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I wonder if other cons have similar flows to this one? I like that this one doesn't seem to really have a schedule, well for somethings yes, but like you could come in for the most part at any time and it feels the same as coming in at another time. I really like that about this con. Though maybe some kiosks or some of the meetings would be cool to be made available in the later hours. Was this me just missing these things, or yeah were there no meetings in the hotel rooms at night? Is this because of the restrictions of the hotel?

Perhaps you are spoiled by the notion of the "24 Hour" Con.  FanimeCon provides night time programming while other cons have a specific closing and opening time.  If YOU have any ideas, there is a category of activities called "Fan Events" where you could propose one.

Serious Business / Re: Catching Creepy Photographers that go too far
« on: July 08, 2015, 01:17:05 AM »
someone earlier wrote:
"As I'm still walking, a man's voice behind me keeps trying to get my attention. "Ma'am? Excuse me? Ma'am?" I snap a little (sorry, ?Rover, if I was rude at all!) and tell him that I just told him and the videographer I'm not doing pictures. (They weren't together -- this gentleman was walking with a woman, but appeared soon enough after I got rid of the videographer who was harassing me that he had to have seen at least part of the interaction.) "

Even if staff member saw (and I'm not making an excuse), please make sure to say you felt like you were wronged.  A staff member can get a rover or report it to the right person so that the perpetrator can be put on the watch list so other bad situations won't occur.

If a photographer won't let you take a photo of him/her, why would you let them take a picture of you? <- just a thought...

General Convention Discussion / Re: Official Convention Feedback
« on: June 13, 2015, 03:29:48 AM »
  • Restrooms over by Peet's on the upper floor should be open.  It's a long trek to the nearest lower level restroom or even to the nearest restrooms in Gaming.  I get that during a dance or something taking place in those rooms you'd need to restrict access but there needs to be easily accessible facilities on that side of the convention center otherwise.
For Safety and Security reasons this hallway was supposed to remain closed during the day.  These bathrooms were reserved for use by Convention Center Staff only during the day.  The closer restrooms to Peete's would have been on the 2nd floor of the Hilton right inside the doors from the convention center.

First Aid was marked with the traditional plus on the map.

Live Programming and Events / Dance Battles?
« on: June 09, 2015, 04:33:38 PM »
I will ask again this year...
Would there be interest in a formal dance competition or "battle" 1v1 or 3v3

Just a thought:
 Props might be important for your cosplay, but with the increased police presence and the wider distribution of con sites, I would hope every cosplayer is more aware (especially walking between sites) that your "prop" might be mistaken as "real" and you could get dropped by mistake.  These rules and laws are set in place to protect you not annoy you.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Official Convention Feedback
« on: June 05, 2015, 11:37:14 AM »
- A friend of mine was working as a dealer, so his badge said something along the lines of "Toys Logic 8". He was not let into the dance because his badge didn't have his name on it. If that's the official policy, it should be communicated to dealers and their helpers that the badge they get from selling doesn't grant them as much access as an attendee badge.

There were a few dealers attempting to skip the line and enter through the exit.  This would not have been allowed, however if they waited in line, they should've been allowed in.  Do you know which rover or troubleshooter turned them away?
The line was closed off at 3:15 AM on Sat. due to an issue inside and 3:00 on Sunday because of capacity issues.

I am not responding as a staff member when I write this:

The dance on Day 0 started a little late at 8:20 but was open till 2AM.  This was not a badged event, but all other rules applied.

Day 0 Events are not guaranteed (except for Swap Meet).  If a department has chosen to hold a day 0 event they face the problem with it being non-badged.  Often times Day 0 events are used to stress test or do a dry run of the equipment/processes used for the rest of the weekend.  The tech is not necessarily owned by the convention center but it is correct that a union tech needs to put it up, meaning that there is a cost and a different timeline associated to it. Day 0 is exactly that, the day before the con officially starts.

