you off the ground related glomps are in my opnion unsafe.

I don't want to be spending fanime in the ER becuase someone wasn't using common sense. I am not stating we should ban glomps, but this is getting out of hand. People, healthy ones too, can and will get hurt from the glomping antics I've seen in the past couple years. Please, respect the people who bring you these events by discouraging things like that. Safety first guys, it may sound corny...but I'd rather not see anyone get hurt at these things.

I agree.   I have a pretty serious foot injury that started acting up around Fanime time last year and someone who tried to glomp me ended up stomping on my foot and running off before I could get a good look at them.  It swelled and I ended up having to sit on the edge of our tub soaking it instead of having fun at the convention.

Glomping is intrusive and unsafe.  I really hope we can get a handle on it this year. 

Quote from: "HeeroYuy135"
I forgot who was selling it (I think it was for some anime convention in Burbank), but they had little stick-on ribbons that that had something along the lines of "Yes, glomp me!"

What I'd like to see is that Fanime issue their own "Yes, glomp me!" ribbon that you can stick on the bottom of your badge. When you go and register (either online or at the con), you can request one. That way, you can look at their badges to see if you they have already consented to be glomped. If they don't have the offical ribbon given out by Fanime, you can't glomp them.

I really don't see how this is going to help.  It's a cute idea, but do you really think the people that are ambushing people are really going to stop to look at their badges?  And most cosplayers don't wear their badges out in the open anyway.

I would really like to see the whole "glomping" thing taken out completely.  Like what was said earlier, you wouldn't do that to someone outside of a convention, so why should it be any different IN a convention?

I understand that kids get excited to see their favorite characters and all that but what if this were, say, Disneyland.  What do you think would happen if someone forgot their manners and ran up on Mickey?   They would get ejected from the park if not banned.

I'm not asking for "ZOMG TEH NAZIS," but it would be nice for these "glompers" to understand that other people would just like to be shown a little common curtesy.

As for the whole badge number thing, it's a little difficult to pick out a number when all you can see is a blur coming straight at you or sneaking up from behind.  :]

Quote from: "G.S. LXVIII"
Or you could just wear a "Don't hug/glomp" sign.

How is that a solution?  People should have the decency to not assalt strangers.  And we have the right to fight back when someone does.  

I have an injury and I had to fight off at least 5 people to keep them from injuring me further.  Not to mention the kids who tried to take our props without asking.

This really shouldn't be a problem.  And if is happens again, I will do what alkaline suggested and call the police on them.  If someone did that on the street, it would be attempted robbery and assult.  Why should it be any different just because you're at an anime convention?

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