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Registration / Bringing a minor question.
May 12, 2015, 08:22:13 PM
So my nephew who is 15 is interested in coming to Fanime. I've never brought a minor to Fanime so I was wondering how this would work. Would I have to have his mother or step father get his badge? Or would I (as his aunt and not a minor) be able to pay for a badge for him? We do not have the same last names, not sure if that'd be an issue.
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTS/WTT Manga and other Misc items
January 24, 2013, 02:35:45 PM

I would like to sell/trade as much of this manga possible. A lot of this manga I just grew tired of. I have a couple more I shall add later. I would like to do all trades at Fanime, if you want things mailed to you I can look into it if it's for a single book otherwise, right now it's not likely since my work hours stop me from going to a post office when it's open.

For trades: I am happy to consider anything, I will always try things once, right now I am collecting Ranma 1/2 I need volumes 27 - 38 also, Gintama things!!!

*I am happy to provide pictures of the manga per request and No I will not be at swap meet*

Manga $3 each or a deal for more than 5
.hack//xxx 1
.hack//+GU 1
.hack// Legend of twilight 1 (.50 or free with a purchase of 3 or more books)
Angel Diary 1-8
Angel Sanctuary 1,2
Bleach 1-4
Beauty Pop 1
Cursed Sword 1
Death Note 1 (x2),2 (x2), 11 (Volume 1 and 2 on hold for robozombisaurus)(Second set of Volume 1,2,11 on hold for Miyuran SOLD)
Death Note 13 (Profiles) (On hold for Miyuran SOLD)
Demon Diary 1-7
Decedents of Darkness 1-5
Faeries Landing 6
FLCL 1, 2 (On hold for limDsage SOLD)
Full Metal Panic 4
Hands Off 1-8
Higurashi 1 (On hold for robozombisaurus, never picked up)
Her Majesties Dog 1-3
Imadoki 1-5
Juvenile Orion 1,2, 3 (x2), 4 (x2), 5(x2)
Kamichama Karin 2 - 4
King of Thorn 5
Lollipop 1,2
Megatokyo 2 - 6
Memamoto Kiss 1,2
Meru Puri 1-4
Naruto 1 (x2), 2,5-8, 10 - 12
Negima 3-8, 10 - 20
Paradise Kiss 1-2 (On hold for robozombisaurus never picked up)
Phantom Dream 1
Pita-Ten 2-5, 7,8 (kind of old will sell for $2 each)
Pita-Ten (Official Fan Book) 3 (it looks like a regular manga, I will look into this one)
Peace Maker 1
Prince of Tennis 25
Ral Grad 1-4
Rosario Vampire 1
Shana 1-3
Skip Beat 1-9
Soul Eater 1
Suikoden III 1,2
Trinity Blood 3
Tsubasa - 2 - 18 (On hold for Miyuran SOLD)
Tsubasa - Those with wings 1
Uzumaki 1-3 (SOLD day 3)
Wolf's Rain 1
Yonen Buzz 1,2
Yurara 1 (On hold for gary925 SOLD)
Zero the beginning of the coffin 1

Tsubasa (RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) 22

MISC items:
Gintama - Petite Kagura figure (still sealed) -$8
This is what it looks like sealed:

This is what it looks like not sealed: *note I am not selling the not sealed one or any of the figs in this pic*

Gintama - Petite Katsura figure (still sealed) - $8
This is what it looks like sealed:

This is what it looks like not sealed *note I am not selling the not sealed one or any of the figs in this picture*

Lavender Wig - Shoulder length, only worn once to try on. - $15
Front View: Side View:
*Also have images of the wig when I tried it on if anyone needs those.*

FREE: Reserved already.
Fruits Basket Kyo plush (On hold for gary925 GONE) AND Akamaru plush ( Akamaru Plush on hold for RitsukaUzumaki never claimed)

If you want either, an old roommate left them with me, it's dusty and probably needs to be washed once, former owner was a girl who mooched and we had to kick her out for not paying rent. I really don't want it. Take them, one or the other, as is and they are yours.