Live Programming and Events / FANIMECON 2016 DANCE - DJ APPLICATION
« on: May 26, 2015, 05:42:16 PM »

The application can be found here (link corrected):

questions/comments should go to dance@fanime.com

Location and Hours of Operation
Day 0 (Badge not required)          SJCC, Rm 231 8 PM to 2 AM
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3                   SJCC, Rms 230, 231, 232 7 PM to 4 AM


The FanimeCon Code of Conduct applies to the Dance with the following additional rules. Failure to comply will lead to ejection from the dance and possible suspension of FanimeCon membership privileges. Transferred badges will be confiscated. Please visit the Member Services page (http://www.fanime.com/member-services/) for information regarding fan storage.

1.   Badges will be marked identifying individuals who are ejected from the dance and will not be allowed back in that day.  Repeat offenders will have their dance attendance privileges revoked for 2015.
2.   The Dance is open to all ages. However, we suggest that children under the age of 13 be accompanied by a responsible adult.  After 11pm the lyrical content may not be suitable for those under 18.
3.   The FanimeCon Dance is a private event hosted for the attendees and members of FanimeCon. An official FanimeCon badge is required for entry.  Admission tickets will not be available for purchase at the door. 
4.   Once you leave the dance event area, you will have to wait in line to re-enter.
5.   Attendees are subject to a security check.
6.   No outside food or beverages are allowed in the dance. Sealed containers (even purchased in the dealer’s hall) will not be allowed in. Reusable containers will be emptied at the entrance.  Water Stations are available inside.
7.   Bags will not be allowed in to the dance.  Small purses, personal pouches, and storage components on cosplays are subject to inspection prior to entry.
8.   No Drugs. 
9.   Physical and/or verbal harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
10.   Large props will not be allowed in the dance (larger than 24 inches). Attendees might be asked to put away props of any size if they are determined to represent a potential danger to others.
11.   Chemical based glow products (I.E. glow sticks, necklaces, or bracelets) are not allowed in the dance, but LED based lighting utilities are allowed as long as they do not represent an immediate danger to others.
12.   No "Laser Gloves" or laser pointers will be allowed.
13.   E-Cigarette use or vaping inside the convention center is strictly prohibited.  Vapes and e-cigarettes are not allowed in to the dance.  If you are caught with one inside, you will be ejected.
14.   Only authorized personnel are allowed on the stage.
15.   No prop or coat check is available inside the dance; personal property left unattended is at your own risk.

DJ Schedule

THU DAY 0 Dance (RM 231):

   8 to 9      Empathy
   9 to 10     DJ Sandman
   10 to 11   PreyX
   11 to 12   Kaminari
   12 to 1     eHash
   1 to 2      TBA

FRI Day 1 Dance (RM 230):
   7 to 8      KYOU
   8 to 10    MELVIS
   10 to 12   SEQUENCE http://www.mixcrate.com/djsequence
   12 to 2     LET IT BE KNOWN http://www.libkofficial.com/
   2 to 4      EMPATHY

FRI Day 1 Dance (RM 231):
   7 to 8           KPOP (peterLo)
   8 to 9           EDM/DIRTY DUTCH (noSHAME & FearlessTofu)
   9 to 10          EDM/BIG ROOM HOUSE (SVNX)
   10 to 11         HARDCORE HAPPYHOUR (Dark0)
   11 to 12:30    EDM/Complextro (Badcat)
   12:30 to 2      UK HARDCORE (Hagé)
   2 to close       Mainstream Club/Hip Hop/Top 40s (eHash)

FRI Day 1 Dance (RM 232):
   8 to 10           J-CORE (Drayne O)
   10 to 12         Trap (Jesse Uppercut)
   12 to 1:30      Sidequest
   1:30 to 3        peterLo

SAT Day 2 Dance (RM 230):
   8 to 10          KEPIK
   10 to 12         AFTERPARTY (http://219boys.com/)
   12 to 2           eHash (http://www.mixcrate.com/djehash)
   2 to 4             DJ MELODIE (http://www.djmelodie.com/)

