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See y'all tomorrow at noon!!! :D
Quote from: BugShramp on May 17, 2024, 08:34:35 AMHi!! I'm gonna be dressing up as an inkling from Splatoon but not specifically the one that's in Smash. Would it still be okay to join in on this gathering? :o No worries if not, I just didn't see a general Splatoon/Nintendo gathering on the list!

Absolutely! :D come represent the squid kids!! XD
Confirmed for Saturday @ 12pm! Very excited to be back at our G7 location! :D
XD you have the hour after me, so I'll be changing... Sorta there, but you'll have a Chocobo & Cait Sith there!
Ah! I hope I can make it to this one! My boyfriend and I have Goth and Prep from Boyfriends in our list. :D
Bump to say we got submitted in for official sign ups!
I know this is a dead area, but hopefully this will get seen by those who haven't yet. Until an official post is sent out, Ariel and myself set up an unofficial google sheet for people to get signed up onto so nobody gets overlapped on gathering stuff. Here's the Facebook post she used. :)

"Hello Everyone! Skyler Karashi and I have put together an Unoffical Cosplay Gathering List.

If you are hosting a gathering this year, please fill out our form! It will help us hosts too if they announce official gatherings so we stay organized.

Submission Form:

Gathering List Excel:

We'll update this daily as new submissions come in!"
Oooooo depending on day & time, I'll for sure wanna be going as Cait Sith with my boyfriend as a Chocobo!
Hope everyone had a successful hotel time! I'll bump again when gathering sign ups begin!
Famine finally posted up their official photos! I linked to them in the first post, but just a heads up, they aren't split up by timeframe this year, so you'll have to scroll a bit to get to us. But they came out amazing! Thanks to everyone who participated again, and I can't wait to see y'all next year!!
Hi there, I've been attending a long time, and thought about getting a spot before, but I've never really had enough to sell to justify myself. XD but as a quick couple of questions, to spots fill up quick? And what's the fee to get a spot? Thank you!
We are submitted! We had to change the location for... I'm not even really sure why, but we'll see where we get put this year after we're accepted. :)
Looks like Fanime is gonna happen this year! I know I'm looking forward to pre reg on Tuesday. Who else is excited?? I'm still running this gathering this year, so hope we still have a good turn out!
Quote from: cheshkitten on May 21, 2022, 03:51:48 PM
Quote from: pokefan995 on May 19, 2022, 05:54:32 PM
I'm excited to see everyone at this gathering. I'm new to the fan base myself, but I'm gonna try and bring Akkun for this. :D

I'm excited too, it's coming  up fast! We'll be stoked to have you!! :D Akkun is a great choice too!

This year was AWESOME! I hope you come back to run it again next year!! :D I already know who I've got in mind to do for it. LOL!
#16 Pictures from the gathering will be posted here as they are uploaded by the fanime staff. Huge shout out to everyone, photographers and cosplayers alike. Sadly I decided this would be my last year running this gathering. It was really been so much fun and I'll miss it, but I'll still be running the Smash Bros gathering in years to come. THANK YOU ALL!!

Here's my photos from the gathering! If you have any, I would love to see them as well!! Thank everyone for coming out! I super love seeing everyone there!!! :D
I'm excited to see everyone at this gathering. I'm new to the fan base myself, but I'm gonna try and bring Akkun for this. :D
Down to a week until con! Can't wait to see you all there!
Down to a week until con! Can't wait to see you all there!