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Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I want for Fanimecon 2007!!
« on: May 31, 2006, 02:16:20 PM »
Mayu Shinjo - mangaka of Kaikan/Sensual Phrase

Ueda Yuuji - seiyuu, he's a little old school but he's been doing a lot of work lately too

Tsushimamire - band, because I'm such a big Tsushi fan and their music is awesome and the bassist rocks so hard

The Emeralds - band, these guys have have amazing energy and their music is great

General Convention Discussion / i need a ride from the airport....
« on: May 16, 2006, 01:43:16 PM »
You could get a taxi, but if you're looking for a slightly cheaper option you can book a shuttle to take you from the airport to the hotel, chances are there will be plenty of other people going the same way as well. I've only used SuperShuttle. I think they might be one of the more expensive options but you can book online and have a more flexible pickup/drop off schedule so I prefer using them - plus I know they're reputable.

Quote from: "Suspicious"
Know if any of those are open late for us midnight snackers?

Gordon Biersch is open until midnight. Um... maybe Jack in the Box? LOL yeah the sucky thing about downtown SJ is that stuff closes down kinda early. I think most other places close at 9 or 10

the SJ Downtown Association has a list of pretty much all the places to eat downtown -

The thing with SJ is that most of them are either fast food or super expensive sit-down places.

Some places I know from experience are pretty reasonable for a sit-down meal:

Gordon Birsch, $8-15 for lunch (pasta, pizza, burgers, sandwhiches, oh yah.. beer)
Johnny Rockets (burgers, fries, milkshakes, retro 50s diner)
Peggy Sue's (burgers fries, milkshakes, retro 50s eatery)
Le Boulanger $4-8 (sandwiches, soups, bakery)
Sonoma Chicken Coop, $7-13 (salads, rotisserie chicken, pasta, sandwiches)
Old Spaghetti Factory, $7-11 (Italian - pasta)
La Victoria (Mexican -burritos)
Iguana's (Mexican - burritos)
Tengu Sushi (Japanese - sushi, donburi, teriyaki)
Pizza Chicago (Italian - pizza)
Pizza My Heart (pizza)
House of Siam $8-14 per dish, but it's family style so you'll typically order 3 dishes for 2 people (Thai - fried rice, curry, prawn/beef/chicken/seafood dishes)
Dac Phuc (Vietnamese - pho, rice plates)

If you're in for a snack or some fast food
Cafe Boba (Bubble Tea)
Hydration (Bubble Tea)
Quiznos (Sandwiches)
Starbucks (Coffee)
Subway (Sandwiches)
Togo's (Sandwhiches)
Jack in the Box (fast food)
Ben & Jerry's (ice cream)

Stay away from:
McDonald's - They have really horrible and slow service, kinda defeats the purpose of fast food
P.F. Chang's, The City Grill, Eulipia, Agenda, restaraunts inside the nearby hotels - They're all pretty pricy not to say they aren't tasty
Original Joe's - I've been, it wasn't very good.

Hi. Me and a few others on are planning a Tales of Symphonia cosplay gathering and just thought I would post here in case there are any ToS cosplayers attending Fanime that are not a member of that forum.

When: Sunday, May 28 @ 1PM
Where: Fountain area in front of the McEnry Convention Center

P.S: Is there a central list of gatherings? I've seen a few threads, but none of them seem to list out the different gatherings, times and places =D

General Anime Chat / What anime boobs do you have? [PG-13]
« on: April 13, 2004, 08:15:15 PM »
Er... I got flat. =/ What is this test trying to achieve anyway? Is it trying to tell me that if I was an anime character, I'd have flat boobs? *scratches head*

General Anime Chat / send me the pictures please! :D
« on: June 26, 2003, 08:28:03 AM »
i got a picture of hyper police

General Anime Chat / Con High
« on: June 25, 2003, 08:54:54 AM »
there's the japan town anime fair in san francisco in sept.

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