SAT Day 2 Dance (RM 231):
   7 to 8            EDM/Electro (GREECHY)
   8 to 10           TRAP (WOOSHAY)
   10 to 11         HARDCORE HAPPYHOUR (Dark0)
   11 to 12:30     TRANCE (Brian Huynh)
   12:30 to 2       HIP HOP/Top 40s (Melvis)
   2 to close        jEDi-M (Empathy vs PreyX)

SAT Day 2 Dance (RM 232):
   8 to 9            J-CORE/UK HARDCORE (DJ Xun)
   9 to 11           Drum and Bass (Dead Kruiser)
   11 to 1          SHAWN WASABI
   1 to 2            J-CORE/ANIME MUSIC (PIROKO)
   2 to close       peterLo

SUN Day 2 Dance (RM 230):
   8 to 10          MajestiChris
   10 to 12        Alexx Adam
   12 to 2          DJ Komodo
   2 to 4            PreyX (Electro/J-House)

SUN Day 2 Dance (RM 231):
   7 to 8            TBD
   8 to 9            EDM/BIG ROOM HOUSE (Kaminari)
   9 to 10           EDM/BIG ROOM HOUSE (TBD)
   10 to 11          HARDCORE HAPPYHOUR (Dark0)
   11 to 12          TRANCE (Empathy)
   12 to 2           HIP HOP/Top 40s (DJ Bubbles)
   2 to close           Mainstream Club/Hip Hop/Top 40s (eHash)

SUN Day 2 Dance (RM 232):
   7 to 8            J-CORE/UK HARDCORE (DJ Xun)
   8 to 9            J-CORE/HARDCORE (DJet0)
   9 to 10           J-CORE/ANIMEMUSIC (Piroko)
   10 to 12         TRAP (ALAN SOUL)
   12 to 2           J-CORE/UK HARDCORE (DJ BJS)
   2 to close       peterLo

THU DAY 0 Dance (RM 231):
   8 to 9      Empathy
   9 to 10           DJ Sandman
   10 to 11           PreyX
   11 to 12            Kaminari
   12 to 1           eHash
   1 to 2      TBA

FRI Day 1 Dance (RM 230):
   7 to 8      KYOU
   8 to 10           MELVIS
   10 to 12           SEQUENCE http://www.mixcrate.com/djsequence
   12 to 2           LET IT BE KNOWN http://www.libkofficial.com/
   2 to 4      EMPATHY

FRI Day 1 Dance (RM 231):
   7 to 8            KPOP (peterLo)
   8 to 9           EDM/DIRTY DUTCH (noSHAME & FearlessTofu)
   9 to 10           EDM/BIG ROOM HOUSE (SVNX)
   10 to 11           HARDCORE HAPPYHOUR (Dark0)
   11 to 12:30   EDM/Complextro (Badcat)
   12:30 to 2           UK HARDCORE (Hagé)
   2 to close   Mainstream Club/Hip Hop/Top 40s (eHash)

FRI Day 1 Dance (RM 232):
   8 to 10           J-CORE (Drayne O)
   10 to 12           Trap (Jesse Uppercut)
   12 to 1:30           Sidequest
   1:30 to 3           peterLo

SAT Day 2 Dance (RM 230):
   8 to 10           KEPIK
   10 to 12           AFTERPARTY (http://219boys.com/)
   12 to 2           eHash (http://www.mixcrate.com/djehash)
   2 to 4      DJ MELODIE (http://www.djmelodie.com/)

SAT Day 2 Dance (RM 231):
   7 to 8            EDM/Electro (GREECHY)
   8 to 10           TRAP (WOOSHAY)
   10 to 11           HARDCORE HAPPYHOUR (Dark0)
   11 to 12:30   TRANCE (Brian Huynh)
   12:30 to 2           HIP HOP/Top 40s (Melvis)
   2 to close           jEDi-M (Empathy vs PreyX)

