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Our application has been approved! See original post for finalized date, time, and location.

Gathering form has been submitted!

Little bump - as May gets closer, I will be submitting the gathering application soon for consideration. Please reply if you know who you will be cosplaying and you'll be added to the main post :)

UPDATE - sort of!

I saw someone comment about how they never received their photos from Fanime 2019 gatherings, and for a long time the Jojo gathering pics hadn't been posted. Apparently they are now? Unfortunately they're scattered between everything else and Flickr won't let me download them.

Here's the link in case you want to see last year's gathering pics:

Thanks for the updates!!! I’m currently playing the game, forgot how much I fuckin love DMC. I’ll be going as V! But I also host a gathering on Sunday usually between 12-2, if possible could you shoot more for Friday or Saturday?

Quick bump! Please check out the Facebook event page for this gathering.

Hello yet again, fellow Jojos! Nina here, posting ahead of time. Just basic same stuff as last year, but please do reply if you already know your cosplay for the gathering and you'll be added to the cosplayers list.

Name of the gathering: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Gathering
This Gathering Includes: Parts 1-8, Stands, gijinkas, AU designs, color swaps/anniversary color schemes/any color schemes, etc.
Day: Sunday 5/24
Time: 1:00 PM
Meeting Place (MP): G6
Location (L): G6

  • apples4ryuk as Oyecomova
  • Spitewick as Kakyoin

Legal Statement: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order:
  • Group photo
  • Phantom Blood
  • Battle Tendency
  • Stardust Crusaders
  • Diamond is Unbreakable
  • Golden Wind
  • Stone Ocean
  • Steel Ball Run
  • Jojolion
  • All Jobros
  • All Villains
  • All Jojos
  • All Zeppelis
  • Stands

Link to Facebook event:

Link to other gathering relevant things: N/A

News of the gathering: 3/3/2020 - Our gathering application has been approved! Hurrah!

OHHHHHH this makes me happy! I cosplayed Bean for Halloween and plan on doing pirate Oona and now I can bring em to fanime!!!

Hello hello good morn to you all! In addition to hosting next year’s Jojo gathering, I’m also trying to put together a Steel Ball Run minor villains group! Right now I’m just gauging interest, but this group will probably meet on Friday or Saturday of Fanime for a photo shoot. Please reply if you are interested and share with your friends!

Sorry, no genderbends or alt color schemes.


Filled characters:
- Wekapipo (apples4ryuk / jojoplusultra)
- Scarlet Valentine (yare.yare.dawa)

Available characters:
- [ ] The Boom Booms (Andre, Benjamin, LA)
- [ ] Blackmore
- [ ] Disco
- [ ] Dr. Ferdinand
- [ ] Magenta Magenta
- [ ] Mrs. Robinson
- [ ] Oyecomova
- [ ] Pork Pie Hat Kid
- [ ] Ringo Roadagain
- [ ] Sandman

Given that the list is long, not every character will be kept unless filled. Any character that has even one person interested WILL be kept tho! Please reply with whom you’d like to cosplay and 1-2 backup options just in case 🙂


!! UPDATE !!

Still no photos in the Sunday album BUT in the uploads album, at the end, one of the cosplayers added photos from the gathering. Thank you!

Hello everyone! WOW, what a crowd this year. I didn't expect quite so many cosplayers at the gathering but thank you so much to everyone who participated! To those who entered the giveaway but were not present, I'm sorry, your chance to win was forfeited. If I do a giveaway next year it will be better organized and I will have people enter after the gathering instead of beforehand.

Also, our photos are not yet uploaded to the FanimeCon slickpic gallery. I will keep checking and link the album here when they are posted! I've also asked the gatherings coordinator to see if they know when the pictures will be uploaded. Stay tuned! And thank you again to everyone that came to the gathering! ♥

GUESS WHAT Y'ALL! We've been approved! Yay! Our time is 2:00 PM on SUNDAY MAY 26 at location G6. I'm updating this here as well as on the Facebook event page, but the official cosplay gathering list won't be solid for a few more days (or even a week? idk) so I... am continuing to post until then? Better safe than sorry :P


Gathering list is official, although it can still change! I updated the main post with our current scheduled time and location, as well as added a few more cosplayers to the list.

Hello everyone! Bumping for the biweekly check in. I added a few more cosplayers to the list and DID have a poll, but no one is very active here so it flopped. I gauged interest on Instagram and Facebook instead for the giveaway which will be held at the end of the gathering.

