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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Traveling to Fanime
September 01, 2009, 01:13:18 PM
As far as traveling, I highly suggest getting tickets with Southwest Airlines if possible. San Jose airport is a major SWA hub and they take up almost half of the airport. They're usually pretty cheap, especially if you reserve ahead of time. SWA only accepts reservations 6.5 months in advance, so you'll want to check their website in December. You can then take the light rail from the airport to the convention center.
Cthulhu for President!

Of course, I am biased.

I'm still working on getting video from the actual presentation online overlaid with the audio, but the audio keeps disappearing.
Do you honestly think Cthulhu cares if it is an election year or not? The Cthulhu for President campaign continues! Learn how Cthulhu was unfairly defeated! Learn about Cthulhu's stimulus plan and how you can help! Learn new ways to consume the flesh of infants! Cthulhu for President! No More Years!

This year, we even have buttons!

Saturday at 6pm! Be there or be eaten*!

*Attendance or the lack thereof will not prevent you from being eaten
Video Programming / Re: H Night Suggestion
October 13, 2008, 10:23:17 PM
I enjoy funny comments. The problem is that the majority of comments aren't funny.

Look, yelling out a phrase over and over that everyone has heard before isn't funny. It isn't clever or entertaining. At best it is just noise, but more commonly it is annoying.

I remember the first few years of the hentai room, when it was really entertaining. Now it's just a bunch of 4chan dipshits who are unoriginal and merely spout things others have said before.
Video Programming / Re: H Night Suggestion
October 12, 2008, 08:24:54 PM
H night needs:

Less idiots running around with megaphones
Less 4chan quotes
Less unfunny comments by the audience

More control over the audience
More "classical" hentai
I'm curious as to what people thought of it.