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I can't make it Saturday, but I'll definitely try to make it Sunday in whatever I happen to be wearing at the time! xD (still sorting out my schedule so not sure what it'll be yet)
So excited 8D
Slight change of plans, VixenTail is going to be Karin instead of Sharon c:

Also, has a time been decided for this?
Any idea what day/time this might be at yet?
Oh man : D I cant dance for crap but I'd LOVE to see this done ♥
I'll be coming as Belphegor with Murasaki-Pengin as Beatrice if we can make it c:
depending on when it is I'll be able to go c: I had to miss it last year so Im really hoping I can make it this time.
I'll be coming as Sakura from Street Fighter and with VixenTails and Hatsune-Yuna as Sharon and Chun Li respectively. : D Im so excited.
Ill be coming as Ty Lee with my brother as Zuko >D /forcing him to cosplay bwahaha~ Unsure if we'll be coming in Fire Nation garb or their beachwear though, Ill let you know when we decide. c:
TTuTT I really want to make it but am unsure if Ill be able to OTL If I am though Ill be coming as Lenali when she loses her Innocence.
Go ahead and brush through the curls, just be gentle and use a good comb (no paddle brushes or anything OTL they cause horror stories with wigs). If your curls are less prominent just twist them around your finger and they should come back c: Thats what I do with my Luka wig and my natural hair.
I already posted on the coscom forums but I'll post it here too c: I'll be coming as Dagger from FFIX and hopefully have a Beatrix with me as well.
I say we take photos of both Pokemon ~and~ random things at the con! OuO
Daaaaamn D': I don't get out of school until 2pm! I'll still try to make it but I can't give any promises ;-;
Quote from: ToshiX on May 19, 2010, 11:06:18 PM
I might not make it =/
Why?? D: You need to come! >3<
Baww :< My friend and I won't be able to finish our BBS cosplays in time so instead I'll be coming as Child Namine and another friend as Child Kairi c:
Is this still going on? .u. I have a crack!cosplay a friend and I did and am wondering if it would be ok for us to drop by for a little just for lulz? We wouldn't be there the whole time xD So we wouldn't get in the way.
asdfghjkl ;A; So I just saw the new weapons policy. I don't know if I'll even be able to bring my guns for Meilin anymore, does any one have suggestions what to do? I'll only have one holster on my leg to hold a gun. But I'll still have two other handguns and possibly a shotgun if I can finish it in time.
Quote from: DanteVN6 on April 21, 2010, 07:24:26 PM
Thanks. I believe I have Kanda's 2nd Uniform.
Yay~ OuO More 2nd uniform peeps ♥ Also, welcome to Fanime! :D Hope you'll have fun this year!