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I'm still gonna do kiriya, but the red jacket is a bit hard to find and kinda $$, and also I procrastinated till last minute. Might just go without red leather jacket tho. I might also make a something if there is a Dan cosplayer

I am will cosplay Kiriya from Ex-aid. Is anyone else going to cosplay from Ex-aid?
This may be a stupid question, but can I give fan art (that I have purchased over the years) for free at the swap meet?
I cant find a blazer or suit coat for brain so I might ditch the suit coat.
I am going to cosplay brain from drive. Where he is wearing a suit and being sneeky. Might bring cookies to lure Gou into the dark side. Definatly need to bring an ipad.
Hi, earlier I said I was going to cosplay as heart, but I dont have the money and I might just do a coset cosplay as kamen rider gumi kid.
Is there going to be a drive sub gathering?
I think I am going to do Aikawa Hajime (Blade), and if there is a a sub gathering then I will do Heart (drive).
So I might be Heart or Brain or Chase from Drive but I'm not sure. If I can't then I will go back to Kintaros.
Okay so i can't go. I have another gathering at the same time. I will cosplay tho as sora on sunday.
I am very nervous for the gaim gathering. This is my first year making my own cosplay from scratch, and armor at that. I'm excited to see everyone!  :)
I'm going to be Sora Final Form!!
Okay So I am going as Kintaros for gathering and fem gaim (armor gaim) for the mini gathering.
Hi, I'll be definitely going as Kintaros from Den O. and I might later for the Gaim gathering go as fem gaim, but I'm not sure yet.
I really hope someone cosplays from the gay swimming anime!  8)
I am interested! I have not started any Sentai series yet, and this seems like an awesome panel!
So I am going to Fanime again this year. Last year I went as Kagurumi Ichigo my "cosplay" sucked last year
This year I am going as Human Kintaros! YAY!! ;D