SAT Day 2 Dance (RM 232):
   8 to 9            J-CORE/UK HARDCORE (DJ Xun)
   9 to 11             Drum and Bass (Dead Kruiser)
   11 to 1          SHAWN WASABI
   1 to 2      J-CORE/ANIME MUSIC (PIROKO)
   2 to close           peterLo

SUN Day 2 Dance (RM 230):
   8 to 10          MajestiChris
   10 to 12          Alexx Adam
   12 to 2           DJ Komodo
   2 to 4      PreyX (Electro/J-House)

SUN Day 2 Dance (RM 231):
   7 to 8            TBD
   8 to 9      EDM/BIG ROOM HOUSE (Kaminari)
   9 to 10           EDM/BIG ROOM HOUSE (TBD)
   10 to 11           HARDCORE HAPPYHOUR (Dark0)
   11 to 12           TRANCE (Empathy)
   12 to 2           HIP HOP/Top 40s (DJ Bubbles)
   2 to close           Mainstream Club/Hip Hop/Top 40s (eHash)

SUN Day 2 Dance (RM 232):
   7 to 8            J-CORE/UK HARDCORE (DJ Xun)
   8 to 9      J-CORE/HARDCORE (DJet0)
   9 to 10           J-CORE/ANIMEMUSIC (Piroko)
   10 to 12           TRAP (ALAN SOUL)
   12 to 2           J-CORE (DJ BJS)
   2 to close           peterLo

We have finalized the list of DJs we will be inviting this year.
We apologize for the delay.  There had been a decision pending on the operating hours of the dance which would determine how many time slots we had available.
The first round of emails that will go out today at 5:00 PM will be the rejections.  Over the course of the next few days we will be sending out acceptance invitations. 
If an invitation is declined, a decision will be made on who will be the best applicant to fill this spot.

This year, we will be inviting the largest number of DJs to perform in the history of the dance.
The decisions were made by a team of 3 evaluators and candidates were judged on the following criteria: skills (quality of transitions in the mix), fit (did the music fit the available timeslot), con participation (were they doing this because they want to contribute to the con or have they never been to the con and just looking for a gig), compatibility (what equipment they are able to use).

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Breakable Lanyards
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:25:06 PM »
I wasn't saying that theres nothing against it, its just something that is somewhat second thought for Cosplayers half the time.
I'm not trying to be negative, just pointing out, that if people do give it a first thought, or perhaps a vendor thinks ahead and sells these:


they could work much better than the normal clips and possibly be flexible in how they attach to cosplays.

Staff & Volunteers / Re: Are staff allowed to cosplay?
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:20:48 PM »
wow, do they get to keep those items? I might want to work for you ;)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Suggested Signage
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:17:53 PM »
i think the idea is cool, but i have to mention a few things to consider while reaching out for suggestions on how to offset these cons:

(1) union cost for putting these up in the convention center
(2) cost of banner vs a printed sign, for some departments this would take up a sizable part or exceed their current overall budget.

more maps would be cool, esp. since all the signs are printed every year.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Breakable Lanyards
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:03:52 PM »
Breakable lanyards are more expensive, is this an extra convenience cost that all attendees should be paying for? (this is me speaking, not as a staffer)
I didn't see anything in the code of conduct that prevents you from going out and getting your own lanyard or adding something to your cosplay to clip it on to.

Ideas and Suggestions / Line Management Department
« on: July 07, 2014, 11:59:10 AM »
I'd like to see a specific department for Line Management that could be a specific sub-team of an existing department dedicated ONLY to Line Management.

While the days of "LineCon" for reg might have appeared to be solved, the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality doesn't apply to lines elsewhere in the con.

I believe that a team or department should be created to deal with these lines, and analyze and report back why they exist.  While lines can be great for establishing something is going on ("hey there's a lot of people in line, let's check it out"), they can also be caused by a temporary logistical hold up (bag/badge checks at the dance, dress code checks at black and white, id checks at the 18+ events, etc).

