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Mine is Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 7:00 AM PT. Really sucks though as I never saw that they changed the initial reg time (the initial post said noon so that was what I put on my calendar), so I logged in at noon and missed being one of the first to register. I think that it was really messed up of them to change it to the earlier time like they did. :'(
Registration / Re: Registration 2016
December 17, 2015, 09:27:07 PM
Seems like they must be having some kind of issue, I don't remember ever having to wait this long for general registration to open. Anyone hear anything on when it might be opening? Normally at this point I'd be expecting the Hotels to start opening.
I was just curious if anyone knew what was happening with the hotel webpage on the fanime site... I'd like to do my hotel reservations as early as possible for 2009... Anybody have any kind of an ETA for it?
Registration / Re: Badge Pick up
December 26, 2007, 10:29:27 AM
This is from the FAQ...

"I've pre-registered! Where is my badge??
If you have paid in full your badge will be waiting for you at registration at the con. Please be prepared to show a valid government issued photo ID (passport, driver's license, state ID, military ID, etc.) to pick up your badge. A school ID is not an acceptable form of ID.

This is kind of silly but a school id is a state government issued id. I don't know why they wouldn't accept a state issued ID. Remember everyone, a school is part of the state of california. Even banks accept school ID's as a form of government identification. LOL... But these are the rules that they have posted... LOL