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I commissioned a cosplay from the popular costume and wig shop FM anime back in march of this year. I received the cosplay costume about three weeks before fanime con. It was obvious right away that the costume was wrong. And it wasn't subtle that I could hide, the entire costume was messed up. I could not wear it for the character I intended to cosplay.

I sent them two good size official art pictures and two semi pixelated clips from the actual game... this picture is the official art.

This is what I received.

A baby blue dress, the jackets cuffs were supposed to be white were also blue and the whole costume didn't fit at all.

So I sent them an email, explaining the whole situation; I expected a prompt email with a solution. I waited about a week, for them to ask what was the problem and that there shouldn't be a problem, that they made the costume to the pictures I sent them. So just in case I messed up on the pictures I sent them I checked them and they showed up with the white color and not baby blue. So I sent them an email and told them that the pictures showed a white dress and white cuffs on the jacket. I waited over a week for a response that told me the same exact thing they said in their last email but they sent my pictures back to show me that they were right. I played this stupid back and forth game with them well into June and when I asked for a refund or remake they ignored me. After awhile they stopped replying to my emails. So, its July I send them another email asking for a refund or remake again; I waited about two weeks for this response. They said the would estimate a fee for me to remake the dress but not the jacket and that I would have to pay shipping as well. After sending one last email they stopped talking and I have not received any more emails.

I have never had that experience with a cosplay site before and I have dealt with a few rude companies before. The way they handled the situation was beyond rude for a repeat customer. Up till that time I had bought things from them before and though their communication was bad I always got what I ordered. Really the only thing I could do was post a warning about FM anime on websites like Tumblr but other than that I don't know what to do. Posting a review to their site does nothing because they can pick and choose what reviews they want people to see. There communication is horrible even when its not con season, the emails are rude and if there's a problem customer they will ignore them almost completely.  Overall, because of my experience with them I urge cosplayers to not buy or commission from them because I don't want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. Lastly, I will never buy from them again.

(I have the emails as well if that helps.)
Would this be a good place to post a review and a possible beware of a cosplay costume site I recently bought a costume from? And maybe get some advice on this issue?
I am sorry guys... I cant come to any of the meet ups. I wont be able to go to fanime because of money issues and plane fare. Hopefully next year I will be able to attend. :(
Okay I cant attend fanime anymore... and wont be able to make the meet up. I am so sorry. :(
This makes me so depressed! I cant come to the gathering anymore. :'( I cant attend fanime this year. I hopefully will be there next year.
I wont be coming to the gathering anymore... hopefully next I will be able to attend. One of like the many Johns is not coming.
Sadly I must withdraw from the Hetalia gathering. I cant attend fanime this year anymore. :( Hope the gathering is a success and I will see everyone next year.
I am so sad now. MY costume for Raine is messed and I wont be able to attend the gathering anymore. I will come by to take pics though. Hopefully next year I can attend this gathering is full costume.
early Saturday, Friday, Monday really early Sunday... idk I am not sure. Sorry.... :(
I can be there for most of the gathering but near the end I might have to cut early. I would love to do a small group photoshoot at later date, if that can be arranged. Sorry for all the trouble. :(
I used to live in Modesto! Wow there is a lot of people that live close by... I didn't think there was so many.
I am sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you get better soon. Its up to you if you want to change when the photoshoot is. I would love to be apart of it though.  :)
Yes i am! I love your blog by the way, some very helpful info to! :)
Yay not the only person coming from out of state. :)
Most evweryone I know lives so close to the convention center! Why can't i live that close. :(
Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Alley Rumor
April 30, 2013, 09:24:01 AM
Okay so i to just found this out. I am very late to this party. 8) What is the old Artists Alley hall going to he used for?
You have such a long journey! LOL I am coming from out of state, Arizona to be prescise. I live in the middle of Nowhere, I need some civilization. ;D
I am new to tumblr but already addicted to it! I have a personal and an rp blog already. I will try and be there and meet other tumblr users that have been a member longer than I.
I know I know but hey can a cosplayer dream? ;D I happy with the time just had to say what I wanted to say. I am just glad there is still a gathering... when at one time there wasn't almost going to be one.
They put a tentative list of the gatherings and there times. I didn't see the Tales gathering, does anyone know time and date yet? Thanks :D