Currently, the rovers have been tasked with general crowd control, but dedicating trained rovers to line management instead of patrols causes a deficit in one required function.  At the dance, if I have to use more rovers and staff outside to manage a temporary line of a 1000 people, I have less doing checks at the door and inside patrolling.  This is also a problem when there is counter programming (like the early hours of the dance vs musicfest or black and white). 

Additionally, I believe this new team should have access to their own stanchions (this way a department's budget doesn't get hurt by a sudden temporary need), plan ahead for extra stanchion deployment, or have direct contact with the venue's stanchion team.  Facilities is great at doing this for us now, however when there are multiple issues going on, this could represent a 20 to 30 minute delay.  Being able to move the stanchions gives the con the ability to more quickly respond and control line situations.  A team that has already worked with both the rovers, logistics, and facilities to understand restrictions (like if in the con center or parkside hall, a union facilities tech has to be there, or in a hotel, what that hotel may or may not have available)

The line management team should also be able to quickly understand the needs of the event they are managing the line for and conveying any additional information necessary (ie: at the dance, reminder to read the rules or that no bags are allowed).

I know staff are discouraged from making suggestions like these in the forums, however I have chosen to post this here for the following reasons:
(1) Ideas need support, reply and provide your support if you feel like this would improve your experience
(2) If created, it would need a staff, taking existing staff from other departments would defeat the purpose, so if it interests you as something you want to do, look in to it.
(3) While a need of my department, the function is outside my division :P

I am curious about getting a DJ gig at fanime next year. Mind if I asked how you went about it?


The application can be found here:

questions/comments should go to dance@fanime.com

General Convention Discussion / Re: Item Check @ Fanime
« on: July 05, 2014, 09:53:43 AM »
The dance floor is a major issue for attendees and volunteers who happen to have to be there. I read that one can leave items up front at their own risk though I would not want to risk leaving my messenger bag there while I volunteer as I have important items in there. Some people do leave items or props with staff/rovers/ or existing volunteers at the tables.

Did you really attend or volunteer the dance? I do not believe it was ever stated that you can "leave items up front at your own risk", it said "items left unattended are at your own risk." While volunteering for the dance, you could have left your bag with the Dance Ops desk which was not available for attendees (only for staff and volunteers).

Though I had an experience that would like to bring to concern. I had to volunteer at dance halls to fulfill my volunteer hours on the night before the last day, I had difficultly getting to where I was supposed to be as I had a bag of necessities which included gum and liquids which is barred from the no outside food or drink rule to keep the floors clean.
Nowhere did we state that this was just for cleanliness.  This is because countless attendees try to sneak in prohibited substances like alcohol in water bottles and other liquid containers.

"Japanese dance floor hygiene standards" ha ha  So I could not get to where I was supposed to go to volunteer therefore I waited outside to see what can I do since I did not have a car and even if I know items check exists it's already shut down for the night and won't do me any good. Thankfully a staff member let me in saying it's ok to the TSA style bag checkers and clocked me in for volunteer hours so I was able to volunteer for my hours.
Normally, as a volunteer for the dance you should have said you were a volunteer at the front (where the rovers were) and gone straight to the dance ops desk.

I see on another post about how a formal items check inside convention center would rely on unionized staff. Though I wonder since there are already a number of staff and volunteers sitting at tables outside the dance hall it couldn't hurt to have a informal name tag box/cobby system to leave props, jackets, bags, backpacks, food, etc temporarily in boxes or cubbies until one leaves the dance floor giving the tag back to claim their items it would make things much better for those who don't have the luxury of an onsite hotel room, or car parked in the onsite garage.

Inside the hall, the staff is at the dance ops desk table to (1) hand on site lost and found items (2) centralized communication point for rovers/staff (3) clock in and clock out volunteers (4) fill out incident reports.  They are not there to check items for attendees.  Checking in items in this area is problematic due to space issues amongst other reasons.

The table outside is not a usable space since it is the CMR desk during the day.  The infodesk in the concourse area is definitely not a coat check.

