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Myself and a friend will most likely be in attendance as punk versions of Aerith and Vincent. And don't worry, we look like proper crust punks rebelling against the Shinra establishment lol
Might be convinced to bring Angel!Medic from Drive, but the shoes drive me up the wall lol :P also idk what my overall plans are for the con itself so I may end up with conflicting costumes.

If I don't bring Medic I might drop by in my Night/Mare themed lolita coord, but only to lend a megaphone to the overall smooth operation of the gathering.
Yes but consider for a moment... 4:30??? The best of both worlds.
If you want heavy 80's makeup and false eyelashes Asakura at a rider meet I'll do it. You won't like it, but I'll do it.
Since you guys are so specific about military cosplays, I've got a quick question. My Daedalus crew flight suit (from Stargate Atlantis) has patches, but they're all 100% fictional. There are no alphabet soup acronyms anywhere on any of those patches. I'll have a holster, but no weapon in it at any time.

It's basically this but my nametape just has my last name on it and lol I'm a woman.

We cool? I haven't packed yet so I can leave it out if you guys aren't cool with it, but I've seen guys in full ACU battle dress in the con center the past couple years so looking like a space-themed reject from Top Gun wouldn't be that terrible, right? :P
I have a shoot at 3 too but that costume involves some heavy makeup so if I show up to a second meet it might just be in something cute/involving my Gaim gear/not snakeskin lol I'd vote 5 though
I was originally planning on doing something much less labor-intensive to wear on Sunday, but I might pop in as shoomlah's historically-accurate version of Rapunzel. If not I'll show up anyway to take pictures :)
Too bad I have no idea where 90% of my Masato cosplay is lol

Also folks quick FYI, I'm bringing my megaphone to the gathering for crowd control purposes. I'll be sure to warn people before I get on it so I don't startle anyone, but it's either the megaphone or I spend the rest of the day as a mute and I don't really like that second option lol
Quote from: Angelx624 on May 08, 2015, 04:18:53 PM
Aww, well, if there does end up being a second, due to recent circumstances, I just might be able to have Kitaoka from Kamen Rider Ryuki done in time and I might switch someone else from my list out and put him in.... and I was gonna be wearing him Saturday evening, but who knows. XD

If you bring Kitaoka I swear to god I will find every single part of my Asakura cosplay and bring it.
So the shell compartment for my car that I usually use to transport large props to/from fanime is busted, so I might not bring Aguri after all. It's still up in the air. I'm throwing around a couple other ideas as backup, specifically Magiranger ones, so that might be a thing unless it isn't lol
Unless I decide on something else in the meantime I'll probably be bringing 90's Rogue to con, so I can probably try to make an appearance.
I've finally bullied my Rian into having her cosplay finished by ALA, so I ought to be making an appearance in Aguri again (and she had better join me lol). It'll be great since Ryuga's getting a movie and everything! 

I can certainly try to be tall and loud again, but I'm kinda sick of nobody listening to me no matter how loud I tell :\ oh well, someone's gotta do it tho lol
4 would be nice for the Gaim shoot. That way I can still do Gaim-related activities without feeling bad that I'm missing the episode stream.
Quote from: hakurei on March 16, 2014, 11:04:21 PM
Also I am still up for getting posters done! If someone with more free time than I do can get the team logos vectored, I can probably go to a print shop and print them unless someone else closer to Fanime can go ahead and do it (which would be amazing btw and I will buy you boba). I can print them out if no one else wants to but I will have a lot of stuff to pack for Fanime and I'm worried about them getting dented since I have to drive in from around 2 hours away...

This guy already vectored just about all the team logos and is apparently totally okay with people using them for whatever.
Aguri is coming along slowly but surely. Depending on the weather I might start his bow next weekend. I'm giving some serious thought to finally doing something from Magiranger, too... especially since I'm timing/typesetting it for a dvd-quality sub.
I actually forgot to mention, but there's a slim chance that my Rian (also from YamiTera) might make it to the gathering with me. Now we just need someone to show up as Ryuga and we'll be set for YamiTera Knights lol

I'm also really tempted to go to the Gaim meetup now too ;~; guys don't let me do it I'd end up coming as Hase
I'll be there! I'll probably be Kusugami Aguri from GARO: Yami wo Terasu Mono, since it's the only toku cosplay I know I'm bringing to con, but if I'm sick of lugging my bow around by then I'll have something else (maybe Ian from Kyoryuger, maybe Mele from Gekiranger if I finish her)

If you need someone to be loud for you I can volunteer again, but my only stipulation is you gotta have a shooting schedule 'cause last year started devolving into chaos by the time Gavan and Kabuto showed up.
I hope those of you that saw the wings drawn on the sidewalk by the statue of Quetzalcoatl liked them :DDD myself and my friend who was cosplaying Meg got up early to draw them just for you guys.
Well that was interesting to say the least. The next time I volunteer myself as gathering leader, punch me the hell out. I am never doing that again. Otherwise I had a good time and nobody rioted and that can be called a success.
If this were Friday I'd be able to attend as Gabriel but Saturday I'll be painted gray all day for a ROTG group. I'll see about stopping by to say hello though.