Below is the giveaway form - if you are a PARTICIPATING COSPLAYER or PHOTOGRAPHER, you are eligible! Limited to 1 entry per person. Don’t use multiple usernames i.e. double Instagram or twitter accounts. I am checking every entry to ensure each person has a fair chance of winning  :)

I saw somebody else mention a giveaway at the end of their gathering. Would anyone be interested in such a thing? I have a few items of Jojo merchandise that I'm okay parting with. Putting a poll up, please vote.

GUESS WHAT! Gathering submissions are live! I've already submitted one for the Jojo gathering, will update every two weeks and when I hear more info. Be sure to check out our Facebook event page! Cosplayers are choosing via poll which part they are cosplaying from. So far the majority are from Vento Aureo... saw that coming ;P

Bump, some info has changed on the main post! Still waiting for official submission forms to go live, but will keep updated. Going to share this post on the Facebook page and Instagram so I can hopefully add more people who are cosplaying!

bump! Link shared to the Fanime facebook page as well as the event.

bump ✊ still no word on gatherings officially but I'm keeping a lookout! :) Don't forget to check the event page!

'TIS THE YEAR OF THE GOLDEN WIND.... Our mantra? "That's bullshit, but I believe it!" Or we could go the other way, "Every time I close my eyes, I wake up feelin' so hooorny..."

HELLO ALL! It's me again, Nina! I plan on hosting the Jojo Fanime gathering for a second year because no one has expressed interest in doing so otherwise, and I thought I'd get this post up ASAP. I realize I might have to make another forum post when the 2019 updates happen or whatever, but better to organize early anyway!

Name of the gathering: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fanime 2019
This Gathering Includes: JJBA Parts 1-8, stands, gijinkas, AU designs, anniversary color schemes, OCs, etc. Basically ANY AND EVERYTHING JOJOS!

UPDATES!!! 4/1 The official gathering list has been submitted, although it is still subject to change. I've updated the time and date that we currently hold, but if anything changes I will update here and on the Facebook event! :)

Day: Sunday 5/26/2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Meeting Place (MP):G6
Location (L): G6

Cosplayers (via their Instagram handles)
- jojoplusultra as Higashikata Joshuu
- acidiic as Narancia Ghirga
- goth_cosplay as Trish Una
- sleeplessalpha as Bruno Bucciarati
- beauty_by_samantha as Leone Abbacchio (hard maybe)
- layniebugs_cos as genderbend Jean Pierre Polnareff
- hildurgalaxy as Nijimura Okuyasu
- plasticstar5 as Higashikata Josuke
- yare.yare.dawa as Hirose Yasuho
- dlauch as Gappy / Higashikata Jo2uke
- Destinee as Bruno Buccelati
- Zakayla as Guido Mista
- cinnamonraesin as Guido Mista
- Sav as Reimi
- bobabo0 as Koichi

LEGAL STATEMENT: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order: Jojos has so many parts that we tend to go in numerical order, so maybe this year we can switch it up a bit!

1. All Jojos
2. DIO!!!! (all versions incl. Diego, Heaven Dio, etc.)
3. All Zeppelis
4. All sidekicks
5. All villains
6. Phantom Blood
7. Battle Tendency
8. Stardust Crusaders
9. Diamond is Unbreakable
10. Vento Aureo
11. Stone Ocean
12. Steel Ball Run
13. Jojolion
14. All Stands
15. Jonathan & Dio (incl. Johnny & Diego)
16. Joseph & Caesar
17. Jotaro & Kakyoin
18. Avdol, Polnareff & Iggy (if poss.)
19. Josuke, Okuyasu & Koichi
20. Passione
21. La Squadra
22. Prison Girls (Jolyne, Hermes & Foo)
23. Pucci & Dio
24. Johnny & Gyro
25. Hot Pants & Diego (if poss.)
26. Funny Valentine (if poss.)
27. Gappy & Yasuho
28. Higashikata family (if poss.)
--this is a very long list but many of them are just additional ideas bc last year we kinda winged it after doing all the parts/main jojos/sidekicks etc.

Link to Facebook event: FB Event Page

Link to other gathering relevant things: will include info on my cosplay instagram (@jojoplusultra) when the dates get closer

News of the gathering: Keeping an eye out for the official gathering form submission!! Will update this post when it becomes available.

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