Some people cannot just throw away food or liquids because they would need it afterwards as they would be hungry and thirsty after dance and they would not be able to buy as everything is closed at such a late hour.
This rule has been in effect for 4 or 5 years after an enormous amount of liquor and drugs were found inside the event.  It is posted in 4 places, on the website, in the forums (like with this post, you know a year ahead) that you have to figure out somewhere to put your stuff.  Which was the original intention of this thread. BTW, peet's below the dance was open 24/5.  in the area there are at least 3 places still open for food

Some people do leave items or props with staff/rovers/ or existing volunteers at the tables.
The Hilton already has as lost and found room and a Cosplay hangout. Though I don't know if Cosplay hangout is open at night and whether is it safe to leave items there.

If you had gone to either one you would know that these are not appropriate places for you to check your items in.  It you should assume that you shouldn't leave your bag unattended, jus tlike in an airport.

Expanding the existing check to 24/5 would be best and we would have plenty of volunteers willing to do double hours for night volunteering to catch up with their hours requirements.
The double hour practice is not standard and not something you should count on.

I find it a great idea though. Even if not 24/5 maybe until half an hour after dance finishes at 2 am.
Are you just trolling? Did you even go to the dance or targeting the dance since I responded to you? If you went to the dance you would know we ended at 4 not 2.

Regarding liability issues though  I wonder who or what insures the items in the unlikely but possible event they somehow become missing, damaged, or destroyed, within custody if this items check? Does it just depend on luck and hoping the proceeds from $3 each item checked would outweigh the costs of any claims that might arise for the duration of the convention? I bet the convention center's union staffed items check system are well insured for this which I believe is important not to skimp on as for this convention with so many carrying expensive bulky cosplays, props, jewelry(Bought from dealers hall or part of cosplay),or other pricy items from art and dealers hall, travel baggage, etc as well as events like dancing which one would not be able to bring these things into.  I was surprised to learn the Con decided to skimp out on the convention center's coat check service and did not have any kind of items check from any source until last year.

Items are almost always left in any item check at your own risk.  You state it like you know something, but any event would have to carry an insurance policy that is more likely to cover incidents like this than the convention center.   I'm not even sure the Convention Center has a coat check service... Where did you find that information?  and I'm pretty sure whether or not it's open is a Convention Center decision and a FanimeCon decision.  Where did you learn the Con skimped out on a Convention Center coat check?  That would be a cost the users pay instead of the con. 

I believe there should be an items check in front of the dance hall when it's in operation where people can leave their bags, food/drinks, props etc and not have to worry about them until they are finished dancing.

this was the first year of the item check, perhaps this year it might be relocated and open different hours.  Just something to think about:  This year the proceeds of the item check went to charity.  However, if held in the convention center, it would need to be staffed by union workers and the proceeds would probably go to the convention center.

"The Memorial Day Convention is the first anime con I visited. When I visited it I start to wonder how the Convention is put together. Such as are most of the the organizers or founders fresh off the boat/plane Japanese Nationals or Japanese that had been immigrated generations ago in North America?"
Neither, the organizers or founders might have no Japanese ancestry.

"Are most of these conventions around handled by the same or similar group of people?"
No. Since most of the cons are staffed by volunteers (and don't get paid), there might be members of the community that staff several cons.

"Though I am most curious about is the naming of anime Conventions based on different locations. Some convention names are based on location such as the city name i.e Sac-Con, Stockton Con, Anime Boston, while others like Fanimi in San Jose and Susoki Con in Louisville, KY are uniques name that does not refer to the city that the convention is in. Take Fanimi for example how the name get chosen maybe over San Jose anime convention, Silicon Valley Anime Con or any other names. Is it because the names had been taken? Please note I am only asking the question of out of curiosity I am not really interested to participate in naming of conventions."
You can visit the wikipedia page for each of the cons to get an idea about the history or drive behind it's programming.  There is no regulatory commission or government infrastructure saying you have to name your con with your location.

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