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Lol I remember a similar argumentative thread to this one from last year, basically asking where Fanime is "spending all that money"

1) If you truly enjoy the convention: Who Cares?
2) Lots of Overhead
    A) Convention Center (How much do you think it costs to rent the majority share of the downtown of close to a week)
    B) Radios (Need communications for the staff)
    C) Myriad of other technical equipment
    D) Security
    E) Medical Services On Site (stupid drunks every year)
    F) Union Support (Convention center is a Union House that adds costs)
    G) Guests
        i] Appearance fees
        ii] Hotel Rooms
        iii] Per Diem
        iv] Entertainment (yes even guests have to be entertained)
    H) Office Supplies
    I) Storage (Just cause the con only lasts a week doesn't mean there isn't stuff that has to be stored the rest of the year)
    J) Marketing (Fliers, posters, banners, bags)
    K) Staff Thank Yous (Not paying them got to provide a little gravitas)
    L) Meeting Space (Have to plan the event somewhere)
    M) Prizes (Attendees love giveaways)
    N) Decorations (Signage, Banners similar to Marketing but not)
    O) Damage Insurance (Think about the damage a group of primarily 14-24's can do...)
    P) Permits And Other Mandated Fees
    Q) CMR (Like them or not they are a cost)
    R) Lawyers (At their size they've got to keep someone on retainer)

Fanime is truly "By Fans For Fans" as they don't have the heavy sponsorship that most of the major other cons do.

The Pros - They live by their own rules and don't have to bow to what the sponsors want. Easiest way to tell, have you seen a major Viz, Funimation etc. in the Dealers' Hall. Panels are largely organized and run by fans which again means more variety than x corporation pump up the block blusters.

The Bad - Don't bring in all those corporate bucks that can be used to do some pretty extraordinary things

The Ugly - Either way it's a hard knock life to put on a convention of this size. I started attending back in '04 when they first moved to San Jose. Back then they didn't even use the full convention center. In just 10 years they now use the whole center, the Civic, South Hall, Fairmont, Marriott, Hilton. The convention is busting at the seams and the only way it will grow much further is to move to someplace like Moscone (Also a logistical nightmare)

As a final point. Fanime seems (at least to me) on a fairly conservative budget, and I think that is due back to where it started, college students meeting up at FootHill. As others have mentioned they don't play the game of premium tickets or charging for events.

Corporations are a structure, not necessarily good or evil for or against profit. I don't think they would have had such a major turn around in registration from a truly for profit entity, because it looked like they invested a hell of a lot in just one year for the infrastructure improvements.
Quote from: CatToy on March 11, 2015, 12:13:05 AM
Quote from: Admiral Donuts on November 13, 2014, 01:39:07 AM
Quote from: megamanjoe415 on November 09, 2014, 08:33:17 PM
This is exactly the same quote as last year. They plan to use this selection for future cons as stated last year. There were too many participants and not enough tables. But then again, if they used the original artist alley location, that would be great and have even more room.

They won't use the original location because that space is for dealers hall now.

Because putting the Artists Alley in the same room as the Dealer's room is clearly madness and no anime convention could ever pull that off.

Actually I remember SakuraCon putting artists with vendors and no one  was happy. Vendors didn't want to have to compete for the finite amount of dollars entering the convention. Artists hated being in the back of the hall. (What did you think that the artists were going to get the premium real estate when they pay a 1/4 of what a dealer does?)

And lol to the one that said their "original location". I've been attending since Fanime moved to the SJCC. Artist Alleys original location was around the pillars on the concourse. If you think booth spaces are limited now....
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Breakable Lanyards
June 05, 2014, 07:09:08 PM
Lord knows I'm a fan of lanyards with a break-away (my life was saved from an industrial trash compactor due to one), but I think it's a horrible idea for Fanime because how many people already lose/misplace their badges.

When I was wearing a giant costume I just got my spotter to carry my badge for me. The staff had no problems with it. As for wigs belt loop always works (even better if you have one of those retractable clips.)
The inks should be vibrant and non blurry for the packaging. Look for holographic/foil stickers (not all products have them). Paint on the product should be smooth. Fabric edges should be finished.
I don't see a reason why this would be specifically banned. They allow a lot of fanart, so as long as its your own creation there shouldnt be an issue.

Also this should probably be moved to general discussion.
Staff & Volunteers / Re: Staff + Volunteer?
April 07, 2014, 01:35:36 AM
Typically in the past they have frowned on people staffing for two departments. It is a little different for volunteers though.

To get reimbursed on a badge you do have to go through Volunteers even if you are dedicated volunteering for one department.  Typically Vol HQ is good about getting people the extra hours they need though....Always more door gaurds needed.

You can contact the volunteer department at volunteers at fanime dot com
Registration / Re: Clockwork Alchemy VS Fanime?
March 15, 2014, 10:49:04 PM
The choice is really for where you are going to pick up the badge, and the artwork. The badge will get you into either event.
Quote from: airanimechiic on March 12, 2014, 11:49:05 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but can we request panels?
Also, about requesting industry panels/autograph sessions/etc?
For example, music artists/idols, youtubers (Danceroid), mangakas (Yuu Watase, Yun Kouga, Clamp, etc)
or like I'm wondering if now that Miyazaki is retired, whether or not inviting him is possible.

This would probably go under guests I want see thread.
Actually towards the end of the con they were even letting Fanime people pick up their badges at Clockwork which leads me to believe the systems were linked even last year. Maybe Ewu can shed some light on this?
Baco's are Kosher
Where was I?
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
March 11, 2014, 01:04:47 AM
Due to the slices of salami that salad just eaten was worse for me than a ten piece nugget.
Pure water does not conduct electricity.
Did anyone pm you about selling a room. If so I'd turn them into Ewu or MPLE.
I'll take the Elsie and the Golden Boy DVD's if no one else has spoken up for them. Pickup at swapmeet?
Quote from: pitin on March 10, 2014, 01:04:47 PM
I'm trying to paint white onto a rather dark blue. I've tested a fabric medium with acrylic paint and I've tried both applying a thin portion of dimensional fabric paint directly to the fabric and also painting it on in layers. The acrylic with fabric medium looked the best but washes off and the dimensional paint looks glossy which I really don't want. I'm making the wii fit trainer and this is for the logo on her top. So it needs to be able to flex a stretch with the fabric without cracking.

You might want to try screen printing ink. I recently started playing with it and it's awesome. Definetly get the water based kind, the other you need a flash dryer to cure it. Speedball has a small jar on amazon pretty inexpensive. The nice thing about screen printing ink is it stretches, and doesn't add to much weight.
For my friend that was waitlisted they were told wait list fairly quickly didn't get in till a week later.
From Fremont Bart they can take the 180 Express, but it lets off at 2nd and Santa Clara and then you have to walk up to Market and San Carlos, about 5 blocks. 5 blocks isn't bad but your going through a "lovely" area with your bags exposed.
Does elsie have all of her packaging or is she just a loose figure?
Quote from: CatToy on March 06, 2014, 04:52:54 PM
The side doors were mostly locked for no good reason. (and the ones that were open were the most inconvenient ones possible).

The side doors were probably locked because they didn't have enough people to gaurd against people sneaking in.